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Rescue Dog Adopted 3 Stray Kittens After Losing Her Own Litter Of Puppies

Mothers’ love is amazing. Every mother loves her babies more than her own life. It is common not only to the human world but also to the animal world. Therefore, they can’t bear the loss of their babies. Because the most precious asset of a mother is her kids.

Image : Sunshine Dog Rescue

One day, Milo, a stray dog, was walking along the border between Arizona and Mexico. So a man brought her to the Sunshine Dog Rescue, based in Phoenix. There the staff named the dog “Georgia” and referred her for several tests. There they recognized that she was pregnant. But most unfortunately she lost all her liter of pups. Poor Milo’s hopes were all over. She searched everywhere her pups. But she couldn’t find her puppies. Her mental state changed a lot. She refused food. She lay on her mattress all day and began to think. Staff members said they had never seen such behavior of a mother dog who had lost litter of pups. It was truly a heartwarming incident.

Image : Sunshine Dog Rescue

So the staff decided to look for stray puppies that needed a lactating mother. Because they thought it would change her situation. There they found three kittens instead of homeless puppies. Surprisingly the kittens liked Milo. Milo also soon fell in love with kittens. She thought it was her babies. So she started cariing all three kittens and fed them. She began to be happy again. She also developed a special relationship with Georgia Gumball. A few weeks later, two members of the same family adopted milo and Gumball. The other kittens also found lovely eternal houses.

Image : Sunshine Dog Rescue

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