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Dog is the man’s best friend. So we hope to bring informations about the dog, man’s best friend. Here we give priority to stray dogs. Stray dogs live in every country in the world and the number of stray dogs is increasing day by day. Happily, there are many voluntary organizations to protect them. But not all dogs recieve help through those organizations. This is because they do not recieve right informations about every stray dog.

However, people also have a responsibility to help stray dogs. Our hope is the inspire people to do such things by posting stories about stray dogs on this site. Domestic dogs are not the only ones who need love, kindness and protection. Street dogs need it all too. Therefore, our purpose is the publish every story that is report to us about them as a creative and accurate manner.

In addition, we hope to publish about commonalities for all dogs. And we hope to discussing dog diseases, diet, behavioral patterns, and more. There our main purpose is the educate people on how to deal with stray dogs. We also publish stories about stray dogs on this website.