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Chained Up Poor Rottweiler Abandoned For Days Without Foods or Water.

Abandoning pets can exposes them to an uncertain fate. Once abandoned, they must fend for themselves. They should endure hunger, thirst and disease. In addition, being alone in an unfamiliar place can be distressing and confusing to those innocent lives. And it is also a hindrance to road safety.

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One day, such an abandoned Rottweiler dog was found by a passer-by. He was rescued by animal handlers after being tied to a fence. He lives there without adequate food, water or shelter. He was very emaciated and had flea bites. He needed urgent veterinary treatment.

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Carmarthenshire County Council dog warden Brendan Davies said no one knew how long he had been there. But they speculate that this dog must have been tied to this fence for several days. Because he had lost a lot of weight. His back had lost a lot of hair. The vets started treating him. Fortunately, he responded well to treatment. After a few weeks, his fleas were gone and his coat began to grow back.

The veterinary charity PDSA was only a short distance from where he had been tied up. So his owner could have taken him there for free treatment but the owner didn’t. The dog was then being cared for at a rescue shelter. Finally they decided to rehome him once his health improved.

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