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Dog Refuses to Stop Barking Until This Man Follows Jim to Find a Threw Baby

The dog is an amazing animal. There is no animal in the world that can be compared to a dog. They have a very advanced instinct and can understand anything very quickly. And when something going to wrong, they feel it very quickly. Not only dogs of higher breeds but every dog has this great ability. This is the best example of that.

Image : Hope For Strays

A few years ago, in late December, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his bicycle through the mountains near of Cebu, Philippine. There he had to face an unexpected event. As he was walking down the road, he saw a dog following him. The dog kept barking and trying to get Revilla’s attention. He could not imagine what was going to happen. Because, that dog does not recognize him. But he realized that the dog wanted to say something. So he stopped the bike without a thinking twice and approached to the dog.

Image : Hope For Strays

There the dog tried to take him somewhere. So he followed the dog. There the dog led him to an abandoned baby wrapped in a brown towel. She must have been two or three days old. The baby is still alive. Revilla was completely amazed. The place where the baby was found was a very distant mountain top. He took the baby as soon as possible to the nearest authorities, were the Department of Social Welfare intervened. They treated the baby. Thanks to the dog, her life was saved because she was found only just in time.

Image : Hope For Strays

So the story of this brave dog quickly spread through the local news in the area. Everyone thought he was a stray dog. Then volunteers at HOPE FOR STRAYS decided to find the dog. They went to the mountains to search the dog and they met the dog’s owner. He then took them to his home, where they found the dog with several other dogs. His name is Blackie. Although Blackie had a family, they realized that his family needed help. So as a tribute to Blackie’s bravery, they gave his family included food for the dogs, pet supplies and much more.

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