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Stray Dog Chased Away By Driver Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Broke His Car

Unity is a wonderful thing. There is nothing in this world that unity cannot do. There is unity between humans as well as animals. There are many incidents in the animal kingdom that prove this and this is another such story.

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One day a man in Chongqing, China came to the parking lot outside of his house and found a stray dog lying there. Things like this are very common in any country. But this heartless man could not understand it. Instead of trying to gently move the dog away, he chased away the dog away very unkindly. In fact, he does not even know what grace is. The poor stray dog’s heart was broken down so much. Then the dog left his place and the man went into the house.

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But a few minutes later, something unexpected happened. A few minutes later another man came to the parking lot to park his vehicle. At that moment he saw something unbelievable. The dog, chased away by the previous man, came to the parking lot with two other dogs. The three dogs approached the previous man’s car and started biting it. The pack of dogs completely broke the car. The three dogs even tore the metal fender of the car. They even bit windshield wipers. Their intelligence was so great that they used one dog to see if anyone was coming while they were biting the car.

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Neighbors were amazed to see this incredible sight. All this was filmed by one neighbor. The owner still does not know what would have happened to his car if it had not been recorded. He had to think twice before chasing the dog away. Because dogs are smarter than we think. They understand a lot more than we think.

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