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Hero Rottweiler Saves Little Girl Who Fell Into Lake.

Rottweilers are actually a very protective breed. They are as aggressive as they are protective. In the United States, they are known as powerful, protective and loyal. Moreover, their instincts for protection are excellent.

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One evening, Jared Houghton was walking his trusty rottweiler dog, Basil, on the Kingston foreshore. Meanwhile, the dog heard a splash in the adjacent water of Griffin Lake and “insisted on checking it out. The dog’s demeanor was completely flustered. Jarrad approached the water to see what had happened. The next thing he saw, Jarrad’s bones got chills. He didn’t expect it at all.” When he got close to the edge of the water, he saw a small hand sticking out of the water.

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Jarrad quickly reached down and found an 8-year-old girl. Jarrad took the girl out as quickly as possible without thinking twice. After that returned her to her parents who were inside at a nearby restaurant. The parents said no one else saw her go inside. The parents were completely shocked by the incident. If the dog hadn’t seen the girl, her life would surely have ended. The Rottweiler also received an award from the NSW Rottweiler Club for this heroic deed.

Rottweiler Proud of Himself After Causing Hundreds of Pounds For the Owner.

Being a rottweiler owner is not easy. The Rottweiler breed is a very strong and intelligence breed. So they definitely need regular exercise to melt that energy. When the regular exercise they get isn’t enough, they find different ways to expend that energy. Often when they don’t get enough exercise they start to break and tear things in the house. Because when they didn’t get enough exercise they behave aggressively.

Because Rottweilers are a very active breed both mentally and physically. Today we are going to tell you about something unforgettable done by such a rottweiler for the family. Thor is a very large and strong two-year-old rottweiler. The dog’s owner, Tracy, loved him so much and gave him everything he wanted. He was an 8-month-old puppy when they adopted him. After bringing the home, Tracy bought him a £100 perfect memory foam mattress. So he was able to sleep very comfortably every day.

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But one day when Tracy came home from work, she saw something she never expected. The house was completely a sea of foam and Thor had completely ripped off his memory foam mattress. It’s pieces are scattered all over the house. It just like a foam sea. Tracy couldn’t think of anything and sat down on the floor. She had no idea how to clean them. As she sat on the floor thinking about it, Thor was very proud of what he had done.

She couldn’t figure out where to start cleaning them. After a while she started cleaning them. But when she was cleaning them, Rottweiler thought she was playing with him. So he started playing on the foam again. So cleaning them was not easy for her. So she had to wait until the dog to sleep to clean the house. It took her about six hours to clean the entire house.

That wasn’t the only loss Thor done on them. He tore at Tracy’s soft dog-shaped doorknob. And dug holes in the garden and turned it completely upside down. Another day he tore the cushions of the sofa at home. One day when they went for a walk, he
even brought home a traffic cone. In fact, these mischievoust rottweilers caused them many problems. But they did not dump this dog. Tracy saw the funny side in all his antics. Therefore, her love for him increased day by day.

Rottweiler Mix Found With Ears, Nose and Tail Cut Off.

Innocent animals endure a variety of difficulties every day as a result of humans who aren’t even aware of what kindness is. Really unbelievable how they do such things. Some humans dreaming of adopting dogs. But someones do unimaginable things to innocent dogs.

One day the Michigan Humane Society got a phone call. The caller said that a dog with its nose and ears cut off had been dumped near Livernois and Warren on Detroit’s southwest side. A kind-hearted man who saw the dog made this phone call to the rescuers. After receiving the information, a rescue team from the Michigan Humane Society went to the spot to rescue the dog. They prepared the necessary things as soon as possible. When they got there, they found a Rottweiler mix with his nose and ears cut off.

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Even the rescuers were excited to see him. Because no one can do something like this. They then took the dog to the Animal Welfare Center in Detroit and began providing the necessary treatments. Mark Ramos, lead investigator for the Michigan Humane Society, said that the dog had been intentionally cut off. Not only his ears and nose but also his tail had been cut off. Veterinarians had to work hard to restore them. And because his nose was cut off, his nostrils had to be opened.

Part of the cut off tail had to be cut again and his coat was so discolored when they rescued him. But thanks to everyone’s efforts, including the vets, he is now a very healthy and beautiful dog. With proper nutrition and treatment, his coat started to shine. They named the Rottweiler mix Baron and put him up for adoption after he was fully recovered. Accordingly, more than thirty people who heard his story had sent applications to adopt him. It was a surprise for the shelter staff. Because they never received more than one or two applications per dog.

Rottweiler Helps Owner For Raise to Unwanted Animals.

There are many wonderful breeds in the dog world. Rottweiler breed has a major place among them. The Rottweiler breed is generally considered to be the smartest and intelligence breed you can get. They are smart in almost every aspect. They are ranking as the 9th most intelligent breed in the dog world. They have an innate ability to protect anything very well. Also, when given proper training to control their aggression, they become very loving and gentle dogs.

This is an unbelievable story about such a dog. Rottweiler breeds usually make excellent family members. So they protect the family as best they can. They protect not only their owners but also other animals in the family. A young woman named Amanda Collins had a giant rottweiler named Dave. She is very fond of animals. She also runs a pet shop in Blackpool.

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So one day she brought a big rabbit to her house. Because no one wanted to adopt this rabbit. Actually, this rabbit is a rabbit that no one wanted. She had no idea how her dog would react after bringing the rabbit home. But after bringing the rabbit home, Amanda was surprised to see the dog’s behavior. Dave walked over to the rabbit and began to lick him very gently. And the Rottweiler never move from the rabbit for a moment. Maybe he thought it was a puppy.

A strong friendship soon developed between them. They became very good friends. They now sleep together, eat together and play together. They spend the whole day together. So Dave takes care of not only this rabbit but every animal that Amanda takes care of. He is actually a very gentle loving rottweiler. He helps Amanda raise four ducks, three geese, five rabbits, 13 kittens and five puppies.

Rottweiler Managed to Open Locked Door for Paramedics When Owner Collapsed. Dog Saves His Life.

People don’t have a good opinion about Rottweiler dogs. They are aggressive but very protective. Therefore, a Rottweiler can be recommended to any family looking for a dog for protection. You will understand that it is true by the end of this story.

This is the story of Rottweiler Megan who came to the rescue when owner Gary Gregory fell unconscious.

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One day Gary felt unwell when he was home alone. As a result, Gary managed to call 999 as soon as possible, but he collapsed within minutes. His partner Sean Nicholls, 49, was working as a coach driver and was also not at home. Only Megan and his other dogs – black labrador Heidi and Hugo the pug – were at home. They licked his face and desperately tried to wake up him.

Meanwhile, the medics arrived at Gary’s house. But the door was locked from inside. They were desperately trying to open the door. It was not easy for them to find a way to open the door.

Meanwhile, they saw Megan jumping up and down near the door. But they did not understand that the dog was trying to help them. After a few minutes, Rottweiler Megan managed to jump onto the door handle and pull it down. Then the door opened. But the medics did not come in at once. Because they were afraid that the dog would bite.

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But nothing really happened. The dog let them in. They rushed him to treatment as soon as possible and thanks to the dog, Gary’s life was saved. “There’s no doubt about it, Meghan saved my life,” Gary finally said. Perhaps the Rottweiler sensed that his owner needed help. Therefore, she must have tried to open the door for those who came home.

Heartwarming Rottweiler Asks Owner for a Cuddle “Please Can I Have a Cuddle?”

Many people think that Rottweilers do not need love. Because the Rottweiler is a very tough and aggressive breed in the dog world. So many people think that their heart is also very hard.

But it really isn’t. They have all the emotions like humans. They also need love. They also feel hungry. They don’t want to see the their loved ones being apart from them. And they love to be with their loved ones.

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This is one such Rottweiler. One day, the owner of the dog, Ellie Dickens, shared a wonderful video on social media. He often shares videos of his 5-year-old Rottweiler Winnie and her younger puppy Dottie on social media. But this video caught the attention of many people because of its uniqueness. The clip has garnered over 4 million views and nearly 70,000 comments.

According to the video shared by Dickens, while Dickens was still lying in bed, Winnie peeked into the morning room and began wagging her tail patiently. As soon as the Rottweiler told told she could get on the bedding, she made an incredibly quick leap straight onto the bed.

He shared the video with the caption, “please can I have a cuddle.” That was actually her thought. According to Dickins, Winnie does this on a daily basis, numerous times a day. She likes to come to bed with them. It makes them all feel loved and Winnie also feels love.

Someone Cut This Rottweiler’s Throat. Vets Had to Remove Part of Jaw to Save His Life.

Most people have no feelings for animals. They think animals don’t feel things. They thinks that only humans feel everything. So such people do different things to animals. Because they don’t understand the feelings of animals. And they don’t know about kindness. Thousands of animals lose their lives every year because of such people. This is a Rottweiler who faced such an incident.

Angie Sanderson, 56, is a loving rottweiler owner. She had a very strong bond with her beloved Rottweiler pet, Rocky. They always spent time together. One day, Angie discovered something unbelievable about her pet. She noticed that her pet had large cuts on its chest, thigh and side. She couldn’t imagine where it came from. Moreover, the dog had a 4-inch deep cut on its throat.

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Angie couldn’t think of anything. But he needed treatment as soon as possible. So she took him to the vet. The vets examined Rocky very well. The cut in his throat was so deep that part of his jaw had to be removed to save his life. And the cuts were so deep that the vets said if they had gone more deep, Rocky’s life would have ended.

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And those who did this to him had not done anything or anyone else in the house. And nothing was taken from the house. Angie said that they must have targeted Rocky. And she had not only Rottweilers, but also horses, a pig, and several other rescued dogs. But they had done nothing to any of them. But why did they do this only to Rocky, she had a problem. She had allowed her dogs to roam free on her seven-acre property.

However, when Angie and her daughter came home that day, they found the locked main gate was opened. Also, the heavy locks and chain of the gate were missing. So when they checked the house they saw these cuts of Rocky. After treatment, the dog’s condition improved. But he had lost some of his teeth.

Sweet Rottweiler Pushes Her Toy Lamb on Swing Ever So Gently.

As we say every day, the Rottweiler breed has aggression as well as very sweet side. Some people reject them thinking they are too aggressive breed. But they are they are also large and goofy and may be too exuberant during play. And they are very loyal to their owner. But for that they must be given good training and socialization. Their intelligence level is very high and training is also very easy.

So what we are going to tell you today is a good example of how sweet and loving a breed Rottweiler is. Sometimes they are a very loving breed. One day, everyone was surprised by this video which became very popular on the internet. Because most dog lovers do not expect something so loving and sweet from a breed like Rottweilers. The video begins with a large, giant Rottweiler standing next to a swing.

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And there was a stuffed toy lamb on the swing. Surely it could be his toy. In the next moment, to everyone’s surprise, the rottweiler started gently pushing the swing to pull the toy. He very gently pushed the swing with his nose and the toy lamb started swinging on it. It is the dog’s favorite toy. Maybe the dog saw family or someone using this swing so the dog followed it.

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He pushed the swing very gently. It’s really hard to expect something like this from a breed like Rottweilers. Because they are a very aggressive and tough breed. But many people don’t know that they also have this kind of soft side. She acted like a motherly instinct. She wanted to comfort her toy. Because maybe she has seen the little kids having fun on the swing.

Two Rottweilers Saves Family Horses From Gang of Men in Middle of The Night.

Rottweilers have been popular as guard dogs since thousands and thousands of years. Their instinct is the main reason for that. In the past, they were used to protect cattle herds and during the time of the Roman emperors, they were used to protect wealth. So given good training and socialization, Rottweilers are great for anything.

Nowadays, they are used as domestic guard dogs. Brenna Kramer of Zephyrhills, Florida is a animal lover. She had a stable and two rottweiler dogs in her house. She adopted these dogs for the protection of the horses and herself. She loved all her animals very much. But she never thought one day these dogs would save her horses’s lives.

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One night, something happened she never expected. While she was sleeping in the house, her dogs started barking unusually loud and nonstop. Brenna realized that something was going wrong outside. So she went out to check what was going on. At first she checked her horses. Because someone had already shut off the power supply in the stable. She couldn’t believe what she saw. A rope was tied around the neck of one horse and it was clear that someone had tried to take the horses as well.

But the aggressiveness of the two brave dogs would have made them run away quickly. One rottweiler also had two puncture marks on his head from trying to save the horses. Because horses can be sold at a very high price, these incidents are very common in California. But the bravery of the two dogs saved her horses’ lives.

Rottweiler Mom Gave Birth to 18 Puppies.

Rottweiler dogs usually have 6 to 12 puppies. It is completely normal for a first time Rottweiler mother to have two puppies and very rarely to have more than 10 puppies.

But today we will tell you about a Rottweiler mother who gave birth to 18 puppies at one time.

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The four-year-old Rottweiler girl named Terrie is owned by Mrs. Morris, 34, a livery yard manager. They live in Britain. She loved Terrie very much and the dog was like a baby to her.

One day she found out that her little Terrie girl was going to be a mother. Not only about Terrie, but also Morris got ready to delivery. Terrie was very large before giving birth, but she had no idea how many babies she had. She estimated that she would probably give birth to about 6 pups.

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One day Terrie went into labour at about 12.50pm. Although Morris could not think of what to do, she acted as an emergency midwife. She watched impatiently as Terry gave birth to the cubs one by one.

After the mother Rottweiler gave birth to about 6 puppies, she thought it was over. But it didn’t really end. She gave birth to more pups. It was amazing. They kept coming. Morris never dreamed she would get so many. Terry eventually gave birth to 18 pups. Sadly, two of the pups were not lucky enough to survive.

It was definitely a British record. It was the record for the biggest Rottweiler litter in Britain. The other 10 female pups and six male pups were very healthy. She planned to sell a pup for around $500 after few weeks. However dog expertss said that they believe it’s a record, by some stretch.