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Rottweiler Puppy AAmazingly Survive After Eating Bottle of Gorilla Glue.

All dogs are like babies. None of us know what they will do in the next moment. Dogs usually try to chew everything they see. It is a common dog trait. Therefore, many dog owners buy chew toys for their pets. But some dogs try to chew everything they see, no matter how many toys they have. Because of this, sometimes even their lives can be lost.

Today we are going to tell you such a story. This is a great lesson for every pet owner.

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Theresa Sanders and Aaron Blake have a very energetic seven-month-old Rottweiler puppy named Lucy. If you’re a dog owner, you know that puppies tend to chew everything they see more than adult dogs. One day, Aaron was repairing exercise equipment with Gorilla Glue. A few minutes later, when he turned his back, he saw something he had never expected. He was completely confused. Their beloved Lucy had jumped onto the kitchen table, grabbed the Gorilla Glue container and chewed it to pieces.

They couldn’t figure out what to do. This type of glue apparently has a sweet smell that the dogs like. So Lucy must have eaten it. She ate it very fast. Within twenty minutes, Lucy’s health began to change completely. Her health became very weak and she started to become dehydrated. So they took her to a vet as soon as possible.

But by the time she got there, her belly had grown a lot. After being taken in for treatment, the vet said that result of ingesting the glue, Lucy’s stomach had grown to the size of a watermelon. The owners thought they would not be able to save her life. They left she at the veterinary center for treatment and returned home. But their hearts were with Lucy. It was a very dark day for them.

The vet removed the large mass from Lucy’s stomach and by the next day Lucy’s condition was became normal. She started eating. The owners could not believe this. Because it really is like a miracle. They said there was no hope when they left at night. So we are so thankful to the Vet staff for miraculously saving the Lucy’s life.

Officer Stops Busy Highway to Rescue Dog Hit by a Car. What a Officer.

Kindness is one of the most beautiful thing in this world. There is nothing that kindness cannot do in this world. Especially kindness can make this world a very beautiful place. And it can protect every life in this world. Kindness is so powerful.

Image : Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot

But some people do not know what kindness is. Such people throw innocent animals on the streets. But because of people with golden hearts, the lives of many street animals are saves. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a kind officer.

Joseph Puglia, an officer of the Pinellas Park Department in Florida, was on duty as usual. But he did not think that he would be able to save a life that day. While he was driving on the road, he saw a small puppy hitting by a vehicle on the middle of the busy highway. He quickly stopped his car. The dog was hit by a car and if he was on the middle of the road, there was a chance of being hit by another vehicles. So without thinking twice, he decided to save the dog’s life. Actually it is a heart stopping moment.

Image : Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot

It’s a very busy road. Therefore, go to the middle of the road is not easy at all. The officer could have even been hit by a vehicle. But he did not even think about his own life and went to the middle of the road to save the puppy’s life.

All of this was recorded on his dash cam and Puglia wrapped the dog in a blanket and placed him in the SUV, and notified dispatch. They then notified Pinellas Animal Rescue about the incident. There the dog was sent for some tests and luckily he didn’t have any major problem.

Image : Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot

After several treatments, the dog quickly recovered completely. They tried to find the dog’s owner, but he did not have a microchip or tag. So the dog was taken from an animal shelter in the state where he was named Lucky. Thanks to the kind officer, his life was saved.

Owner Brought Mother Dog to The Sea And Threw In. And He Also Threw Her Puppies.

Every dog in this world has the right to live freely. No man has the right to loss that right. But some people don’t even think about it. Because of such people, innocent animals have to face various difficulties every day. Most people don’t see their pets as family members or even pets. Such owners should not own any animal.

Image : WH Rescue Team/Youtube

Due to the animals thrown on the streets, nowadays many animals have to live a street life. Some of the hardships these animals have to face is unbelievable. A dog in Wuhan, China also had to face a similar fate. It is because of an unkind man.

This dog was so unfortunate that she never had a loving family to call her own. Her family never loved her. They did things she couldn’t imagine. Really, no human being with a heart can do those things. One day this dog became a mother and she gave birth to several pups. After that, the owner had no intention of keeping her at home. So this man brought her to the sea and threw in. Moreover, her new pups were left in a pile nearby.

Image : WH Rescue Team/Youtube

After throwing her into the sea, she must have been thought different things. She must have been thinking of how she would get back to her babies. Fortunately, kind people who saw this incident contacted Wuhan Animal Rescue as soon as possible. They reached the place without a moment’s delay and rescued the dog from the water. Finally, thanks to all of them, the puppies and mother were reunited. And the rescuers took the puppies and the mother to a safe place. There they received love, care and food.

Couple Saved Rottweiler Puppy From Street. Weeks Later Puppy Saves Couple’s Life.

Dog’s love is one of the purest love in this world. Dogs never forget people’s love. Especially, most dogs want to protect their loved ones. They love those who love them. They protect not only their owners but also their belongings and family. Because of this loyalty, the dog has become man’s best friend since thousands of years ago.

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Also, dogs fall in love with people faster than humans. The bond between owner and dog cannot be compare to any other bond. It is so strong. This is a wonderful example of that.

Some people and animals come into our lives for a greater reason. Sometimes they are like a gift from God in our life. One night a young woman was walking with her partner and saw something strange. It is a bundle of rags on the side of the road. It was unusual so they decided to check it out. There they were able to find a small female Rottweiler pup in the bundle of rags. She is a very cute puppy.

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Without thinking twice, they took the little puppy to their home. The next day they took her to a vet and luckily she was very healthy. But she lost weight. They decided to adopt this five-month-old puppy. With nutritious food and good care, she quickly became a strong puppy. They named her Leeanna. After few weeks she became very close to them like a member of their family. But they never thought that she would save a life.

One night, Leeanna’s owner and partner were watching television in the room. There the dog ran to the front door and started barking loudly. They realized that something was happening outside. Then Leeanna quickly ran to the back door of the house and broke the glass of the door and jumped out.

Later she managed to catch an unknown man who entered to the backyard. Leeanna’s owners understood very well what had happened. But she never tried to bite him. She held him until officers arrived, stop him from escaping. So Leeanna saved the life of the owners who saved her own life.

Hero Dog Helps Owner Push Stuck Car Out Of The Water.

Dogs always help people. Especially they always help their owner. Because they are very loyal to their owner and family. So adopting a pet dog is always great. So they know very well when their family needs their support. They never leave their owner’s side.

Some dogs even help their owners with things they cannot do alone. This story is about such a wonderful dog. One day, Lori Gilliеs was walking down the street with her dog, spring spaniel. This dog was named Puck.

Image : Screengrab/Youtube

It is a day with torrential rain. The roads had turned into rivers due to the non-stop rain for hours. There Lori saw a car stuck in the water. There were two women in that car and they definitely needed someone’s help. So without thinking twice she prepared to push their car.

Image : Screengrab/Youtube

So while she was pushing the car, something totally unexpected happened. Her dog, Puck, started coppy his owner and pushing the car. The dog put its front paws on the car like a human and started to push it. But they did not know that this wonderful incident was caught on vidеo clip by an ovеrhanging onlookеr.

Puck is a ten-year-old dog. But according to Lori, he is still in good shape. Lori and her dog pushed the car to safety. They were also able to go to a dry land. So after seeing this video, Lori was amazed. And she told the media that her dog is the best pet in the entire wide world. Many who watched the video said Puck was a true hero. So for this act of kindness, Puck got a suppеr last night. Also received many biscuits.

Rottweiler Found Amazing Way to Get Out of The Gate. Owner Couldn’t Believe Eyes.

Rottweiler dogs are a very aggressive breed by nature. Due to their aggressive nature, many people who want to adopt Rottweiler dogs but do not adopt them. But many people don’t know that they have a funny side. When given proper training and socialization, they sometimes do funny things. Some people think they are very aggressive, but in reality, the Rottweiler is a steadfast, friendly and loving dog.

This story is another great example of that.

Rottweilers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world and they are very good at finding a quick solution to any problem. Researchers have found that they have the average intelligence of a 10-year-old kid. And sometimes they can actually do things that we think they can’t do. This owner also had a similar experience.

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One day, this dog owner left his dog at home and went to the grocery store. For its safety, she put the dog in the back yard and locked the gate. She thought that then the dog would not be able to get out of the gate. When owner returned house from the store, she saw something totally unexpected.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The dog came out of the yard and stood infront of the gate. She couldn’t believe this happening at all. She couldn’t imagine how the dog got out of the locked gate.

So she quickly checked the backyard. There she saw something more unbelievable. That is the dog has dug a hole under the gate. She could imagine what had happened. The dog must have dug a hole under the gate and crawled out through it. But the dog was not dirty at all. Fortunately, no one had taken the dog.

However, after the owner discovered what the dog had done, the dog realized that he had done something wrong and tried to hide from its owner. He hid behind a tree and looked at the owner. It was really funny. She couldn’t stop laughing at the way the dog behaved.

Rottweiler Saves Bird’s Life Who Stuck in the Stockade Fence

Rottweilerdogs have excellent instincts. They have a natural instinct to protect their family and family belongings. No dog can match it. So in fact Rottweilers are considered one of the most intelligent breeds anyone can get. The reason is that they are very smart in almost every aspect. And they are so intelligent that they are ranked as the 9th most intelligent breed.

There are many amazing stories that proves their intelligence and instincts. Today we are going to tell you one of such stories.

Well-trained Rottweiler dogs are quickly come forward to save someone’s life. Brutus is one such dog. He is a very loyal and smart dog. He always used to play with his owner. So almost every evening they play outside. So one summer evening, as usual, Brutus was playing outside with his owner.

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Gradually the environment became dark. Owner was ready to go inside the house for a moment. But as soon as he turned to enter the house, Brutus began to bark loudly. He wouldn’t stop barking at all and wanted to get his owner’s attention somehow. Realizing that something was going on, the man approached the dog. Then Brutus tried to take him somewhere. He also followed his dog. Brutus led his owner into the backyard.

He had no idea what was going to happen. As the sky was dark, nothing could be seen clearly.

The dog stopped about 3 feet away from the stockade fence of the house. After that Brutus looked at his owner and back at the fence and barked loudly. He wanted to get the owner’s attention to the fence. He did everything he could for that. Finally he checked the fence and found the incredible thinf.

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A bird was stuck in the fence. After he found the bird, Brutus was calming down. Because he wanted to tell the owner about the bird.

In the end, Brutus’ help and instinct saved the bird’s life. If Brutus hadn’t noticed it, the bird had no way for rescue. So this is a very good example to say that dog is a very gentle friend not only to man but also to any animal. They are superheroes.

Dog Tied Up In Owner’s Backyard In The Heat and Rain More Than a Month.

None of us can stay in the rain for hours. And none of us can stay in the sun for hours. Because it is very difficult. But some people think that only humans can’t do that. Some people think that animals can bear anything. Owners who think like that are not suitable for any animal. But this dog also had such an owner.

One day, a woman in the state of Mexico released a video on the Internet about her neighbor’s dog. She released this video on internet because she had no other choice. A dog was tied up outside her neighbor’s house. This dog was not even given food by his owners. They did not feed her at all. They only gave her a bottle of water. At least she can’t go anywhere she likes. Because they tied up her all the day.

Image : JORGE BECERRIL / twitter

She spent there in the heat and rain. But anyone with a real heart cannot looking at this scene at all. She could not imagine why the residents would do this to this innocent dog. The dog lived in the backyard of the house. According to the woman, the dog was tied up at that place for more than a month.

And they don’t even feed her. They do give her a bottle of water. The innocent dog spends her time in the heat and rain. This video quickly started to be share everywhere. Everyone said that some action should be taken about the owners of this dog. Because no one has the right to do this to any animal.

Accordingly, the Environmental Protection Agency of the Government of the State of Mexico started a research in this regard. But they did not provide any further information about the condition of the dog. They said they could not provide the details as there was an administrative procedure.

Rottweiler Gives Heart Warming Final Respect For His Friend.

Animals feel every emotion that humans feel. They especially feel the feelings of love, friendship, brotherhood and separation very well. But people think that dogs don’t feel emotions like humans. But many incidents have been reported that prove that they feel every emotion that we feel.

Especially humans and animals cannot bear the separation of their loved ones. Today we are going to tell you a best example for that.

Image : Facebook/Carlos Aguilar

There are various rituals that are performed for people when they left life. They vary from tradition to tradition. But animals has no such rituals. However, they cannot bear the separation of their loved ones. Although there are no rituals to perform for their loved ones when they left life, some animals pay their last respects in a wonderful way.

Brothers and friends are with us till the rest of life. This dog is one such brother and friend. One day, a heartwarming incident was reported from the city of Copiapo in the Atacama region of northern Chile.

Carlos Aguilar had two dogs, named Chocolate and a Rottweiler named Ron-Wailer. These two dogs lived like brothers. They could not be without each other for a moment. They spent the whole day together. But they didn’t live in such a nice neighborhood. Carlos is a very loving pet owner. At first, he had seven other dogs. But someone has given all those dogs something to eat. As a result, all those dogs had to left their lives.

Image : Facebook/Carlos Aguilar

But he did not get any help for this. In the end, he was left with only Chocolate and Ron. Chocolate is a little puppy that someone left on the side of the road. Carlos saw this puppy and decided to adopt him. He gave the little puppy food, love and care.

From that day on, Chocolate and Ron fell in love like inseparable brothers. An inseparable bond developed between them.

But unfortunately, like Carlos’ previous dogs, Chocolate had to leave his life. That’s because of a food given to him by someone. So not only Carlos but also Ron could not bear the separation of Chocolate.

Image : Facebook/Carlos Aguilar

But an amazing thing happened when Carlos was giving the last respect to Chocolate. Carlos said he had never seen anything like it. Ron slowly shoveling the dirt onto the chocolate using his nose.

Ron looks over the edge at his friend multiple times while saying his goodbye. It is a heartwarming incident. Ron must have felt that his friend would never come back. Actually it can’t imagine that people can do such things. Animals actually understand things that some people don’t.

Heroic Rottweiler Saves His Owner From Wild Boar.

Dogs are the man’s best friend and protector. Because there is no one else in this world who can match their loyalty. Especially their instinct feel anything very quickly. So they can protect their owners very well. When something going to wrong, they sense it very quickly.

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Rottweiler dogs are superheroes for that. But many people do not want to adopt them due to misconceptions about this breed. But Rottweiler owners know very well what a great and loyal breed they are. Like other dogs, they also come forward to save the lives of their owners.

One day at around 7 pm, a young woman from Hungary was walking on the grass near her house with her boyfriend. Her Rottweiler dog, Bruno, was with them. Her dog is a very strong and brave 2-year-old dog. They had a very strong and wonderful bond. The dog and her are like best friends. At times it was like the bond between a mother and a baby.

They had no idea what was going to happen in the next moment as they walking outside.

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When Bruno and her fiance were far away from her, something unexpected happened. Unexpectedly, a large wild boar appeared in front of her. There was a very short gap about 2-3 meters between the wild boar and her. She was very close to the wild boar. She could not think of anything to do. She was very nervous because she had never seen such a big wild boar live.

But luckily Bruno saw his motherwas stuck in a big problem and ran to her as fast as he could. After that, Bruno quickly jumped on the wild boar. The dog tried to bite the boar and finally the boar had to run away from the scene. Because the dog continued to aggressive towards the wild boar until it ran away. Thanks to Bruno, her life was saved.