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Owner Noticed His Dog Watching Him Sleep Every Night, Then He Realized The Truth

The dog is the softest animal in the animal kingdom. They feel everything we feel. None of us like loneliness. Dogs, like us, do not like loneliness at all. They also like to live with a loving family. And they do not want see their loved ones to be separate from them. Because they can’t bear it.

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One day a man named Craig adopted a dog from a dog shelter. That’s a cute Golden Retriever dog. After adopting him, the whole family quickly fell in love with him. So the adoption had been a complete success. They named the dog Charlie and at first Charlie was a shy dog. But little by little he adapted to the new environment. He soon began to play with his family. Everything went well.

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But Craig was amazed by Charlie’s unusual behavior. He really had no idea about that unusual behavior. He started to watching him go to sleep every night. Charlie waited at the door of the room. Craig had fitted his bedroom door with a gate and the dog could not enter the room at night while Craig was asleep. Craig’s mind was completely confused by this unusual behavior of the dog. Because Charlie stared at them all night instead of sleeping. Craig initially thought the dog might be behaving abnormally because
he was in unfamiliar surroundings. So he hoped that in time his strange behavior would stop. But that did not happen.

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So he decided to find out why his pet was behaving like this. At first he thought Charlie was not tired enough to sleep. So Craig decided to play with the dog to wear him out. But Charlie’s behavior did not change. He stared at them all night without rest. Secondly, he thought it was because of Charlie’s health problem. So he took Charlie to the vet. But the veterinarian who examined the dog said he was in very good health. So Craig could not figure out what Charlie’s problem was.

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In the end he had only one more solution. He went to the shelter where Charlie lived. He asked the staff if they had any idea why Charlie was behaving like this. His heart was melted by what they told him. This beautiful Golden Retriever dog’s previous owner abandoned the dog when his wife became pregnant. They brought the dog to the shelter because they could not raise a dog with a baby. But he couldn’t bear seeing his dog’s face as he walked away forever. So he waited until him to fallll asleep before bringing the innocent Charlie to the shelter. When Charlie woke up, he was completely confused to see an unfamiliar place without his family.

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Charlie waited every day with hoping hos family will return, but they did not come. After hearing this story, it became very clear to Craig the reason for Charlie’s unusual behavior. Charlie was having a hard time trusting humans again. So he thought that his new family would leave him in his sleep. So he didn’t dare rest. And he started to continuously watching him go to sleep every night. After Craig came home, he removed the gate from the bedroom door. In addition, Craig allowed him to sleep in his room. He also shared his story on social media and got the advices of others. As a result of all this, Charlie gradually began to behave normally. Little by little he began to trust his new owners.

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