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Rottweiler Won Best Dog Award Because of His Amazing Transformation

Life does not give everyone a second chance. Sometimes not only humans but also animals get a second chance to live. This is a story about such a wonderful dog.

Image : Facebook/Sean McCormack

Tiny, a poor Rottweiler, was
first saved by a local rescue group in Taiwan named The PACK Sanctuary. That was when he was left on the road. His health was not good at all when he was rescued. His appearance had changed so much that no one could recognize that he is a Rottweiler. He was also severely thin. He had a number of health problems and was very weak. Also, Tiny had become a very aggressive dog because of the problems she faced. The PACK Sanctuary’s co-founder and executive director, Seán McCormack said he definitely needed help.

Image : Facebook/Sean McCormack

Tiny’s mental state was not good either. He was actually in the final stage of his life. No one believed that his life would save. One of the shelter volunteers, Leila Pereira said, at first Tiny looked like he had given up on life. But Sean took him to the sanctuary and started the treatments he needed. It also gave him a place to feel safe. Because he believed that he will be recover. But at first he also could not identify he as a Rottweiler. Sean initially said he was a Mastiff.

Image : Facebook/Sean McCormack

In time, Tiny gradually recovered. He also became a favorite dog at The PACK Sanctuary. Everyone was surprised when found that he was a Rottweiler. Later, Leila Perera amazingly fell in love with him. As a result, she adopted the dog. Leila also moved into a new apartment to live comfortably with him. Thanks to the staff and veterinarians at The PACK Sanctuary, he is now a cute, loveable dog. And he won best dog award for this amazing transformation.

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