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Thirsty Stray Dog Finds a Discarded Bucket And Wandering for Find Some Water

Animals also feel every emotion as it is to humans. Especially none of us can bear the hunger and thirst. It is common to all animals in the world. But there are many instances where stray animals have to bear these. Today we are going to tell you a story about a stray dog like that.

Lima, the capital of Peru, was faced to a drought a few years ago. It was very difficult for animals as well as humans to find pure water to drink. Millions of residents had to leave their homes because of the lack of safe drinking water. So at that time a video of a stray dog living on the streets of Lima touched the hearts of the whole world. This poor dog wandered through the streets of Lima with a dirty bucket in his mouth desperately trying to find water. Because he wanted to quench his thirst somehow.

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The water sources for stray animals are gone. And the only remaining water sources were dirt. The dog carried the dirty bucket by the mouth as if asking for some water from the nearby passengers. But someone kind had already poured him enough water to drink. But that water did not seem to be enough for him. Because he was looking for someone poured a decent amount of water for him to drink.

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Also, according to the video, one woman tried to release buckets of water, but he refused. Because it’s all he had. This video quickly became popular on the internet. Because water is very important to all of us. And this poor dog proves that we can’t live without water. So we should conserving water for our future. Saving water saves not only the lives of humans and animals but the entire world. Finally, water is just as important to animals as it is to humans.

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