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Litter-picking Labrador Helping to Her Owner to Clean Up the Beautiful Beach

Dogs’ instinct is an amazing thing. lTheir instinct is so advanced that many countries use dogs for things that humans cannot do. Because dogs can do a lot of things that humans can’t. Also, dogs sometimes understand many things that humans do not. We are going to tell you today the best example of that.

Image : SWNS/Youtube Screenshot

Molly is a 2-year-old Labrador Retriver dog. Molly moved with her loving mother, Fliss Cater, to Scarborough, north Yorkshire. Their new home was located near the beach. So Fliss took Molly for a daily walk along the beach. In the meantime, she began to gathering and disposing pieces of plastic waste lying across the beach. Because she loved the environment so much. But a few days later, something unexpected happened. A few days later, Molly also began to imitate her owner. She also started collecting plastic waste lying across the beach. Molly collected all the trash she could find. Actually he uses her play time to pick up bottles, plastic and rope that have been dumped on the beach.

Image : SWNS

Molly has been praised by many for this wonderful habit. Maybe she realized her owner was doing something good. And because this is a very good exercise for the dog, she allowed Molly to do it. In addition, the owner taught her how to dispose the waste in bins. But unfortunately, some peoples still keep littering the beach even after seeing Molly dispose and collect waste. Dog owner Fliss hopes to work with other dog owners and dogs to create a litter-picking dog-team. But people do not understand what Molly understands. So some people throw plastic and waste into the environment without thinking twice.

Image : SWNS/Youtube Screenshot

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