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Dog’s Heart Broken After Her Father Left Life. But Kind EMT Adopts Her.

Some incident that happening in our life are amazing. We cannot even imagine some of the incidents that we have to face. And some incidents may turn our life upside down. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to our loved ones unexpectedly. So after losing them, unexpected things can happen in our life. It is common not only to us but also to animals. This is a story of a dog that faced such an incident.

Sammy, a 12-year-old Doberman mix, is a cute dog. Her father was her everything. She loved her father more than anything in the world. She could not be separate from her father even for a moment. But unexpectedly her father (the owner) had to leave the life. After that, she was very heartbroken. But luck was still with her. After her owner lost her life, two compassionate EMTs from Fort Worth, Texas came to help her.

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EMT Tegan Sliva saw the puppy lying next to the owner and decided to pick her up. Because he realized that her heart was very broken. She had lost her family. But Sliva and her EMT partner, Kirk, didn’t give up on the dog. She had nowhere to go, except a shelter. So he decided to help her. Sammy was completely covered in dust and they cleaned her up. After that they gave her water and food.

But before that day was over, she got a new family again. Because Kirk decided to adopt her. So now she’s Kirk’s dog and she’s got a new lease on life. And there she also got another elder sister named Callie. Sammy started to live very happily with Kirk and the memory of her former father was only a part of her life. Because now she has got a second chance in life.

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