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Four Dumped Rottweiler Puppies Reunited with Mother. What a Heartwarming Moment.

Some people have no idea whether they have a heart or not. Because they do not at least know what love and kindness is. According to them, only humans have the right to live happily in this world. According to them, animals do not have that right. Because of such people thousands of animals have to face various problems every year.

One day, an incredible story was reported about four Rottweiler puppies that were abandoned at the Pinal State Animal Care and Control Center. The puppies were found by a resident of Florence. When he went to throw away the garbage, he heard an unusual noise and he investigated what it was. Because that voice is like a little baby. Then he saw four dumped rottweiler puppies. They were thrown like garbage.

And it was a very hot day, which the little puppies couldn’t bear at all. They were puppies only a few days old. So when puppies were found they were very dehydrated. Then a group of members of the Bark Side Rescue group took the puppies where they were given the necessary treatment and nutrition. But they wanted to find out who the mother of these puppies was. Therefore, Bark Side Rescue group members posted a social media status about these puppies.

As a result, they received a call from an officer from the Florence department who said they had found a dumped rottweiler mom. And they found her a day ago. They then brought the rottweiler’s mother to the puppies, where tests confirmed that she is the mother of the puppies. However, in the end, everyone was happy because of the dumped puppies and their mother were reunited.

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Rottweiler Puppy Miraculously Survive After Eating Bottle of Glue.

Becoming a dog parent is not easy. Because it is a big responsibility. Parents know how much responsibility it is to take care of little kids. So becoming a dog owner is such a responsibility. Because dogs are like little kids. They can do anything at any moment. None of us know what they are going to do in the next moment. So even a very small thing can cost them their lives.

Teresa Sanders and Aaron Blake are also loving rottweiler owners. Their Rottweiler, seven-month-old Lucy, was a very strong, energetic and gentle puppy. Normally, dogs like to bite everything. Especially puppies try to bite everything they see. Lucy is one such puppy. Teresa and Aaron loved their dog very much. But one day something unexpected happened.

Aaron regularly uses Gorilla Glue to repair his exercise equipment. One day he was cleaning his exercise equipment and Lucy was playing around him. It is very normal. But once he turned back, he saw something totally unexpected. Little Lucy had already jumped on the kitchen table and eaten the glue. The dog had completely chewed it to pieces. This type of glue has a sweet smell that dogs love, so maybe she ate it.

About 20 minutes after Lucy ate it, her health began to completely change. Her belly began to grow like a watermelon, so they rushed her to treatment as soon as possible. There the vets said that her stomach had become very big due to the ingestion the glue. She needed ongoing treatment and tests so they kept her at the veterinary center and returned home. But they couldn’t forget Lucy. They did not believe that she would survive.

But vets removed the large mass from her stomach and her condition gradually improved. The next day, when the owners went to the vet, they were surprised to see Lucy. Because her condition had miraculously changed. She had become a perfectly healthy dog.

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Rottweiler Saves Owner’s Life By Opening The Door For Medical Team After He Collapses.

Every man should have a dog. There are several reasons for that. Dog has been man’s best friend for thousands and thousands of years. We cannot trust people. But we can trust our dog. Because people’s love changes, but dogs’ love never changes. And when a dog is trained very well, they will come forward at any moment for the life of the owner. At least they don’t think about their own lives.

Gary Gregory, 32, from Felixstowе, Suffolk, had one such dog. It was a Rottweiler. Three-year-old Megan the Rottweiler had an amazing bond with and Gary. They are like best friends. It was very difficult for them to live apart from each other. Meanwhile, Gary’s health began to collapse and he sought medical attention. The tests revealed that he had stones in his stomach. As a result, his health began to collapse every time.

One day when Gary was alone at home, something unexpected happened. Only he and his two dogs, including Megan, were in the house. Gary’s health collapsed and he suddenly fell at his house. Gary then crawled to the phone and dialed 999 for medical help before he lost consciousness completely. As a result, a medical team arrived at their home within minutes. But when they arrived, the door was locked. The medical team knocked on the door several times but there was no response.

They tried to open the door. But it was not easy. After a few minutes they saw someone going to open the door. But the door was opened by someone they didn’t expect at all. That’s Gary’s rottweiler. After seeing the dog, they couldn’t believe it. But the dog allowed them to come inside the house. Accordingly, they quickly checked Gary’s health condition and took him for treatment.

The doctors who examined him said that if the door hadn’t been opened, he would have lost his life. Fortunately, his life was saved because of the dog. In the end, Gary told the media that she is a very loving and loyal dog. Moreover, after Gary returned home, Megan never left his side. And he said that, Megan and his other two dogs were licking his face after he collapses.

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Brave Rottweiler Saves His Tiny Neighboring Dog From Coyote.

There are some of the most powerful and strong breeds in the dog world. Among those breeds, Rottweiler dogs have a prominent position. Because Rottweilers are one of the most energetic, strong and brave breeds in the dog world. And they are aggressive by nature. But when given proper training and socialization, their aggression can be control.

Accordingly, well-trained rottweiler dogs know how to deal very well with outsiders and animals. This is a heroic act of such a dog. Not only the pets who living in the forests but also the pets who living in urban areas sometimes have to face various problems due to wild animals.

This dog owner, who was walking along the road in front of his house with his wife and pet dog at around 7 a.m, never expected such an incident. When they were walking down the road they chained their little chihuahua dog, Winnie, in front of the house for a few minutes. Because they knew very well about the security of that area. Dogs have not really a problem in that area.

But within a few minutes something happened that they did not expect at all. Suddenly a coyote appeared from the far end of the field and rushed towards the little dog as fast as thunder. The coyote then tried to drag the dog away and the dog’s mother, Trixie, made great efforts to save her dogs. But it was not easy for her to do it herself. Coyote was very energetic. All this was seen by their neighbor’s Rottweiler dog.

Realizing that his neighbor’s canine friend need help, Rottweiler rushed to the spot as quickly as possible. Then he jumped on the coyote and chased the coyote until it ran away. So in the end, thanks to the heroic Rottweiler, the little dog’s life was saved.

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Rottweiler Left Life After Being Locked In A Hot Car For Hours.

No one is safe in a locked car on a hot day. It is not safe especially for small kids, elderly people and pets. They may even lose their lives. Because on a very hot day, the temperature inside a locked vehicle can rise like an oven. So all vehicle owners should keep this in mind.

Being a pet owner is not easy because of such things. It is a huge responsibility. But some don’t even think about that responsibility. This is a story about a Rottweiler who faced an unexpected fate because of such an owner. One day, a heart-warming incident was reported from Padstow, a south-western suburb of Sydney. That day, the temperature in that area was around 30 Digrees. So it was a really hot day.

That day, passersby who were passing by a car saw something incredible. That is, a rottweiler dog is stuck inside that car. As soon as they saw it, they informed the authorities about it. As a result, within minutes Bankstown Traffic and Highway Patrol officers arrived at the scene. After officers arrived, the dog’s owner also arrived at the scene.

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They then quickly removed the dog from the vehicle and took him to the vet for treatment. He was already in weak health and very dehydrated. As a result, Rottweiler left his life very soon. Many people do not know that on a day with a temperature of 30 degrees, the temperature of inside the vehicle can rise to about 70 degrees. Even a very healthy person cannot bear it. So the inside of the car is like an oven . Because of that always pay attention to this.

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Big Rottweiler Adopted Tiny Stray Puppy Who Dumped in Freezing Weather.

Rottweilers are a very popular breed of guard dogs. There are several types of Rottweiler dogs. But each type of rottweiler was used in the past as a guard dog and for protection of livestock. Because they have a natural ability for that. Also, although they are a very powerful and aggressive breed, they become gentle and obedient dogs when given good training.

They are actually much more lovable than people think. Well-trained Rottweilers also deals very well with outside animals. A local rescue team received an unexpected news on a freezing day. It is about a dumped little puppy. It is a very freezing day. It is difficult for a everyone to be outside on such a day. So two members of the rescue team rushed to the spot as soon as possible.

But the puppy was not there. So they searched everywhere for the puppy and after a few minutes they found the puppy shivering in a corner. He was shivering so much due to extreme cold. One of the women who came to rescue the puppy wrapped him in her coat and warmed him. Later, they both took the puppy for veterinary treatment. There, several health problems were diagnosed and all of them were treated. And nutritious food gave him for restore his lost energy. He is a very adorable puppy.

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He was then taken to a foster home. There he was named Archie. And another wonderful thing happened at the foster home. Little Archie meets a big rottweiler named Remy. He was the family’s pet rottweiler and Remy was very friendly with Archie from the day little Archie came home. He followed Archie wherever he went and protected him like an elder brother. He warmed him whenever possible like a mom.

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And they used to play together and sleep together. In fact, these big rottweilers completely adopted the little puppy. Because he gave a lot of love to Archie. Remy used to spend the whole day with the little puppy.

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Dumped One-Eyed Rottweiler Puppy Finally Adopted By a Loving Family.

If you are a dog lover, you know how great a breed Rottweiler is in the dog world. Their strength, appearance and instincts have made them a popular breed. Therefore, they are sold at a very high price in the market. So they have to face various problems because of the breeders. Because most breeders don’t really love them. They only want financial benefits.

Some breeders dumps puppies and adult dogs to the streets when couldn’t sell them to buyers. One day a rescue team found such a puppy. He was a very cute and lovely puppy. But when the rescuers found him, the condition of one of his eyes had not fine at all. Because the little puppy’s eye had popped out of its socket. As a result, the ability of see of that eye was completely lost.

So the rescuers realized that the puppy needed help quickly. So they took him to the Paws Rescue shelter as soon as possible. After that they contacted the owner Amanda Giese and told about this. As soon as she saw the puppy, she was amazed. But he was such a cute puppy that she started petting him. They then named the puppy Kobe and quickly referred him for treatment.

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The vets who examined him there said that the best thing that can be do for the puppy is the remove his eye. Accordingly, they successfully removed the eye. Amanda then took Kobe to her house. Because it was important to give him special attention. So Amanda’s house was very big and free, so the Rottweiler boy got the protection and attention he needed. And he was able to live there very comfortably. There he met some other dog friends and he was able to play with them all day.

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After a few weeks his eye started to recover and he became a very active and cute dog like the other dogs despite lost one eye. After he was fully recovered, Amanda began searching for a suitable forever family for him. Kobe needed a special family that can give him special attention, so Amanda started an interview to find one. Kobe was adopted by a loving family. He got a very good protection, love and comfort from the new family.

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Female Dog Broke Out Her Kennel To Comfort Lonely Rottweiler Puppies at Middle of the Night.

Real mothers love not only their kids but also every kid. Because most mothers feel that every kid is like their own kid. There is no change mothers love in the animal world. Most animal moms do everything they can for their babies. They feed their cubs. Takes care. Dog mothers also love their puppies more than their own lives. There are mothers in the dog world who have loving hearts who can be a mother not only to their puppies but to all puppies. So, we are going to tell you a wonderful story about such a dog.

Parents are the most precious thing in this world. Bakers Pet Motel, in Alberta, Canada, is an organization dedicated to the protection of lost animals. One day a couple of shelter members met two Rottweiler mixed puppies between 8-10 weeks old. The mother of the pups could not be found and they brought the pups to the shelter. The puppies were spending their first night in their new cage. But they were confused by the unfamiliar environment.

Because of the confusion, the two pups began to shout nonstop. At this moment something happened very sweet and unbelievable. There was an Australian Shepherd female dog since few days. She could hear the puppies’ sound very well. Her name was Maggie. So maggie came out of her cage and walked towards the puppy’s cage. Because she felt something

The incident was recorded. While checking the videos, Alex Aldred, who works at the motel, and his mother, Sandy, saw what Maggie had done. Maggie tried to get close to the puppies and she sat near the puppies’ cage. Sandy then gave her a chance to go to the puppies’ cage. She knew they needed each other. She went near to the pups, hugged them, licked and comforted them. She just wanted to be with the puppies.

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Maggie’s warmth was a great comfort to the lonely puppies in an unfamiliar place withour mother. She really warmed up them as the mother of the pups. The three of them were together all night, and the next morning they were all snuggled up together in the same place. She became a mom for motherless pups. Having no cubs, she cared for them as if they were her own. They spent time together. Perhaps the animal world is a more lovable place than the human world. Animal hearts are much pure than human minds.

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Dumped and Unrecognizable Rottweiler Boy Makes Incredible Transformation and Awarded for It.

Some people don’t love animals at all. Such people throw innocent animals on the streets without thinking twice. But they cannot even imagine how difficult street life is. Adopting a Rottweiler is a dream of many dog lovers. But for some people, even such breeds of rottweilers have no value.

One day, Sean McCormick, a kind-hearted animal lover, was saw something incredible when walking along a Thai road. An abandoned dog with only its skin left. When the dog was found, he had only his skin. He had lost all his furs and his appearance had completely changed. At least it was impossible to tell what breed this dog was. Sean, who has a lot of experience about dogs, realized that there was something wrong with his skin. So he wanted to somehow help this dog.

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Sean is the co-founder and executive director of The PACK Sanctuary in Taiwan. So he took this dog to his shelter as soon as possible. But at first he was aggressive towards everyone, so it was very difficult to control him. But they did not give up. They did many things to calm him down because his mental state was not very good. Everyone thought he was a mastiff. After little by little the dog’s mental condition improved, they started treating him. Moreover, it gave him a place to feel well protected.

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Sean named the dog Tiny and within weeks he became one of the most popular dogs at the sanctuary. At first no one believed that he would survive. When his skin recovered and his fur began to grow back, everyone knew he was a rottweiler. The day they found out, they were excited. Also, Leila Pereira, an employee of the sanctuary, loved Tiny very much from the beginning and eventually she adopted him.

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She loved him so much that she bought a new house for him to live freely. In addition, he was awarded by “Grand Champion of Ruffs 2014”. It is because of incredible transformation.

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Hero Rottweiler Dragged His Owner From Van While Smoke Coming Out Of the Vehicle.

The dog has been man’s best friend for thousands and thousands of years. This is because the dog is an animal that can adapt very quickly to the human lifestyle. And they come forward at any moment without even thinking about their own life to save their owner’s life. And because they have a very developed instinct, they can understand anything very quickly. Therefore, when something going to wrong with their owner, they understand it very quickly.

Rottweilers are one such smart breed. Kathie Vaughn, 41, had a Rottweiler. She couldn’t move her waist down and her dog helps for her daily activities. So there was a very good bond between she and the dog. And the dog was always with her. One day she was driving to Atlanta in her car with her rottweiler, Eve. That’s for an antiques show. But during this journey, she had to face an unexpected incident.

While she was driving, she heard a single pop. Then smoke started coming out of her vehicle and she realized something was wrong. The smoke started coming out fast. So she started to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible. But she couldn’t to walk, so she quickly began assembling the parts for her special chair. But there was not enough time for that.

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The vehicle was covered in smoke and it was coming out faster. Meanwhile, something unexpected happened. Then Eve, Cathy’s pet, grabbed Cathy by the mouth and took her out the door of the van. As a result, she fell down from the vehicle. The dog did not stop there. He dragged Kathy to a ditch about 20 feet away from the vehicle. Then within a few minutes the van started turned ashes. Kathy couldn’t believe her pet. If he had not been with Kathy, her life would surely have ended.

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