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Tiny Puppy Thrown Out of Moving Car. She was Survived Miraculously.

Man is considered to be the most intelligent creature in this world. Because human intelligence is more advanced than other animals, they have the ability to make correct decisions about anything. But some people don’t use their intelligence to make decisions. And some people’s intelligence level is different. Some people don’t even think about the consequences when they do something. And some people only think about themselves.

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Some people think that animals are an unwanted part in this world. Because of such people, innocent animals have to face unbelievable hardships every day. One day a small puppy was found lying in a southern Ohio alley. The puppy had various problems from head to toe and her head had hit something very hard. She was actually at the end of her life. She was not even sure if she would be able to survive. She was taken to the nearest veterinary center as soon as possible.

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No one knows what happened to her. But they suspect she was thrown out of a moving car. As a result, the condition of one of her eyes did not good at all. The vets started treating her and they also had no confidence about her life. They named her Peanut. But the vets did not give up. Vets and volunteers decided to give Peanut a second chance.

After initial treatment, she was brought to Columbus for further treatment. There she stayed with a foster family. As a few days passed she made great progress and became a beautiful dog. Everyone thought she would not survive. But miraculously she got a new life again. Thanks to the vets and volunteers for that

Three-year-old Rottweiler Was Missing for 22 hours After He Fell Into a Deep Drain.

Raising a pet is not an easy thing. Definitely, it is a very big responsibility. Dogs who lives in homes can have any problem at any time. They do not have the best understanding of the external environment. Therefore, if you are a pet owner, don’t forget to keep an eye on your dog at all times.

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Ralph is a three-year-old Rottweiler who living with a loving family. He was like a family member forhis family. One day Ralph was playing in the yard as usual around 7 p.m. But Ralph vanished after taking a wee outside. His family members were very upset. They looked for the dog everywhere. But they could not find any information about their beloved dog. It took about 22 hours. They couldn’t find any information about the dog.

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Eventually they were able to find the area where the dog was last seen. That was their neighbor’s garden. Finally they found mischievous Ralph was stuck at the bottom of their neighbours 6.5 feet deep drain. Ralph was very shocked by the sudden incident he faced. He couldn’t even bark for help. So this innocent Rottweiler patiently waited for his owners to find him at any moment.

The owners took Ralph to a vet and the dog was OK. Luckily, there was no problem. According to the vet, he had not tried to bark for help due to his condition. However, the family thought that someone must have taken him.

Tiny Puppy Chases Around Huge Rottweiler Across the House.

The Rottweiler breed is well known in the dog world as a very brave and strong breed. And everyone believes that there is nothing they can’t do. Many people believe that they can face any challenge very successfully because of their instincts and physical strength. Also, many people believe that they cannot be raise with other small animals in the house because of their high physical strength and their aggressiveness. But that opinion is not entirely correct.

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One day a video became popular on the Internet. Rottweilers generally do not bond easily with any animal. But when given good training and socialization, Rottweiler dogs will be friendly with any animal.

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And they deals very gently with every animal. According to this video, this huge giant rottweiler named Dozer is one such dog. One day, the family brought a French Bulldog puppy to this dog’s house. They had no idea how the dog would react after bringing the puppy.

But after introducing this little puppy to the giant rottweilers, the puppy started chasing the rottweilers. Rottweiler dogs are not second to anyone. But instead of being aggressive towards this little puppy when he chased the dog, he started running away from the little creature. He actually tried to escape from the puppy. Dozer a elder rottweilers. Therefore, he patiently watched the funny things of little puppy like an adult. And after a few days he started interacting with the puppy very friendly. The puppy also got used to this giant brother and they became very best friends.

Stolen Rottweiler Escaped and Reunited with Family After Several Months.

No dog lover can bear to lose a dog they loved so much. But unfortunately some people have to endure it. This is such a story.

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Robert, a Rottweiler who was two years old at the time, was stolen from his family’s Humpty Doo property in 2011. From the day the dog went missing, the family made every effort to find him. But in the end it was all just a desperate attempt. Finally given up hope of finding their beloved Robert, the family also gave up searching for him. The family then moved to Brisbane, never expecting to see their beloved canine friend again.

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But something happened that the family never dreamed of. The intelligent dog had somehow escaped his suspected captors. Accordingly, Lichfield Council received a call about a neglected Rottweiler dog roaming the country roads with a dark

Lichfield Council ranger Nicole Davenport said a resident called the council after noticing the neglected and underweight dog. They then took the dog and managed to find out the details of its owners through his microchip scan. Lichfield Council ranger Nicole Davenport said he was found broken down by the side of the road and he looked like he had been kept in some sort of concrete bunker. She said the dog was a purebred Rottweiler, so he may have been deliberately targeted for breeding.

But those people did not think about the welfare of the dog, so his condition was not very good. They had not fed him. However, Lichfield Vets treated him, all for free. The dog was eventually returned to its owners and Lichfield Council agreed to cover all costs of couriering Robert back home.

Rottweiler Saves Abandoned New Born Baby

Rottweilers are not particularly popular among dog lovers because they are often considered aggressive. And they are not a dog breed particularly known for being friendly. But sadly it’s not the fault of dog, they’ve been bred to be powerful and protective. However, not all rottweilers can be expected to be aggressive. This dog’s story will completely change this stereotype.

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In 2018, local Uruguayan media El Pais reported an incredible story. According to the report, a young girl with some mental disorder gave birth to a baby in Canelones, Uruguay. She was not in a good state of mind and did not tell anyone about the birth. And she did not keep the baby with her. She left the baby in a shed without telling anyone. A few hours old baby left alone in the shed, will never ends well. But because of one heroic Rottweiler, the baby’s fate changed completely.

This Rottweiler lived in the surrounding area. Luckily the dog could smell the little baby and follow it. Finally the dog spent the whole night by the baby’s side and the next day he tried to inform his owner about this. Perhaps he felt that the baby needed help. Realizing that the dog was trying to say something, the owner followed the dog. Finally he found the baby in the shed. The shed the baby was abandoned in was the workshop of the owner of the dog.

Moreover, it was later confirmed that the dog’s owner was the baby’s grandfather and the mother’s father-in-law. And none of them knew that his son’s wife was pregnant. However, the dog’s owner took the baby for treatment as soon as possible, so the life was saved. Doctors said that the dog’s warmth throughout the night helped the baby survive.

Hero Rottweiler Amazingly Save the House When Owner Went Out For Work.

Despite many people’s don’t believe, Rottweiler dogs are a very protective and loyal breed. When properly trained, they use their aggression and intelligence to protect their family and loved ones. Their love is so limitless.

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Scott is one such Rottweiler dog. One da Ivana, the dog’s owner, went out to work as usual, leaving her beloved Rottweiler Scott at home. That’s how it all started. As usual, the day passed normally until Ivana came home from work. But when she returned home, when she opened the door, what she saw made her forget to even breathe. She saw a very unbelievable scene. Her living room was smashed, glass everywhere and the kitchen window was broken.

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But that wasn’t what shocked her the most. In front of the broken window was a large pool of red. The walls and floor were also red. She immediately remembered her beloved Scott. is he ok? And with a trembling voice she called his name. Her large rottweiler was bathed in red. Apparently Scott was perfectly fine. He greeted her as if nothing had happened. That’s why Ivana became more confused. Because she felt very well that something big had happened.

She checked further and Scott’s mouth was completely red. At the same time, between his teeth she found a piece of cloth that did not belong to her. So, woman immediately understood what had happened. Scott is fine. That piece of cloth is also not hers. The kitchen window was broken. So she immediately called the security services. Officers checked the scene and confirmed that a man had tried to enter the house by breaking the kitchen window. Luckily Scott was inside the house so he didn’t get a chance to take anything. And thanks to Scott, the marks he left on the man allowed the officers to find him. Ivana was not only proud of her dog’s heroic deed but also thanked him.

Woman Found Dumped Freezing Pup. Everyone Thought She Can’t Survive.

Kind people are definitely needed for beautify this world. Because only kind people help even an innocent animal. There are thousands of animals whose lives have been saved because of such people. This is another such heartwarming story.

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One day a woman was on her way to work on a very cold day. She was on her way to work when she saw a small puppy lying on the ground. She realized that she needed help. So she leaned down to touch her. But the tiny puppy was ice cold. She was in cold water. Her heart was broken. She thought the dog had already left life. So she spoke loudly for the puppy and there the dog suddenly moved. But the dog was very weak, so she took the little dog to the nearest veterinary center.

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The vet who examined the dog said that her core temperature was very low. Her organs were begings to shut down and her mental state was not good. The woman named her, Varya. Further tests revealed that Varya’s brain was not good and her pelvis was broken. Therefore, she was transferred to a treatment center with modern equipment for further treatment. After many treatments she finally woke up.

She was continuously given many complex treatments and received a lot of love, affection and attention from the staff there. After a few weeks her condition improved and she regained her lost strength. And so she was finally free to go home with the woman who found her. There she got a safe and warm home. The woman gave her all the nutritious food she needed. In the end Varya turned into a beautiful and strong healthy dog. Moreover, she got a loving owner, a comfortable home and a new life.

Rottweiler Left Life as a Hero By Taking Bullt at His Owner.

Dogs are considered wonderful natural partners who offer both friendship and loyalty to their owners. Especially they have come forward to risk even their lives for their owners and family since the past. They usually embrace anything that is meant to harm their loved ones without thinking twice. Breeds like the Rottweiler are at the forefront there.

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This Rottweiler dog from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh is a perfect example of that. This dog took a bullet that came to his owner and said goodbye to his life forever. He actually miraculously saved the owner’s life.

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According to a report by TOI, Vishal Srivastava is the owner of the dog. One day he was doing some construction for a cowshed outside his house. But unexpectedly, his neighbor Anil objected the construction work. The reason was that it would hindrance for the children coming to his school nearby. The initial verbal spat turned ugly. As a result, this incident happened.

But Max, Vishal’s rottweiler dog, immediately jumped in front of his owner. Maybe he realized that something bad was going to happen to his owner. Dog took the bullt and fell down. Vishal then took the dog to the vet as soon as possible, but the vets said he had already left life. It really is like a movie. But this is a perfect example to say that dogs who love their owners more than their own lives exist not only in movies but also in real life.

Rottweiler Mom Gives Birth To 18 Puppies.

There is no other dog breed in the world that can compare the excellence of the Rottweiler breed. They are so strong and intelligent. And they are known as a giant breed in the dog world. They are like bears. So, for these reasons, female rotties have the ability to produce more puppies than other breeds. Normali they give birth to 6-10 babies at a time. But we are going to tell you about a rottweiler mom who gave birth to more than a dozen pups at one time.

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Mark, 32, had a Rottweiler girl. He was a corporal in the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment at Wheaton Barracks in Lancashire. Mark and his wife, as well as the whole family, loved this Rottweiler girl so much. She was like a member of their family. One day they found something very happy. That means that their rottweiler girl, Roxy, is pregnant. From that day on, all the family members protected her as best they could. And she was given all the nutrition she needed. So everyone in the family waited impatiently for her to give birth.

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Her belly grew bigger day by day and it started growing like a watermelon. They had no experience with puppies. So they took Roxy in for a scan where the vets said she had about six puppies. So the whole family waited until she gave birth to about six cubs. Because scans are usually always accurate. One morning she started giving birth.

At around 5.45am, Mark and his wife heard an unusual noise from downstairs. There they discovered that she had started giving birth. She started giving birth to one by one. After about six pups were born, they thought it was over. But to their surprise she gave birth to 13 pups by 12 noon. They couldn’t believe it. Within a few hours, she gave birth to five more pups. Accordingly, she gave birth to a total of 18 litters, which was a complete surprise to the family.

Because they never expected anything like this. And they could not bear that happiness. The family was even more delighted to learn that this was the largest litters of Rottweilers in the UK. However, the family finally decided to sell the pups after they grew well.

Rottweiler Girl Saves Her Little Human Brother’s Life in Middle Of the Night.

Rottweilers are not a dog breed as many people think. When given good training and socialization, they become very loyal dogs to their families.

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Especially they have a great innate ability to understand anything very quickly. This two-year-old rottweiler named Daisy is not like other dogs. Her little human brother has become his favorite thing. Nothing makes her happier than curling up next to him and cuddling him at night. Rottweiler gitl id like the little boy’s shadow.

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From the day this wonderful Rottweiler girl came home as a puppy, she used to treat everyone in the family with love. She filled the whole house with love. And she instantly fell in love with the little boy. It was such a strong bond that she never left his side for a moment. Daisy used to wait for her brother’s bedtime routine to begin each night as the clock struck 8:30.

Eventually Daisy also jumps into bed and puts her arm around him and slowly drifts off to sleep. This is a wonderful daily routine that she does every night. Daisy’s human sibling had type 1 diabetes. One night, something unexpected happened.

One day around 2am, Daisy sat awake by the bedside of Troilo, the boy’s mother. She was shocked to see it. Because Daisy never leaves her brother at night. But the mother knew that Daisy had a wonderful habit. In the middle of the night, if her son’s sugar level is low or high, she will come and wake her up. Accordingly, the mother realized that something had happened that day as well and went to her son’s room as soon as possible.

The little boy’s sugar level was low and thanks to Daisy, his life was saved. Daisy is well aware not only of her brother’s silent emergencies, but also of the medical equipment on his body, such as the Dexcom glucose tracker he uses at night. Moreover, this Rottweiler girl knows very well how to monitor glucose levels.