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Family Drove Everywhere for Days for Find Their Lost Little Rottweiler Girl.

Many owners love their dogs immensely. Some owners do everything they can for their pet dogs. And they cross any limit for them at any moment. Rottweilers are generally one of the most valuable and expensive breeds in the dog world. Therefore, many people are used to taking and selling other people’s dogs without permission.

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A woman named Devi is the owner of a very beloved Rottweiler girl. She had a three-month-old little Rottweiler and she loved the little one very much. Not only her, but everyone in the family loved this rottie. One day when Devi’s teenage daughter was alone at home, a strange thing happened. When the daughter was alone at home, a stranger rang the doorbell and tried to sell something. He is a man of about 40 years of age. And he was wearing a gray T-shirt.

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But the daughter did not open the door because she did not know who this man was. After a while she saw the man talking to their opposite neighbor as there was no response from her. Meanwhile, she heard someone shaking the auto gate of their house. But before she could even check what it was, she saw the man jump over the gate and take their baby rottweiler. She couldn’t think of what to do. So she quickly colled to her father.

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But unfortunately the man had already disappeared. But somehow this man must be found. So, according to the footage from the neighbors, they searched everywhere for the man. But it was not easy. They also took the help of officers for this. Because they wanted to save the puppy’s life somehow. They drove everywhere around the area. They checked every pet shop where they found something unexpected. They discovered that the man had tried to sell their baby rottweiler.

They later got the man’s address through a friend. According to that address they went to his house and they were able to meet his mother. There they learned that this man had a mental problem. And according to his mother, this is not the first time the man has done something like this. Fortunately, however, he had not been able to sell the puppy. So he kept the puppy at home. So the man’s mother returned them the little Rottweiler girl.

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