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Man Hops Out Of His Car Durian Heavy Traffic Jam To Pet A Dog In Another Car

Traffic jams are not something we all like so much. It has become a very unpleasant thing for drivers and passengers in every country. Getting stuck in traffic jams is really worst and boring. It is not easy to get stuck in the traffic jam for minutes. Absolutely, it’s like a test that tests the patience of drivers and passengers.

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Passengers and drivers do many things to avoid the fatigue and boredom felt in traffic jams. Reading books, listening the music, using social media are some of them. Some sit in their seats until the situation was resolved. Sometimes, some amazing things happening in the traffic jams like this. So, a woman who was stuck on the freeway in a recent traffic jam in Michigan, saw an amazing thing like that.

A man got out of his vehicle several cars ahead of her car. She could not imagine what he was going to do when he got out of the car in such a big traffic jam. So she turned on her camera and started filming the man. What she saw was truly heart-warming.

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The man went to the window of another car that was nearby. Then she saw a dog in the car and he petting that dog. It’s really amazing to see something like this in such a big traffic jam. He patted the dog and began to having fung and petting the dog’s head and neck. It seemed like this dog hoped that some attention and love from this kind stranger. Also this man was very happy with the dog. No doubt that unexpected friendship helped them to forget that heavy traffic jam.

This amazing event was videotaped by a woman named Shelby. She told the media that it was an extremely beautiful thing to watch and she was glad to be able to capture this kindness on tape.