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Hero Dog Saves Elderly Owner’s Life After Wheelchair Slips Into Deep Lake

Dogs are always been superheroes. You do not have to worry about the safety of your life if you make a dog your best friend. Because well-socialized loyal dogs never wait quietly when their owner have a problem. They do everything they can to save their owner’s life. This is the best example of that.

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Harry Smith is a 81-year-old dog owner. He uses a wheelchair because of his age. He has a Beagle mixed dog named Sarah. She is a bestfriend. So Mr. Smith always walked with Sarah. She is a 9 year old beloved dog. A few days ago, Mr. Smith was walking with his dog friend. When they were walking, he faced a very dark incident he had never dreamed. As they were walking, Mr. Smith’s wheelchair slipped and fell into a deep lake. It was not easy to get out of the water because Mr. Smith was very old and he didn’t know how to swim. He tried to keep his head above the water.

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So Sarah quickly realized that Mr. Smith was in big trouble. But she couldn’t to bring him out. So she began to barking loudly. Like asking someone for help. Fortunately, Sarah’s voice got the attention of passersby in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Two friends, Edward and Abby, ran over here to rescue him. By then, only Smith’s head was above the water. They jumped into the water, grabbed Mr. Smith by the arms and legs, and brought him ashore. Smith received medical treatment at the scene and was fine. But his electric wheelchair was completely destroyed by the water.

Sarah was a real hero. Because, if she isn’t there, Mr. Smith’s life would have ended. Smith and Sarah have a very close relationship of 7 years. Sarah is a very brave and loving dog.

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