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Hungry Stray Dog Shows Up at Sandwich Shop Every Day For Her Free Meal

In every country in the world, the population of stray animals is growing day by day. This is because of the many people abandon their unwanted animals on the streets. But many people do not realize that stray animals feel the same way as we do. Especially when they feel hungry and thirsty just like us. But unfortunately many animals do not get proper foods. Dogs are the most common animal specie that face this situation.

Image : Tiktok Screenshot/Gio

But some kind people give foods for some animals. Gio is one such person from Mexico. One day he released a video on social media and the video quickly became popular. Every day a wonderful guest comes to his restaurant. That’s a stray dog. This stray dog appears in front of his sandwich restaurant every night. Sally, this stray dog, comes to the restaurant every day to find something to eat. The dog used to come to see him every day because Gio gave him foods few days ago. Geo is a very kind person. He fed this dog every day. So Sally knew exactly where to go for her dinner.

Image : Tiktok Screenshot/Gio

Many who saw this wonderful bond between Sally and Gio asked why he did not adopt this poor dog. There, Gio said he could not adopt a dog because he already had five cats in his house. And because it’s a very low-income area, it’s not easy to find someone to adopt her. He says people in the area cannot pay for pet foods. Multiple people have tried taking Sally but she never wanted to go. Maybe there is a reason for that. Gio suspected he has a regular place to sleep. Or maybe she has pups. But Gio fed her as much as he could

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