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Woman Opens Her Salon In The Middle Of The Night To Rescue A Stray Dog

Some people do anything out of love for animals. Such people beautify the whole world. Because the world needs kind people. This girl is such a person too. Her heart is full of kindness.

Kari Falla runs a dog groomin salon in Seminole, Florida, USA. Her specialty is opening her own beauty salon for abandoned animals in her free time. One day a kind-hearted man spotted a helpless stray dog with a tangled hairs. His appearance said that his past was not a good one. So he posted a message on Facebook asking for some help for this dog.

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Kari Falla saw this post on Facebook and she could not miss it. She decided to reach out to dog. She called whoever found the dog and told them to meet her in her living room in the middle of the night. Kari was surprised when see him. In addition to the matted fur, and his amell was not good. Moreover, he couldn’t walking and was infected with fleas. But Kari never gave up on him. It took about three hours to remove the fur from his body. After the fur was removed he was bathed and it was actually a long and tiring process. At the end of it all he was relieved of the heavy and dirty coat. They named him Lucky. Thanks to Kari now he is happy.

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