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Rottweiler Puppy Pretends To Play To Eat Sister’s Foods

Although people think that dogs are just another animal, but that opinion is wrong. Dogs are one of the most intelligent animal specie. Domestic dogs often learn a lot of things from humans. They can identify family members, relatives, family vehicles, etc. very well. In short, they have a good understanding of people’s daily routine. They are know about what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. They really know simple words like “No, Don’t Do that, Good Boy”. We are going to tell you a funny story about another Rottweiler dog’s joyfull act.

Some people think that Rottweiler dogs are a kind of dog that has no affection l. But after reading this story, your opinion will change completely. See what this Rottweiler puppy is ready to do, by pretending to play.

This amazing event happened at a house in Auckland, New Zealand. This Rottweiler puppy named Lola pretended to be playing while eating. She pretended to be playing to try for eat her sister’s food from the bowl on the other side. It’s really fun.

Lola knows that she’s not allowed to eat her sister Millie’s dinner. But she tries to deceive her owner by pretending to play. Rottweilers are just as much fun dogs as any other dog. But keep in mind, they must be receive a properly train to be obedient. They are aggressive when not properly trained.

Rottweiler Puppy Miraculously Survived After Eating Glue Container.

Most adult, giant dogs sometimes don’t care about their size. Most dogs have no understanding of things in the human world. Puppies are always very attentive to every new things around them. They are loves to check what they are. Then unexpectedly they may even face various problems. This is a best example for that.

Image 01

A couple in Kansas City miraculously saved their Rottweiler puppy after eating a container of gorilla glue. Teresa Sanders and Aaron Blake are the very loving dog owners. They love their energetic 7-month-old puppy, Lucy. One day Blake was repairing his exercise equipment with using gorilla glue. He often uses gorilla glue to repair these exercise equipment. While repairing them, he turned back and saw an unexpected thing. Their rottweiler had completely smashed the gorilla glue container.

Image 02

Blake was shocked. Within 20 minutes, the puppy became dehydrated and weak. They rushed the puppy to the emergency vet clinic as soon as possible. By the time they got there, her stomach had already swollen like a watermelon. The vet said Lucy suffered a severe growth a cantaloupe size large mass in her stomach. And if the owners had not brought the puppy immediately, Lucy would have to leave her life within a day. The vet removed the large mass as quickly as possible.

By the next day, Lucy started eating again. Blake said the vet performed a miracle and saved the puppy for them. One of the main reasons why Lucy ate it was because gorilla glue usually has a very sweet smell. Dogs love that smell. So if you are a dog owner, don’t forget to keep an eye on your pets. Because anything can happen to them at any moment.

Rottweiler Chained Up And Abandoned Without Food Or Water For 3 Freezing Days.

Rottweiler is one of the most popular dog breed in the world. They are best as a gaurd dog for any family. But unfortunately most people don’t understand how valuable they are. They have Great intelligence to understand anything very quickly. But even for such wonderful dogs have to face heartbreakimg fate because of some heartless people.

Image 01

This rottweiler known as Coco Puff, was completely abandoned by her owners. She is just 3 years old. And she is well behaved and gentle dog. She is so innocent, she loves to have her head rubbed. She was left in the backyard of the Fisher Avenue home. Fortunately,three days later someone called the police, and she was discovered. She was sleeping on a concrete slab in the backyard and was attached to a very short chain leash. She couldn’t move even little bit. She had no food or water. The temperatures were cold outside and it couldn’t endure her. Finally authorities rescued her.

Image 02

The pipes in the home burst on Christmas Eve and it forcing the tenants to evacuate. But the dog’s owners were forced to leave her behind. It was a very unkind decision. How can an owner leave his dog like that. In the end dog’s owner told to media that when they were forced to evacuate, they couldn’t take rottweiler in the Uber or keep her at the hotel. May be it was true.was not a good enough excuse for law enforcement. But this is not the right solution for that. It was not thr good enough excuse. Thanks to authorities Coco Puff was rebounded and she is ready for adoption by a new family.

Chained Up Poor Rottweiler Abandoned For Days Without Foods or Water.

Abandoning pets can exposes them to an uncertain fate. Once abandoned, they must fend for themselves. They should endure hunger, thirst and disease. In addition, being alone in an unfamiliar place can be distressing and confusing to those innocent lives. And it is also a hindrance to road safety.

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One day, such an abandoned Rottweiler dog was found by a passer-by. He was rescued by animal handlers after being tied to a fence. He lives there without adequate food, water or shelter. He was very emaciated and had flea bites. He needed urgent veterinary treatment.

Image 02

Carmarthenshire County Council dog warden Brendan Davies said no one knew how long he had been there. But they speculate that this dog must have been tied to this fence for several days. Because he had lost a lot of weight. His back had lost a lot of hair. The vets started treating him. Fortunately, he responded well to treatment. After a few weeks, his fleas were gone and his coat began to grow back.

The veterinary charity PDSA was only a short distance from where he had been tied up. So his owner could have taken him there for free treatment but the owner didn’t. The dog was then being cared for at a rescue shelter. Finally they decided to rehome him once his health improved.

Family Drove Everywhere for Days for Find Their Lost Little Rottweiler Girl.

Many owners love their dogs immensely. Some owners do everything they can for their pet dogs. And they cross any limit for them at any moment. Rottweilers are generally one of the most valuable and expensive breeds in the dog world. Therefore, many people are used to taking and selling other people’s dogs without permission.

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A woman named Devi is the owner of a very beloved Rottweiler girl. She had a three-month-old little Rottweiler and she loved the little one very much. Not only her, but everyone in the family loved this rottie. One day when Devi’s teenage daughter was alone at home, a strange thing happened. When the daughter was alone at home, a stranger rang the doorbell and tried to sell something. He is a man of about 40 years of age. And he was wearing a gray T-shirt.

image 02

But the daughter did not open the door because she did not know who this man was. After a while she saw the man talking to their opposite neighbor as there was no response from her. Meanwhile, she heard someone shaking the auto gate of their house. But before she could even check what it was, she saw the man jump over the gate and take their baby rottweiler. She couldn’t think of what to do. So she quickly colled to her father.

image 03

But unfortunately the man had already disappeared. But somehow this man must be found. So, according to the footage from the neighbors, they searched everywhere for the man. But it was not easy. They also took the help of officers for this. Because they wanted to save the puppy’s life somehow. They drove everywhere around the area. They checked every pet shop where they found something unexpected. They discovered that the man had tried to sell their baby rottweiler.

They later got the man’s address through a friend. According to that address they went to his house and they were able to meet his mother. There they learned that this man had a mental problem. And according to his mother, this is not the first time the man has done something like this. Fortunately, however, he had not been able to sell the puppy. So he kept the puppy at home. So the man’s mother returned them the little Rottweiler girl.

Rottweiler Constant Barked and Saves Owner’s Life from Venomous snake.

Rottweiler dogs can be known as a type of dog with a very developed instincts. When something is about to happen, they can quickly realize it. Therefore, anyone can recommend the Rottweiler breed as the most suitable breed for the home protection. But sadly, many people believes that they are a very aggressive and disobedient dog breed. They don’t know there are many rottweiler dogs that have saved human lives.

Image 01

Well trained Rottweiler dogs come forward to save their owner’s life. This rottweiler lived with his owner in Escombe, Queensburgh. He is one such Rottweiler. The dog’s owner used to sit on his couch every evening. One day, while he was sitting like that, a strange thing happened. His pet rottweiler tried to push him out the couch. It was very strange to the owner.

Image 02

However, this happened for two days continuously. In the second day the rottweiler constantly barked back on the couch. And there the owner realized that something was wrong. So he checked it. Fortunately, he found a black mamba, a venomous snake, on the back of his couch. As soon as the rottweiler saw the snake, he tried to bite it. But the owner did not allow it. Owner took his pet inside the house as soon as possible. It was a good idea. Because if the rottweiler was bite the snake, the snake would surely have bitten the dog. However, in the end, not only the dog saved the owner’s life, but the owner’s quick reaction also saved the dog’s life as well.

Woman Travels Everywhere and Lives With Her Rottweiler In A Campervan.

A true dog owner is someone who does not give up on their dog no matter what challenges comes to life. Some people dump their pets for various reasons. If not, they are dumps on shelters. But there are some dog owners who take care of their pets to the best of their ability no matter what challenges come. This is a such rottweiler owner.

Image 01

Shureena Angie, a 53-year-old woman from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is a beloved Rottweiler owner. She initially rented an apartment and lived there with her dog. At that time, her financial situation was quite good. But then unexpectedly her financial situation collapsed and she found it difficult to live in a rented apartment. So she decided to live in another small house. But she could not find a house suitable for her financial situation. So she finally decided to live in a campervan.

Image 02

For that she used her vehicle and she searched the internet about campervan life in other western countries. Then she started to build her campervan by herself based on the information she got on the internet. She removed all the seats of her vehicle and built a bedroom, water storage and kitchen. It was actually a more wonderful experience than she thought. And it was a wonderful decision because she is a woman who loves to travel. Now she can take her pet Rottweiler everywhere she goes without any problem.

Image 03

Because her Rottweiler was her only family member. No matter how many challenges came to her, her financial situation has completely collapsed, but she still loves her dog first. She often shares about their campervan life on social media and has a huge fan base. And she earned some money by teaching music.

Image 04

Her Rottweiler was a very well-trained obedience dog, so it was no challenge for her to look after him in the campervan. Now he can run more freely in the parks than before. And he can stay very safe in the campervan when it rains. Angie is a great role model for owners who dumps their dogs on the streets and in shelters due to various challenges and problems.

Dog Which Was Hanging From a Wire Saved Miraculously.

Some people don’t even think about what they do to innocent animals. How such people can do such things is really a problem. They do things that innocent animals cannot bear. They cannot be call human. Because people with a heart can never do such things. This is a story about an innocent dog who faced such an unbelievable incident.

Image 01

This dog, named Max, met not at all loving people. People had tied a cable around his neck very tightly and hung from it. The wire was embedded into his neck from absolute power and the skin began to improve. He was in the last stage of life. Had the cable inserted any further into his neck, his life would surely have ended. But fortunately, Max received help by warm-hearted and kind people who saw him at the right time.

Image 02

They rescued the dog and rushed to the vet. Veterinarians, who examined the dog very carefully, said that, that area of the neck would have to be removed to save his life. The vets very carefully and quickly removed the wire from the neck. But they said it would take enough time for the process of his neck to recover.

Image 03

After a few weeks Max showed some improvement and the skin on his neck began to recover and improve. The dog was then taken to Victor Larkill’s large animal house. There he was very friendly with other dogs. He became a very loving and friendly dog. He walks, eats and sleeps with his friends. His life was miraculously saved thanks to kind people.

Owner Credits His Rottweiler in Protecting Family From Unknown Man in Middle of The Night.

The Rottweiler breed is very popular in the dog world as a very protective and loyal breed. And they have excellent instincts. And many dog experts say that owning a Rottweiler is a big responsibility. Because not everyone can take care and raise them. They should be given regular exercise and properly train. If not properly trained, they become very aggressive dogs. Such dogs can not even control to the owner.

Image 01

But properly trained dogs know their families very well. Therefore, they come forward to protect their owners at all times. They make it their first duty to protect their family. Watertown homeowner Jonathan Fisher, who lives in a house on Mill Street, owns a such rottweiler. The dog was like a member of their family. One day, in the middle of the night, when he was sleeping in his room he heard someone knocking very fast and hard on the basement door.

He couldn’t imagine who it was. Because no one knocks on the door like this way. So he slowly opened the basement door. Then he saw that there was an unknown man inside. Jonathan closed the basement door again as quickly as possible and quickly inform the authorities. The man pushed the door with all his strength and came out. At that moment, Bosco, Johnton’s rottweiler, came between them and started barking nonstop at the stranger.

Bosco would not allow the man to clise Jonathan at all. Officers arrived at the home within minutes. Jonathan and Bosco did not let the man escape until they arrived. Bosco is not a normal dog. He is a Rottweiler German Shepherd mix specially trained to prevent strangers from entering the home. Jonathan’s wife and kids were also at home at the time. Therefore, at the end of the incident, Jonathan said that Bosco deserves the credit for saving all of their lives.

Rottweiler Says No to Vegetables and Yes to Cheese.

The Rottweiler is one of the top ten most popular dog breeds. They are affectionately known as Rotties. Rottweiler dogs develop a playful personality when properly trained. Also builds trust, and loyalty towards their owner. Rottweilers in particular are charming dogs and have a great sense of humor to entertain. This is a good example of that.

Image 01

This dog has been living with the family for several years and he is now very intelligent. According to the owner, the Rottweiler puppy is the most intelligent more than her other dogs. He always wanted to be in touch with family. He can imitate people. He moving his head down when he wants to say yes. And he knows well how to reject something. For that he moving his head from left to right.

Image 02

One day the owner brought a plate of vegetables to the Rottweiler. The plate had broccoli and carrots, bits of cheese and a few small pieces of bread. According to the video, she asks her pet if he wants to eat cheese and he nods “yes.” She then asked him if he would like some broccoli. But the Rottweiler shook his head in denial. When the owner again tried to give him a piece of cheese, he again bowed and accepted it.

Image 03

When the owner offered a piece of carrot, the dog refused that too. He really knows the difference between cheese and vegetables and reacts like a human. It’s funny, but wonderful. It is a great example of how intelligent a Rottweiler is.