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Abandoned, Starved Rottweiler Left His Life On Vet’s Table

Every dog wants to live with a loving owner. And every dog should have a loving owner. But unfortunately not every dog has such loving owners. Some people do not even understand how feels to their pets. It is truly unfortunate to have such an owner.

Rottweiler dogs are an aggressive breed by nature. But when well trained they become very loving, gentle and loyal dogs. So many people dreaming about adopting a Rottweiler. Because their loyalty is unbelievably high. But because they are so expensive, most people cannot buy them. But some people do not know their value. One Christmas day, the RSPCA received unbelievable news about a Rottweiler dog. This dog was completely abandoned by his owner and was not given proper nutrition. So after learning this, a RSPCA team went to the rescue the dog as soon as possible.


When they found the dog, they were completely surprised. The dog was so weak that only skin was left. He was very weak due to lack of food and dehydrated due to lack of water. At least the dog can’t stand up. His name is Oscar. When they found this dog, he weighed only 17.5kg. Rescuers wanted to take him to the vet as soon as possible. But their attempt was not successful. After taking Oscar to the vet, he left his life on the veterinarian’s table. But they did everything they could to save his life. But none of that worked.

RSPCA official Callum Isit said they could have saved his life if only they’d called them earlier. Authorities say the dog’s owner, Duncan Bexley, 23, of Sandbach Place in Greenwich, will not be allowed to raise animals. And they ordered him to pay £730 in costs.

After Lots of Rejections, Dog Starts Making His Own Bed To Win Adopters’ Hearts

None of us like to be reject. But shelter animals and stray animals often have to be reject by peoples. They have to endure it. It’s very normal. But some animals do not Bear the rejection. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a shelter dog.

Image : SICSA Pet Adoption and Welllness Center/Youtube Screenshot

The “SICSA Pet Adoption Center” in Ohio had a wonderful dog, Rush. At first, this young pit bull lived on the streets as a stray dog. There was no one to love or care for him. He did not want to being alone after rescuers brought him to the shelter. His behavior was so confused. But after giving him his own bed and blanket, his condition was became normal. He is a very innocent dog. Pitbull dogs can become very aggressive if not properly trained. But Rush, who lived on the street, was not like that. He is a very gentle dog. Every night, he would find comfort in his blanket. And he also pray for a forever home every day.

Image : SICSA Pet Adoption and Welllness Center/Youtube Screenshot

But no one wanted to adopt him. Everyone rejected him. That’s because he’s a street rescue pit bull. They thought he would become an aggressive dog. So his heart was broken every time everyone rejected him. So one day he started doing something amazing to get people’s attention. It’s really heartwarming. He tried to making his cage as best as he could. He also tried to make his own bed. That is to show that he is a good friend.

Image : SICSA Pet Adoption and Welllness Center/Youtube Screenshot

So the shelter staff decided to share Rush’s wonderful story on social media. It quickly became popular and everyone was amazed at the dog. Also, many people asked the shelter about his adoption status. Also, many people applied to adopt him. Out of all those, the shelter finally chose a suitable couple. The couple adopted Rush and the new parents were very loving. So from then on his life began to change very nicely.

Mama Dog Desperately Tries To Save Her Weakest Puppy’s Life

The happiness of every mother is the happiness of her babies. Because every mother’s dream is the seeing her kids live well. It is something that is common not only to the human world but also to the animal world. And mothers do everything they can to keep their babies alive.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Life With Labradors

Daisy Duke is a Labrador girl. She has a very loving soft heart. One day she became pregnant and waited impatiently untill her babies to be born. A few weeks later she gave birth to eight pups. But one of them was unusually small. And she soon realized that she was too weak to survive. The animal world is very different from the human world. Many animals abandon their cubs after realizing that they are weak. But Daisy is a lot different than other animals. Because she did everything she could to keep her baby alive.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Life With Labradors

This weak puppy was named Lucy. Daisy began to pay special attention to Lucy. Especially, she never left Lucy alone for a moment. Moreover, Daisy did not allow the other strong puppies to crush her and play with her. For that, Daisy fed her separately. She paid so much attention to the little puppy. And when the other puppies fell asleep, she pulled Lucy aside and kissed and fed her repeatedly. She warmed Lucy more than the other puppies.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Life With Labradors

Daisy’s behavior surprised even zoologists. This is because animal mothers often focus on raising their healthiest offspring. But Daisy loved her weakest puppy more than the healthy puppies. But it is not clear what happened to little Lucy in the end. However, zoologists believed that she would grow up to be as strong as her mother. Although an animal mother, Daisy’s behavior is even more amazing than a human mother.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Life With Labradors

Hero Rottweiler Saves Family Boy from Wild Pit Bull

The Rottweiler is an amazing breed. A Rottweiler can do many things that a normal dog cannot. Because their instinct is very advanced. Rottweiler owners are well known of that. when something is going to happen to their loved ones they feel it very quickly. Therefore, they are best suited as a guard dog.

image 01

On March 27, 2015, an unbelievable thing happened in an area about 31 miles from Orlando. On Westmoreland Street in Sorrento, Florida, two boys were riding their bicycles through the neighborhood. It was near their house. Meanwhile their Rottweiler dog was inside the house. While the boys were riding their bicycles, something unexpected happened. A dog came running fast from out of the nearby forest. This dog came straight to the boys. The boys did not have time to run. One boy was speeding off his bicycle and the other was caught by a dog while trying to flee.

image 02

The dog bit the boy’s leg. And he kept trying to bite the boy. This dog was a pit bull. But fortunately the Rottweiler who was in the house saw this and quickly ran towards the boys. He then jumped on Pitbull’s neck and bit him. Consequently, the pit bull ran back into the woods. If Rottweiler had not been there, the boy’s life would surely have ended. The boy had lost a large part of his right leg and was taken for treatment as soon as possible. Lake County wildlife authorities then searched the dog whole the forest to catch this stray pit bull. But, they haven’t yet found the dog. So, the owner of the dog said that if he does come back he going to teach his Rottweiler to what he can do. However, everyone said that Rottweiler was a superhero. Because he saved the lives of the boys of the family.

Dog Refuses To Leave Gate After Owner Threw Him Out For Bring New Dog.

The dog is one of the most innocent animals in the animal kingdom. And they have a very gentle heart. Most dogs trust their owners a lot. Many dogs think that their owner loves them very much. But unfortunately not every dog owner like that. The love in the hearts of some pet owners is not pure.

Image : Love Furry Friends/Youtube Screenshot

The owner of this dog named Leo is one such a person. Leo is a very gentle dog who tries to be friends with everyone. He really had a loving heart. But the owner did not like his dog’s behavior at all. Because he wanted a little aggressive dog to protect his home. So he decided to threw Leo out of the house. So one day this heartless owner threw the dog out of the property and locked the gate. The owner never let him enter inti the house again. But the dog sat and waited by the gate with hoping to be allowed return to the yard. So he doesn’t go anywhere. But it’s never happened. Poor Leo had no idea what was going on.

Image : Love Furry Friends/Youtube Screenshot

Once the man left the house and returned to house. There the dog thought the owner would allow him to re-enter. Leo was very happy. But that happiness ended in a few seconds. Because he saw that owner had returned with another canine companion. Poor Leo’s heart was broken. Someone nearby was watching all this. He informed a rescue officer about this. She came and knocked on Leo’s owner’s door, but he did not respond. Then she found the owner’s phone number and called him. There he said the dog was truly unwanted.

Image : Love Furry Friends/Youtube Screenshot

After the dog was threwing out of the house, the neighbors fed him. And finally Rescue member took Leo to the vet. After a few treatments he became a completely healthy dog. He really is a very loving soft dog. After sharing his story online, it was viewed by millions. So four days after the video became popular, he met his eternal loving family.

Rottweiler And Little Girl Bouncing Madly On The Trampoline

Adopting a Rottweiler dog is a dream of lot of peoples. Because the Rottweiler is one of the most popular breeds in the world. But some people like to adopt Rottweiler dogs, but they do not. Because they think that no matter how popular the Rottweiler is, it is a difficult breed to raise at home. But it really is not.

Image : Viral hog

Rottweiler dogs are a very gentle loving breed like other dogs. A lot of people think that Rottweilers are not suitable for small kids. This is because they are a very large and aggressive breed. But from this story you will understand how gentle they are to kids. Alex, the three-year-old girl, lived in Jackson, Wyoming. She had a Rottweiler in her house. This two-year-old dog named Kona is a very playful and gentle girl. And there was a very sweet friendship between the dog and little Alex. Kona is not an ordinary friend to Alex. She really is a great sports companion for the little girl.

Image : Viral hog

One day, Alex’s parents posted a video on the Internet confirming this. The little girl was bouncing on a trampoline and playing. Seeing this, Kona also bouncing on Trampoline and began to copy every movement of the little girl. It’s really cool. It was a wonderful game not only for the little girl but also for the dog. Alex’s parents say this is Kona’s and her daughter’s favorite sport. They were both very happy with it. Kona is just like a little girl. And she’s like a family girl. So it is not correct to say that the Rottweiler is a breed that cannot be raising with small kuds. Because with proper training and socialization, they can become very gentle and loving dogs.

Image : Viral hog

Man Jumps Into Water to Save His Tiny Dog from an Alligator

Loving dog owners do everything they can for their pets. Sometimes they even try to save their pet’s life without even thinking about their own life. But in order to save a pet from an alligator, the owner must be a real hero. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a heroic dog owner.

Image : Florida Wildlife Federation / F Stop Foundation WS

Florida is famous for its crocodile population. So people in Florida need to think twice before jump into the water. Alligators are often spotted wandering around in backyards, swimming pools and golf courses. Richard Wellington, 74, of Florida, is a beloved dog owner. One day while he and his three-month-old puppy were on their daily walk, they encountered an unexpected incident. It’s really like a dark dream. When they were walking near a pond in the backyard, at once, the little spaniel puppy was caught by an alligator. The alligator then dragged the puppy into the water. Alligator jumped at the dog very fast. Richard told the media that Richard never thought an alligator could be that fast.

Image : Florida Wildlife Federation / F Stop Foundation WS

Richard could not think of what to do. But he jumped into the water to save his little puppy without thinking twice. Richard tried hardly to save the puppy from the crocodile’s jaws. Fortunately, he managed to save the puppy. Richard then took the puppy to the vet as soon as possible. There he was given several treatments and he had no problem. Because Richard quickly became active and saved his pet. And thankfully the alligator was not a big one. If the alligator was big one, it would not have been easy to save the puppy. Because a normal man cannot reach to a big alligator.

Image : Florida Wildlife Federation / F Stop Foundation WS

Rottweiler Approached to Comfort Stranger in Park Who Just Lost His Dog

Many think that Rottweiler is a very aggressive and disobedient breed. But that is not correct. Rottweiler owners are well known of how gentle and obedient they are. Properly trained and socialized Rottweiler dogs are very gentle. This is an incredible example of that.

Image : Tiktok/@natomacpierson

This is Nato. He is a very loving gentle Rottweiler. One day he visited to the park with his father, Dan McPherson, to have fun as usual. Many people come to this park with dogs. So that day something amazing happened to them in this park. While Nato and Dan were in the park, an older man arrived and sat on a bench nearby. He was alone. At first Dan didn’t care much for him. Because there are so many people in the park. But after the man sat down on the bench, Nato’s behavior changed a bit. Amazingly, Nato locked eyes with him. Dan could not imagine what is the special of this man. Dan looked at him and saw that his mood was not so good.

Image : Dan McPierson.

Nato wanted to approach to this unknown man. Dan realized that. So he gave the dog permission to do that. Nato fell in love with him as if it they had known for a long time. Dan could not imagine when such a bond developed between them. Dan recorded all of this. There the stranger told Dan he had a girl dog who was just like Nato in her ways. Then Dan remembered that this man would come to the park with the dog some day. But most unfortunately his dog has recently left life. From that day on his heart was broken and he could not live without the dog.

Image : Dan McPierson.

But he said he felt some relieve after petting Nato. Because Nato is like a man’s dog. He also fell in love with the man. So he was very proud to see his dog brightening the day of someone who needed it most. Nato can understands the feelings of the people very well. Eventually the two became good friends because of Nato.

Thirsty Stray Dog Finds a Discarded Bucket And Wandering for Find Some Water

Animals also feel every emotion as it is to humans. Especially none of us can bear the hunger and thirst. It is common to all animals in the world. But there are many instances where stray animals have to bear these. Today we are going to tell you a story about a stray dog like that.

Lima, the capital of Peru, was faced to a drought a few years ago. It was very difficult for animals as well as humans to find pure water to drink. Millions of residents had to leave their homes because of the lack of safe drinking water. So at that time a video of a stray dog living on the streets of Lima touched the hearts of the whole world. This poor dog wandered through the streets of Lima with a dirty bucket in his mouth desperately trying to find water. Because he wanted to quench his thirst somehow.

Image :

The water sources for stray animals are gone. And the only remaining water sources were dirt. The dog carried the dirty bucket by the mouth as if asking for some water from the nearby passengers. But someone kind had already poured him enough water to drink. But that water did not seem to be enough for him. Because he was looking for someone poured a decent amount of water for him to drink.

Image :

Also, according to the video, one woman tried to release buckets of water, but he refused. Because it’s all he had. This video quickly became popular on the internet. Because water is very important to all of us. And this poor dog proves that we can’t live without water. So we should conserving water for our future. Saving water saves not only the lives of humans and animals but the entire world. Finally, water is just as important to animals as it is to humans.

Litter-picking Labrador Helping to Her Owner to Clean Up the Beautiful Beach

Dogs’ instinct is an amazing thing. lTheir instinct is so advanced that many countries use dogs for things that humans cannot do. Because dogs can do a lot of things that humans can’t. Also, dogs sometimes understand many things that humans do not. We are going to tell you today the best example of that.

Image : SWNS/Youtube Screenshot

Molly is a 2-year-old Labrador Retriver dog. Molly moved with her loving mother, Fliss Cater, to Scarborough, north Yorkshire. Their new home was located near the beach. So Fliss took Molly for a daily walk along the beach. In the meantime, she began to gathering and disposing pieces of plastic waste lying across the beach. Because she loved the environment so much. But a few days later, something unexpected happened. A few days later, Molly also began to imitate her owner. She also started collecting plastic waste lying across the beach. Molly collected all the trash she could find. Actually he uses her play time to pick up bottles, plastic and rope that have been dumped on the beach.

Image : SWNS

Molly has been praised by many for this wonderful habit. Maybe she realized her owner was doing something good. And because this is a very good exercise for the dog, she allowed Molly to do it. In addition, the owner taught her how to dispose the waste in bins. But unfortunately, some peoples still keep littering the beach even after seeing Molly dispose and collect waste. Dog owner Fliss hopes to work with other dog owners and dogs to create a litter-picking dog-team. But people do not understand what Molly understands. So some people throw plastic and waste into the environment without thinking twice.

Image : SWNS/Youtube Screenshot