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Kind-hearted Flight Attendants Break Protocol To Save Puppy’s Life In The Flight

As we say every day, kind-hearted people do anything for animals at any time. So today we are going to tell you about the kind-hearted flight attendants who broke the protocol during the flight to save the life of a little dog.

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One day Michele Burt boarded a JetBlue flight with her husband Steven and their three dogs, hoping to take a typical journey. Because it wasn’t their first time. That’s to fly from Florida to Massachusetts. They kept the dogs in carriers under their seats following the protocol on the plane. But they never dreamed that they would face a big problem in the next moment. They had a beautiful French bulldog named Darcy. Shortly after takeoff, Michele realized that Darcy had a difficulty of breathing. So she had to take the dog out of the carrier to check on what had happened to her beloved dog. So she had to break the protocol of the plane. She really knew about it. But she doesn’t care about it, she thought only about Darcy’s life.

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Darcy’s tongue was blue due to lack of oxygen. So Michele pulled the dog out and placed her on michele’s lap. Flight attendant Renaud Fenster soon noticed this. Unaware of what was happening, she told Michele to put back her dog. But when Renoud found out about the problem, he quickly rushed to help the dog. She soon realized it is a something serious. At first, Renaud and Diane, two crew members, tried to treat the dog with ice packs. But it did not really work. So Renaud was ready to make another decision
deviates from protocol. That is, bring a small oxygen tank and connect it to Darcy. Fortunately, Darcy’s condition improved after receiving oxygen. Darcy’s life was actually saved by two wonderful and kind-hearted flight attendants. It’s responsibility of flight attendants to pay attention to all passengers.

Little Baby Wild Boar Thinks Retriever Is Her Dad

Every animal needs love and protection in this world. Mom and Dad provide protection and love for every animal from birth. But there is no one to give that love and protection to some animals. Because they hadn’t parents. And there is no difference between baby animals and human babies. This wild boar calf is such an animal. He also has no mom or dad.

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Biu Biu is one of the most beloved Labrador Retriever dog. Biu’s owner, Dora, says she’s a very loving and patient dog. One day Dora’s gardener finds a wild boar. She was in their backyard. After gardener brings the wild boar to Dora, they find out about the baby boar’s mother. But gardener said she hadn’t mom or dad. So Dora contacted the veterinarian for advice on this animal. Following that advice, she decided to adopt that baby wild boar.

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Dora named this wild boar, Yezhu. Dora saw how Yezhu was trying to befriend with Biu. Fortunately, Biu is a very gentle and patient dog. Dora noticed that the dog was also paying attention to the baby boar. Dora soon realized that the the dog would be a bigger help with Yezhu. Yezhu thought Biu is her father. She loved being in the dog’s warmth so much. As time went they could not live without each other. Yezhu became a good friend of Biu. They played together. Slept together. They spent the whole day together. And the way they use each other as a pillow when they sleep together is really cute. When the wild boar was growing, she has her own boar condo. She also grew from 2 pounds to 62 pounds.

Hero Dog Saves Elderly Owner’s Life After Wheelchair Slips Into Deep Lake

Dogs are always been superheroes. You do not have to worry about the safety of your life if you make a dog your best friend. Because well-socialized loyal dogs never wait quietly when their owner have a problem. They do everything they can to save their owner’s life. This is the best example of that.

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Harry Smith is a 81-year-old dog owner. He uses a wheelchair because of his age. He has a Beagle mixed dog named Sarah. She is a bestfriend. So Mr. Smith always walked with Sarah. She is a 9 year old beloved dog. A few days ago, Mr. Smith was walking with his dog friend. When they were walking, he faced a very dark incident he had never dreamed. As they were walking, Mr. Smith’s wheelchair slipped and fell into a deep lake. It was not easy to get out of the water because Mr. Smith was very old and he didn’t know how to swim. He tried to keep his head above the water.

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So Sarah quickly realized that Mr. Smith was in big trouble. But she couldn’t to bring him out. So she began to barking loudly. Like asking someone for help. Fortunately, Sarah’s voice got the attention of passersby in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Two friends, Edward and Abby, ran over here to rescue him. By then, only Smith’s head was above the water. They jumped into the water, grabbed Mr. Smith by the arms and legs, and brought him ashore. Smith received medical treatment at the scene and was fine. But his electric wheelchair was completely destroyed by the water.

Sarah was a real hero. Because, if she isn’t there, Mr. Smith’s life would have ended. Smith and Sarah have a very close relationship of 7 years. Sarah is a very brave and loving dog.

Hero Dog Swims for 11 Hours To Raise Alarm After Owner’s Boat Capsizes

If you want to choose a best friend, never choose a human friend. Because the dog is most suitable for a best friend. Because you can never expect a trustworthy friendship like a dog. Today we are going to tell you he best example of that.

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One day this dog named Heidi went to sea with his 63 year old fishing owner. But they never thought they would have a big problem in the middle of the sea. The day after they went to sea
another fisherman spotted a dog floating in the sea in the Gulf of Moreton, Queensland about 6 a.m. That’s not another dog, she was Heidi. She was floating with several of her owner’s items including a fuel tank, tackle box and wetsuit. So the fisherman realized that there must be another person with the dog and they were having a problem with something. So the fisherman pulled Heidi out of the water without a moment’s delay and informed the Brisbane water security units.

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Then they began searching for the missing man at around 7.25am. They used a helicopter, 4 boats, Marine Safety Queensland jet ski, Volunteer Marine Coast Guard, and many more. Then, they found Heidi’s owner around 10.25am. He was hanging on to that sunken vessel. Both were taken for treatment and fortunately both were in good health.

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Heidi’s owner said the boat had lost power and was collecting water. However, he said Heidi had been swimming in the water for 11 hours. It’s really amazing. If the dog did not swim for 11 hours, the fisherman would not see them. Maybe no one would see them. But Heidi saved her and her owner’s lives. So she is a real hero.

Woman Opens Her Salon In The Middle Of The Night To Rescue A Stray Dog

Some people do anything out of love for animals. Such people beautify the whole world. Because the world needs kind people. This girl is such a person too. Her heart is full of kindness.

Kari Falla runs a dog groomin salon in Seminole, Florida, USA. Her specialty is opening her own beauty salon for abandoned animals in her free time. One day a kind-hearted man spotted a helpless stray dog with a tangled hairs. His appearance said that his past was not a good one. So he posted a message on Facebook asking for some help for this dog.

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Kari Falla saw this post on Facebook and she could not miss it. She decided to reach out to dog. She called whoever found the dog and told them to meet her in her living room in the middle of the night. Kari was surprised when see him. In addition to the matted fur, and his amell was not good. Moreover, he couldn’t walking and was infected with fleas. But Kari never gave up on him. It took about three hours to remove the fur from his body. After the fur was removed he was bathed and it was actually a long and tiring process. At the end of it all he was relieved of the heavy and dirty coat. They named him Lucky. Thanks to Kari now he is happy.

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Beloved Labrador And Owner Closed Eyes Forever Within Hours Of Each Other

There is nothing in this world that can compare with dog’s loyalty to its owner. Even if some of the people we trust left us In a very difficult times, but dogs will never leave us. They will not leave us whether we haven’t money or a house. So there is no problem in saying that their love is the purest love in the world. Especially Labrador is a very loving and loyalty dog. This is the best example of that.

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Daniel Hove is a very loving dog owner. He fell in love with his Labrador dog, Gunner. There was an unbreakable bond between them. Gunner is a big Labrador. But he was always cuddling with Daniel like a little lapdog. They spent the whole day very happily and lovingly. But all this changed when Daniel was with a serious pancreatic problem. Gunner did not move away from his side for a moment. He sleep near Daniel’s bed. They went everywhere together and were very strong friends till the end.

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In the end Daniel did not respond to anything. Amazingly, also Gunner did not respond. One day Gunner completely grew listless and his hands began to swell. The family took Gunner to the vet as soon as possible. But Gunner gave up his life. He went to eternal sleep. Within just an hour and a half, Daniel was said goodbye. He closed his eyes forever. They could never live without each other. So maybe Gunner decided it would be better to go with him than to live without his beloved father. So Daniel did not go on his final journey alone. He gone with his beloved and faithful buddy.

A Greek Restaurant Opens Its Doors Every Night To Stray Dogs

We cannot even imagine the kindness of some people. People with kind and beautiful hearts make this world beautiful. They are like a blessing to the helpless lives of this world. We are going to tell you about the kindness of people with such beautiful hearts.

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A restaurant taught the whole world what humanity is, in Lesbos, Mytilene, Greece. Greece is another country with a lot of stray dogs. Each day, these dogs are wandering the city for search of food, shelter, and warmth. No one sees the effort they put into living. But this coffee shop saw their helplessness. So the owner of this coffee shop opens it every night for stray dogs after all his customers are gone. In fact, those dogs sleep very comfortably on the seats in the restaurant. It is popular all over the world as a hot spot for stray dogs.

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This restaurant opens for stray dogs after all customers have left. It is a safe, warm place for them to spend the night. Dogs who wandering the city all day long are come to this restaurant for a good night’s sleep. How much better this is than the road sleep. Greek charities say there are more than a million of stray dogs in the Greek islands. So how good to have a small group of those dogs or something like this. It is an act of pure humanity. The specialty of the people of Greece is that many dogs in Greece without a permanent home receive a collar and are cared for by the community.

This Little Boy Can’t Stop Hugging Stray Dogs

We are going to tell you a beautiful story about a most beautiful and kind hearted little boy in the world. The other day, a little boy on his way to school in Grozny, Chechnya. He met two stray dogs. It was common to see stray dogs on the road, but it was not common for him.

The two dogs were warming themselves in the morning sun. This little boy, called Ibrahim, stopped near the two stray dogs and gave them a sweet and loving hug. A resident of a nearby building spotted this hilarious act of little Ibrahim. So he filmed this and released it on the internet. Then the video became extremely popular around the world and everyone praised little Ibrahim.

A family friend said that Ibrahim is a really very kind boy. His heart is truly full of grace. Because not everyone can embrace stray dogs on the street like this. It must have a beautiful heart.

Dog Don’t Eat Breakfast Untill He Gets Hugs From Dad

Dogs are an amazing animal of thr animal world. Dogs are the closest animal to man and they have incredible habits. Dogs have some amazing habits that are not even find in humans. Therefore, the dog has the ability to become the closest friend of man. Domestic dogs are often accustomed to the lifestyle of their owners. Those owners are also accustomed to the dog’s lifestyle. So, today we are going to tell you a story about a dog with an amazing habit. This dog needs his father’s hug every morning before breakfast. Let’s go look at the story.

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Dash is a very adorable pittie dog. Mr.Ben Johnson met Dash as a shelter volunteer. The first time, Dash met Johnson in the back room of the Humane society, and even their first meeting was amazing. Johnson thought that Dash would be wary about strangers. But on their first meeting, Johnson sat on the floor near the dash. Then, Dash approached over to him and put head on his chest. Amazingly, he wanted a long hug from Johnson. So, he hugged Dash for about 10 minutes.

Because of that loving encounter, Johnson decided that Dash was the most suitable dog for his home. From that day on, he hugged Dash every time he met him. Or Dash pushed Johnson’s chest until he hugged him. After all Johnson permanently welcomed Dash into their family. There was a wonderful loving bond between them. The special thing is that Dash did not get breakfast without his father’s loving hug. So it became a habit of the dash. Everyday he wanted a hug before breakfast. It has been about couple of years since that habit began.

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He accustomed to the pre-breakfast hug routine. He needs at least one hug. In addition, occasionally he also refuses the mid-meal if he wanted extra hug. So his family is always ready to give hugs as he needs before meals.

Adorable Dog Obsessed With Door Stoppers Gets Best Christmas Gift Ever

Dogs are really like little kids. Many researchs are also shown that a dog has the same level of intelligence as a 10-year-old kid. So dogs are more likely to act like little ones. If you are a dog owner, you may have experience with the different toys they like, the ways they like to play, and so on. So today we are going to tell you a wonderful story about a dog who obsessed with door stopper.

Farley is a very strong and cute dog of the Australian Shepherd breed. In April 2020, Farley reunited with this new family. From the day she joined the family, the whole house was filled with happiness. Because the house was full of Farley’s fun activities. Everyone wanted to know what kind of new adventure she will going to do next.

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When she was a little puppy, she found a door stopper. It was the first time she saw a door stopper. As soon as she found it, she realized how much fun it. In fact, as soon as she saw it, she fell in love with it. Farley started playing with it and soon it became her favorite toy. She loved it so much that she did not take any kind of attention to any other toy. Also no one tried to change her attention.

Farley’s behavior was really funny and cute. So Farley’s owners decided to make a video of she playing with the door stopper and post it on social media. It was a really best idia ever. One person who commented on that video came up with a amazing idia. That is to say, make a board with a bunch of different door stoppers for farley, and present it as christmas gift. It did not take long for Farley’s owner to realize that his idea was an amazing idia.

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Implementing that idea, her owner, Mr. Victoria Stuart  decided to prepare a wonderful Christmas present for Farley. So, he found a perfect wooden box internet and painted and clear-coated it. Then he assembled it with 25 door stopsers. On Christmas morning, they presented this incredible gift to farley. At first she could not understand what this was, but she was very happy when she found out that was door stoppers. Door stopper became one of her favorite things in the world.

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She very happiely played with the Door Stopper several times a day. So Farley was thrilled to receive so many of them.