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Hero Dog Swims for 11 Hours To Raise Alarm After Owner’s Boat Capsizes

If you want to choose a best friend, never choose a human friend. Because the dog is most suitable for a best friend. Because you can never expect a trustworthy friendship like a dog. Today we are going to tell you he best example of that.

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One day this dog named Heidi went to sea with his 63 year old fishing owner. But they never thought they would have a big problem in the middle of the sea. The day after they went to sea
another fisherman spotted a dog floating in the sea in the Gulf of Moreton, Queensland about 6 a.m. That’s not another dog, she was Heidi. She was floating with several of her owner’s items including a fuel tank, tackle box and wetsuit. So the fisherman realized that there must be another person with the dog and they were having a problem with something. So the fisherman pulled Heidi out of the water without a moment’s delay and informed the Brisbane water security units.

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Then they began searching for the missing man at around 7.25am. They used a helicopter, 4 boats, Marine Safety Queensland jet ski, Volunteer Marine Coast Guard, and many more. Then, they found Heidi’s owner around 10.25am. He was hanging on to that sunken vessel. Both were taken for treatment and fortunately both were in good health.

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Heidi’s owner said the boat had lost power and was collecting water. However, he said Heidi had been swimming in the water for 11 hours. It’s really amazing. If the dog did not swim for 11 hours, the fisherman would not see them. Maybe no one would see them. But Heidi saved her and her owner’s lives. So she is a real hero.

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