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4 Loyal Dog Friends Block Traffic For Protect Their Friend After He was Hit By A Car

No one gets a best friend easily. Because good friends are not everywhere. Not only humans but also animals rarely make good friends. But true friends do not leave us until the end of life. Good friends do everything they can for their friends. That is friendship. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a wonderful friendship.

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This is a story about five stray dogs that lived on the streets of Lanzhou in central China. The pack becomes their family. They shared whole life with each other. But one day one of their pack member was hit by a vehicle in the middle of the road. Their friend did not even move near their friend. They realized that they had to protect their friend. So they sat in the middle of the road with their friend to stop another such thing from happening. One person filmed this amazing incident and it quickly became popular after he posted it on the internet. The four dogs did not leave their friend’s side for a moment. They guarded their friend who lying on the road.

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There was a huge traffic jam created because of the four of them were sitting in the middle of the road. It is not clear what happened to the dogs after this video. But it is clear that they are all very good friends. Only good friends can provide such a protection. They realized that their friend had a problem. So he stayed in that place until their friend wake up. The way they got together to take care of their friend is amazing. But no one came forward to help them. Everyone passed them but no one stopped to help to the poor dog lying on the road. We cannot bear the loss of someone we love so much. Perhaps those dogs felt the same way.

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