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Rescued Mama Dog Amazingly Gives Birth to 14 Puppies.

Everyone in this world needs protection. Not only humans but animals also need protection. You must know that pregnant mothers especially need care. So not only humans but pregnant animals also need special care. If you’re a pet owner, you probably pay special attention to your pet when they ready to give birth. But street animals do not get such protection. But because of some golden hearted people, they also get lucky to start a new lease of life.

image – Youtube Screenshot/The Dodo

Carter is such a man with a golden heart. He had never thought of taking care of a pregnant pet dog. And he had no experience about it. But after seeing this street dog named Pebbles, he decided he had to help her. Because when he met her, she was ready to give birth. Therefore, he realized that she definitely needed someone’s protection. Because the road is not a safe place for give birth. So he took her to his house.

image – Youtube Screenshot/The Dodo

About two weeks after Pebbles arrived at Carter’s home, she gave birth to her pups. He initially guessed that she would give birth to five or six litters. At around 2 am she gave birth to five puppies. So he thought it was over. But he was not correct. She gave birth to more puppies. She continued to give birth to puppies and Carter was very excited when the puppies arrived one by one. Finally she gave birth to 14 pups, and Carter was completely amazed.

image – Youtube Screenshot/The Dodo

Although she gave birth to a large number of pups, she loved them all very much. And she fed everyone very well. She is truly a great mother. And Carter didn’t throw these puppies to the street. He fed and cared for them very well and prepared them all for adoption. They all turned out to be beautiful puppies. One day a new family came to adopt Pebbles. But it was an emotional day for Carter.

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