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Rottweiler Girl Ate Foods That Didn’t Belong to Her. Owner Threw Her Over a Wall.

Although many people dream about adopting dogs, not everyone can make their dream come true. In particular, many people are keen to adopt superior breeds such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls. But unfortunately those breeds are very expensive. Therefore, adopting these breeds has become a dream for many dog lovers. Meanwhile, some dog owners do not know how to love their dogs. They treat their pets very unkindly and no animal should have such owners.

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But this Rottweiler pup had such a man. Most people know that all puppies are like kids. They are not aware of many things around them. We don’t know what the puppies will do next, especially the little ones. But this dog owner didn’t understand it. One day, a man from Clearwater, Florida took his little rottweiler to the beach. But it’s not to have fun with her. She is still a three-month-old puppy. She is really like a little daughter.

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The man treated the little Rottweiler girl very unkindly and the people who were at the beach saw it all. He continued to behave aggressively with the puppy in a very unkind manner. It is really a very emotional incident. Once this heartless man pulled the puppy by its leash and threw it over a wall. He didn’t stop there. Eventually the puppy could not even walk. Therefore, some people who saw this informed the authorities. Within minutes several officers arrived to the beach and caught the man and by then the little puppy was completely weakened. They asked what was the reason for doing this to sich a innocent puppy.

Everyone was amazed by the answer he gave there. The man said that he did this to her because she was eating food that did not belong to her and he became mad after knowing it. But surprisingly, he was not ready to accept his fault at all. After many people came forward to adopt the puppy. But it is not clear what really happened to her.

Broken Leg Rottweiler Mix Dog Shows Baby How To Crawl.

Not everyone in the world gets beautiful hearts. A beautiful heart is a priceless gift from God. So not only humans but also animals have beautiful hearts. Especially the dog is the animal with the most beautiful heart in the animal world. This is because they are very good at understanding the emotions of any animal, not just humans. There is no animal in the animal world that can compare to the dog.

Credit – Kahlua The Par. Dog

Kahlua is such a wonderful dog. But she is very different from other dogs. Because her back legs are not working properly. However, she is a very sweet and cute dog. She is a rottweiler mix. One day, unexpectedly, she fell from the third floor balcony of her previous home. As a result, Kahlua broke her spine and hip and lost the function of her hind legs. Because of this, her previous family rejected her. Moreover, no one wanted to adopt her. Her foot problem is the main reason.

But luck was still with her. Kahlua was adopted by Lori Dugas and her family who live in Port Charlotte, Florida. They had no problem with her feet. They understood that she also needed a comfortable, loving, happy life just like every other dog. She is really a very loving dog. Kahlua met a wonderful friend in this house. It was Dugas’ young son, Caleb. The two were very best friends. That bond was amazing and it was very strong.

Credit – Kahlua The Par. Dog

Sometimes they spend the whole day together. One day, Dugas released a wonderful video of Kahlua and her little boy on the Internet, which unexpectedly became viral everywhere. Millions of people watched it. It was because Kahlua was teaching the little boy how to get around. According to this video, the dog and little Caleb are crawling along the ground with their arms or front legs, back legs dragging behind.

It’s really wonderful. The little boy was crawling along the ground and following the dog. Kahlua taught the little boy how to crawl along the floor very well. It is truly amazing to see a dog in this condition and behave like this. Now she is a part of their family.

Man Finds Skinny Stray Dog On Desserted Island.

This world definitely needs kind people. Because this world needs kind people to become a good place to live. Only kind hearts come forward to help especially innocent animals. Many animals’ lives are saved because of such people. Today we are going to tell you such an amazing story.

image : Wesley White

One day a man named Wesley White was kayaking off the coast of Belize. But it was not a normal day for him. He was kayaking when he saw something amazing near a fishing shack on a remote island. It was a puppy stuck on that island. The puppy was hungry and he was very thin. Only his skin was left. But he was very friendly. Wesley called out to people, but no one seemed to be there. No one was actually there. So he did not know how the dog got to this deserted island.

image : Wesley White

But having a kind heart, he decided to help the dog. Because he could no longer stay on that island. After arriving on land, he decided to take the dog to a vet as soon as possible. He then named the puppy Vincent. But he could only stay on land with the dog for a very short time. Because 36 hours later he had to drive from Montana to Dallas.

But after that trip, he decided to reunite again with Vincent. Vets continued to treat the dog. They kept in touch with Wesley to update him on the dog’s recovery. But he was not sure if the dog would recognize him when he returned. It wasn’t really difficult for the dog to recognize him. Because he knew Wesley very well. Eventually he started a new life with his owner and his friends at Wesley’s house.

Beloved Rottweiler Left Life On Owner’s Hand After Stuck in Wildlife Trap.

Every dog owner has to face various challenges. Because not everyone likes dogs. There are many people who do not like dogs. Some people don’t love any animal, not just dogs. So every pet owner including dog owners has to face various problems because of such people.

Randy McNulty is a beloved dog owner who has faced many such challenges. His pet, Almoe, is a Rottweiler-Lab mix, and the dog and Randy had an amazing friendship. It is a strong friendship that no one can ever break. Randy loved the dog as much as the dog loved him. That love was so great that once he even saved Randy from a big bear. So he loved his dog very much.

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But he says that even if Almoe saved his life, he could not have saved his life. Because unexpectedly the dog had to be separated from its owner. It was because he had to leave his life unexpectedly. One day he was clearing snow from the public access forestry road leading to his acreage, just one kilometre from his cabin. His dog was also playing around him. But a few minutes later, Randy was faced with a dark event that he did not expect at all.

Suddenly he heard Almoe barking unusually loudly. He understood from that voice that something was wrong. So Randy ran as fast as he could in the direction of the sound, and there he saw something completely unexpected. His beloved pet had already been caught in a wildlife trap. There was a very tight wire around his neck and he was trying hard to get out of it. As he tried to escape from it, the wire embedded further into his neck. Randy tried hard to save his beloved pet’s life.

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But the wire cut the dog’s jugular vein, forcing him to close his eyes forever in his owner’s arms. Randy was heartbroken by this incident.

A Officer Hears Unusual Moan sound Inside The Shabby Shed. See, what a heartwarming thing he has found

Animals feel every emotion that humans feel. And dogs love humans. Studies have shown that the scent of their owners excited the dogs more than any other stimul. Studies also show that your dog will not forget you as long as your dog has strong, healthy eyes. Also, dogs never leave their owner. They stay with their beloved owners for the rest of their life. But people are not like that. Many heartless people leave their innocent dogs. So, today we are going to tell you a heart warming story about dozen of Rottweiler dogs.


Oneday, Karen Grenia, Suffolk County officer in California, USA, had been driving across Borgos Broadway when he heard an unusual sound. Mr. Karen decided to find out what this unusual noise was. So he got out of the car and walked in the direction that the voice was coming from. There, Mr. Karen was very surprised that what he saw. 21 dogs were locked in an unheated outdoor shed. Nine of the dogs were kept in travel boxes and the other dogs were tied.

All 21 of these dogs were Rottweilers. Also, Included several puppies. The dogs belonged to 52-year-old dog breeder Jose Borgos. If Mr. Karen had not found these dogs, they would have lost their lives. Because they can not bear the extreme cold and hunger. When asked about this, Mr. Borgos said that he was not the owner of dogs. Mr. Borgos was caught of 21 facts, including the unsafe abandonment of a large number of dogs under extreme cold.

On the day of the incident, the temperature in Suffolk was recorded as 21C°. These people, whose main goal is to make money, do these things without thinking about the well-being of the animals. All they wants only money. They don’t really love animals. Because animal lovers do not do such things. Remember that no animal, including dogs, is a commodity. They are just another creature. They feel the same way we do.

Owners Sold Their House and Their Dog Walks 60 Miles Alone For Find His Old House.

Most people think that dogs’ intelligence is not so strong. But, dogs have a stronger intelligence than we think. They can keep in mind everything very well. Home is the most comforting place for humans as well as dogs. So losing their home is something they can not afford. We are going to tell you a love story about such a dog.

Cleo is a 4-year-old Golden Labrador dog living in Kansas. One day, Cleo’s owners decided to change their home. So, they left their old home in Lawson, Missouri, and moved into a new home about 60 miles away. They also did not forget to take their beloved dog. Their new home was located in the town of Olathe. But after they left the house the dog’s owner, was upset when knowing that the dog had gone missing. He could not imagine what was happened to the dog.


But, few days later the owner was excited to what was hear. Cleo had gone to their old home. Colton Michael, the current owner of the old house, was amazed at what he saw when he came into the living room. Cleo went to the living room and sat down as usual. At first they tried to close to dog, but it was not easy. But she continued to walk around the house. Later, they were able to get close to dog.

They were able to find out the details of him by his microchip in the collar. Accordingly, the couple was surprised to when knowing that this dog was none other than the dog of the old owner of this house. They contacted the dog’s owner. Cleo’s journey is truly amazing. She walks and found her old home. But she must have been excited to see strangers in her house. So think, how strong is her memory. It would be not a easy journey for any human. She is the only one who knows whether she used shortcuts or crossed rivers in this journey.

Rescued Mama Dog Amazingly Gives Birth to 14 Puppies.

Everyone in this world needs protection. Not only humans but animals also need protection. You must know that pregnant mothers especially need care. So not only humans but pregnant animals also need special care. If you’re a pet owner, you probably pay special attention to your pet when they ready to give birth. But street animals do not get such protection. But because of some golden hearted people, they also get lucky to start a new lease of life.

image – Youtube Screenshot/The Dodo

Carter is such a man with a golden heart. He had never thought of taking care of a pregnant pet dog. And he had no experience about it. But after seeing this street dog named Pebbles, he decided he had to help her. Because when he met her, she was ready to give birth. Therefore, he realized that she definitely needed someone’s protection. Because the road is not a safe place for give birth. So he took her to his house.

image – Youtube Screenshot/The Dodo

About two weeks after Pebbles arrived at Carter’s home, she gave birth to her pups. He initially guessed that she would give birth to five or six litters. At around 2 am she gave birth to five puppies. So he thought it was over. But he was not correct. She gave birth to more puppies. She continued to give birth to puppies and Carter was very excited when the puppies arrived one by one. Finally she gave birth to 14 pups, and Carter was completely amazed.

image – Youtube Screenshot/The Dodo

Although she gave birth to a large number of pups, she loved them all very much. And she fed everyone very well. She is truly a great mother. And Carter didn’t throw these puppies to the street. He fed and cared for them very well and prepared them all for adoption. They all turned out to be beautiful puppies. One day a new family came to adopt Pebbles. But it was an emotional day for Carter.

Owner Saves Her Rottweiler After Getting His Collar Caught In The Elevator Door and is Dragged Up to The Ceiling.

Being a pet owner is not easy. Because when raising a pet, special attention should be paid to them. Rising a pet is like raising a kid. Because at any moment they can get stuck in any problem. Sometimes even a small mistake can lost their lives. Because they don’t understand some things. Therefore, when adopting a pet, you should be careful about them. This is a good example of that.

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Ryerson University student Tamara Seibert is an owner of two dogs. She often taking her dogs through the elevator of her building. It is very normal for her and her dogs. On that day, as usual, she was taking the elevator to the ground floor of her building with her dogs. At first everything was normal. But within a few seconds, she and her Rottweiler had to face an unexpected incident.

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She was taking her dogs into the elevator. There her Rottweiler’s leashes got caught in the door. Meanwhile, the elevator began to descend. Then her dog lifted into the air by his collar. She couldn’t to think of anything at once, Tamara started to pull on it. Then she quickly pushed the elevator buttons to trying to open the doors while her dog hung onto the elevator door. She tried her best to ripped at his metal collar. Because she wanted to get him off somehow.

image 03

He is a large dog weighing about 110 pounds. The dog had hanging for approximately 30 seconds. The elevator doors then opened and the dog fell to the floor. The skin on her hands was torn open by the dog’s metal collar. But she opened the doors with her feet, with cradling one hand in the other to let the two dogs out of the elevator. All this was recorded on the elevator cameras and everyone who watched the video said that she was a real hero. Because if she didn’t act like that, her dog would definitely have lost her life.

A Dog Who Has Never Been Inside Before Takes His First Nap in a Bed.

Everyone should have a comfortable and beautiful life. It is everyone’s right. Not only humans but every animal should have a beautiful, comfortable and happy life. But the reality is that not everyone receive such a life. Some people have never seen what a comfortable and beautiful life is. So such a life is their dream. Today we are going to tell a story about a dog who dreamed of a beautiful life.

image – Reddit/Mugglequeen

Sunday is a Coonhound/Labrador retriever mix. She did not spent a beautiful life from the beginning. She lived her whole life in a junkyard and a chili garage. Her life was not easy at all. She had neve entering a home. And she didn’t know what a comfortable life is. She was spent very difficult life and gave birth to a litter of pups. But fortunately one day Country Road Animal Rescue Society saved her from that life.

image – Reddit/Mugglequeen

After that, she started experiencing things that she had never experienced in her life. She got everyone’s love. She loved her foster mother, the Mugglequeen, very much. She has never been an indoor dog before. But in the moment she lay in a bed for the first time, she closed her eyes very happily. And her face was filled with relief. Because she had never got such a comfortable sleep.

They gave her all the veterinary care she needed. The Mugglequeen named her Sundae and she became a very beautiful, obedient and loving dog. Now her favorite area is her bed. She sleeps there very happily and comfortably.

image – Reddit/Mugglequeen

Especially she always likes to cuddle with her foster mom. So Sundae likes to sleep as close to her as possible. She is an 8-year-old dog and she had not received any affection in those 8 years. Maybe she never thought that she would have such a beautiful life. The Mugglequeen said she would stay with her until she found her perfect forever family.

4-week-old Rottweiler Found Frozen in Freezer at Puppy Farm.

There are many hidden places in this world. We cannot even believe some of the things that happening in those places. Some people who in those places do amazing things. It is impossible to imagine whether people actually live in those places. Because they do many things that humans cannot do. Today we are going to tell you a story about such an unbelievable place. See how much difficulties the dogs who lived in this place have faced.

image : RPCA/SWNS

One day the RSPCA officers got the unbelievable news. That is about dogs who spending a very dirty and difficult life in a property. After receiving that information, they went to check that place. There they saw something unbelievable. They did not expect such a scene at all. It is difficult to believe that such a place exists in this world. The property was very dirty and the dogs lived in very dirty kennels. They lived an unbelievably hard life.

They found mix of different breeds at the place including beagles, Dalmatians, spaniels and dachshund mixes. Some of the dogs were pregnant and there were a few litters. It seemed like a dog farm. Some of the dogs seemed to have been used for breeding. One dog was sitting uncomfortably in a dirty, wet cage and was not in a good mental health. And when they checked the refrigerator there, they found something more unbelievable. It was a severely frozen four-week-old Rottweiler puppy in the freezer. That was very dirty.

image : RPCA/SWNS

There were about 20 dogs and all of them had various health problems. Some were at the final stage of life. None of them had received proper nutrition and veterinary treatments. They checked this farm after reports that 4 puppies bought from this farm had lost their lives. Most of the dogs lived in completely dark, cold cages, and some were completely weakened. The owner of this dog farm was a 39-year-old man. They started investigating him regarding this incident.