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Two Rottweilers Left Their Lives After Wife Ties Them to Vehicle Bumper And Husband Drives Away

Dog owners need to be as careful as parents. Because dogs are like little kids. We can not imagine what will happen to them in the next moment. Dogs trust their owner a lot. Therefore, we must protect their trust. But sometimes our beloved dogs can even lose their lives because of our negligence. This is such a very sensitive story.

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This is a great lesson for every pet owner. The incident was reported from the Pound Hill area of Crowley, West Sussex at around 3.30pm. One day Sussex officials received unbelievable news. A man dragged two Rottweiler dogs from behind his Land Rover. Passengers who saw this unbelievable incident informed the authorities as soon as possible and they arrived at the scene. Two dogs were tied to the rear bumper of the vehicle until it was stopped. It’s not really a scene anyone wants to see. Everyone confused.

Moreover, the man did not even know that two dogs were tied to the back of the vehicle. However, officials were found further information. There they learned that the man’s wife had temporarily tied the dogs to the rear bumper of the vehicle. But he did not know that. And his wife never dreamed this would happen. Unfortunately, both dogs lost their lives. Because he had drove about a mile when the vehicle was stopped. Actually this is not something they planned. The family so much loved the two dogs. They could not bear this incident. The hearts of all of them were completely broken.

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One of the Rottweiler was found lying on the road and he had already left life. The other dog’s condition was not good at all and the veterinarians had to put him down. They never thought that such a big thing would happen because of their negligence. So if you are also a pet owner, be mindful of them at all times.

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