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This Rottweiler Completely Broke Neighbor’s Brand New Pool.

There is not good opinions about Rottweiler dogs in the society. Because many people think that they are a very aggressive and disobedient breed that cannot be adopt at home. They are an aggressive breed by nature. But they also have a very gentle, loving and funny side. Dogs that have been given good training and socialization never become aggressive for no reason. And they also deal very well with the neighbors.

Today we are going to tell you a funny story about a rottweiler who caused an unforgettable loss to his neighbor. Chevy is a very mischievous rottweiler. From the day he was brought into his new house as a puppy, he has been very fond of baths. So whenever he needed to take a bath, he used to do something wonderful. That is, he used to jump into the bathtub when he wanted to bathe. So a few months after later, Chevy received an incredible invitation from the neighbor.

Chevy’s neighbor had bought a new bathtub for his dog. So Chevy and his ownerwere invited to come and have fun there. So Chevy and the owner accepted the invitation and went to the neighbor’s house. But there something happened they did not expect at all. As soon as Chevy entered the neighbor’s house and saw the pool, the whole world was forgotten. He ran very fast and jumped into the pool. The owner could not control him at all. The rottweilers started playing in the pool like crazy.

It was all over in a few minutes. Chevy was a very large and heavy rottweiler, so the pool couldn’t handle him. Eventually the pool broke completely. The neighbor’s yard completely turned into a river. It really is a wonderful pool. It was one with a vinyl bottom and metal sides. It was actually a great pool, but Chevy completely ripped it off. The bottom of the pool was instantly torn and its sides collapsed. But the neighbor said nothing to them. He kept smiling.

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But Chevy’s owner bought two hard plastic shell pools for the neighboring dog and Chevy the next day. But it didn’t end there. Because Chevy was always tearing up the pools, the owner had to buy pools for him every summer.

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Family Rottweiler Left Life When Trying To Save Family Kids’ Life From Big Cobra

Dog is the most loyal and loving animal in the animal world. There is no other animal in the animal world that can match the trustworthiness and love of the dog. Because those are come naturally to dogs. As a result, the dog has become man’s best friend for tens of thousands of years. Therefore, he does not think twice for the owner’s life at any moment. Sometimes they don’t even think about their own life.

This Rottweiler named Laden is one such loyal dog. Living in Mundamuhana village of Khordha, Odisha, India, he was a very loving and loyal dog to his family. Because he loved his family very much. And his family loved him very much. One day, the two small kids of this family, Som and Prachi, were playing in the yard. Meanwhile, a large cobra suddenly came towards them. But no one saw it.

This cobra was a huge one, about five feet tall. But no one noticed that. Seeing the cobra, little Prachi grabbed her little brother and tried to escape from the cobra. In the meantime, the family dog, Laden, saw this incident. Realizing what was going to happen to the two little ones, he ran towards the cobra and started biting it. As a result, the cobra left life on the spot and the lives of the two kids were saved.

Seeing the incident, the family was excited and couldn’t believe it. They rushed the dog to the nearest veterinary center to check his condition as soon as possible. But unexpectedly, he left life very soon. Veterinarians said that this happened because cobra bit the dog. In the end, the dog saved the lives of the two little ones of the family and closed his eyes forever. The family said they will never forget what he did for them.

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Rottweiler Girl Can’t Control Her Joy When Sees Grandparents Come to Visit.

We all have a favorite person in our family. Especially small kids definitely have a favorite member in their family. Because everyone likes those who love them most. Especially little ones love their grandmothers and grandfathers very much. Because every grandparents loves little kids very much. So not only small kids but also family pets have their favorite family members. This Rottweiler has suvh a family member.

Kiara, the Rottweiler girl lived in Nottinghamshire, UK. She is an obedient dog who lived with her family very lovingly. She loved all her family members immensely. But like all of us, she had a favorite person in her family. It was her grandmother and grandfather. We cannot control our happiness whenever we see our favorite person. Because we always look forward to their visit. Kiara also can’t control her happiness when she sees her grandma and grandpa.

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One day, her video released on the internet by her family. It proved that very well. The video showed the amazing behavior of the Rottweiler girl when her grandparents visit home. According to the video, the dog was sitting on the sofa near the window. Meanwhile, a car stopped down the rosd near their house. The dog was very interested to see who came from that car. The dog couldn’t control her joy when she saw grandma and grandpa getting out of the car. Her heart was filled with joy.

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She was so excited to see them that she started wagging her tail very fast. She needed to get to them through the window somehow. So before entering the house, they did not forget to go to the window and say hi to the Rottweiler girl.

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Owner Dumped His Rottweiler at Freezing Night Because Of Health Problems.

A family is a great strength for all of us. Our family is with us when we need help. But we cannot bear it if they leave or ignore us when we need our family. So it is not only for us but also for animals. Especially domestic pets definitely need the help of their family. But this owner is not such a kind owner.

This innocent Rottweiler had such an owner. Because on a freezing night, he left this dog on the steps of a shelter. It was a freezing day and no one can being outside. But the gate of the shelter was not opened for several hours. So the dog had to stay outside for many hours. He had to bear extreme cold and hunger all over the freezing night. He was shivering in the cold outside the shelter.

No one came to help him. A few hours later, an employee of the shelter opened the door and was excited to see this dog. in the lodge was heartbroken after seeing him. Because it is such a sensitive. Because when they found him, he was not only shivering in the extreme cold and too much veak. He was also dehydrated due to lack of water. It seemed that he had not been properly nourished for a long time.

They then referred him for treatment where he underwent several scans. There it was possible to identify that he was full of bumps inside him. He was very thin. He also had a large lump on his front leg that extended from the shoulder to the knee. The vets who examined him said that it was very difficult to save his life. Because he had bone problems and many other complex health problems.

So in the end the vets decided to do the best thing for him. That is to put him down. Accordingly, the vets put him down. Finally, they found that a man had abandoned the dog near the shelter at around 3.46 am. Maybe the man left him because of his health problems.

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Little Puppy Attempts to Befriend Big Rottweiler At Dog Park. But Rottweiler Gently Ignores Him.

Someones do not have a good opinion about rottweiler dogs. Because many people think that Rottweilers are a very aggressive and disobedient breed. But that is not the truth. Although most people don’t know, Rottweilers also have a very funny and gentle side. Many people think that Rottweilers cannot be adopt as pet with other animals. But stories like this completely change that opinion.

Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature. But when given very good training and socialization, they deal friendly not only with family but also with outside animals and people. Rottweiler owners know that very well. This is another good example of that.

One day a wonderful thing happened in a dog park. This little golden retriever puppy tried hard to befriend with a giant rottweiler at the park. After a video became popular on the Internet, everyone fell love with this adorable dogs. He is the “Alpha” of the dog park. And one of the biggest dogs in the park. But this puppy is a 5-month-old golden retriever.

Some people like to be friends with very famous people. So this Rottweiler is one of the biggest and most popular dogs at the dog park, so this puppy might be trying to make friends with him. So the little puppy tried hard to befriend him. He rolling around on the ground next to him and tried hard to get his attention. But Rottweiler did not pay any attention. Therefore, it seemed like puppy’s hope is not to be fulfilled.

The puppy wanted to play with him somehow. But he had no desire to befriend or play with the puppy. He also completely ignored the puppy. He seemed to want to be alone. But the Rottweiler ignored the puppy very gently. Like an adult ignoring the mischievous of a little baby. The puppy’s owner said he tries to make friends with the rottweiler every time he visits the park. But Rottweiler was never aggressive towards the puppy.

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Rottweiler Spent 3 Days Stuck on Roof of Her House Without Foods or Water. But Owner Didn’t Care About Her.

No matter how strong and brave dogs are, there are times they need someone’s help. Dog lovers know how strong, big and brave a breed Rottweiler is. But no matter how strong and brave they are, there are days when they also need someone’s help. This is such a story.

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D’Andre Berger of Youngstown, Ohio was a Rottweiler owner who had a very large and obedient dog. One day, a gang of unknown men broke into his house. After the incident, he went to his friend’s house for a few days. But surprisingly, he didn’t pay any attention to his dog. He thought only of himself. He didn’t care about what happened to the Rottweiler after this incident. True pet lovers never do that.

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He thought that the gang must have taken the dog. Otherwise, Berger thought, she must have run somewhere. Because after this incident the dog was nowhere to be seen. He really didn’t care about his pet. But he did not know that the dog was still in the house. Three days after the incident, Berger’s neighbors saw something unbelievable on the roof of his house. That is, his dog was waiting on the roof. None of the neighbors wanted to approach the dog.

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But realizing she needed help, they quickly alerted animal control officials. Then officers arrived at the home and one brave officer climbed onto the roof and successfully got the dog down. She stayed on the roof for three days without food or water. So she was already very weak and dehydrated. Animal control officials guessed that she had lost at least 30 pounds. Then they tried to figure out how the dog got on the roof.

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There they found that the dog had run to the roof through a hole to save its life. But unexpectedly the dog got stuck on the roof. There was no way she could get back down. So she had to stay on the roof for three days without food or water. After the rescue, the dog was given food on the spot and she ate it all very quickly. Finally officers decided to put her up for adoption because owner no longer wanted her.

Rottweiler Unbelievably Helps To Woman Who Lost Both Legs.

The dog world is very amazing. Because there is no animal as amazing as the dog in the animal world. Loyalty, obedient, and affection are common traits of all dogs. But the characteristics and behavior patterns of dogs vary from breed to breed. Although breeds like Rottweilers are aggressive breeds by nature, they are incredibly loyal and obedient when given proper training and socialization.

Kuno is such a great dog. A three-year-old Rottweiler, he was a very large and strong dog and weighed around 130 pounds. Also, he is a very well trained dog and knows very well how to deal with people. Kuno has an advanced intelligence that allows him to quickly understand anything. He is a very obedient and gentle dog. All of this allowed Kuno to become a qualified service dog in Alberta, where he gained a lot of experience.

One day he got a chance to help Marla, a woman who lost both legs. She couldn’t to carry out daily activities on her own. So she decided to get a service dog. Because she lived alone and life was very difficult for her. Accordingly, she adopted Kuno and Kuno became a great strength for her life. He quickly adapted to her lifestyle. He learned very quickly what she need from him.

He quickly learned how to deal with her by adapting to her daily life. Moreover, he was a very big and strong dog, so sometimes she could use Kuno as a grab bar when she got out of the chair. So, as few weeks passed, they became very good friends and developed a very good understanding between them.

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But Marla never thought that a dog would be able to bring so much strength to her life. Because these Rottweiler protected her as much as possible not only inside the house but even outside.

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Loyal Rottweiler Refuses to Leave Owner After He Left Life On a Railway Track.

There is nothing in the world that can compare to the loyalty of dogs. We cannot even imagine the loyalty of some dogs. Some dogs stay with their owners until the end of their lives. They never leave their owner’s side. So today we are going to tell you a very emotional and incredible story about such a dog.

Victor Raina Vasquez, 57, is a dog owner. He had a rottweiler dog. Although it is not clear what kind of man Victor is, it is clear that there was an inseparable bond between him and his dog. One day he was wandering with his dog near a railway track in Montmorelos, Mexico. But that evening, the locals saw something they did not expect at all. That is how a person falls on the railway track.

After informing the officials about this, they investigated the incident and they found it was Victor. He fell on the railway track. His Rottweiler-mix was also sleeping next to him. During the investigations, they found that Victor Raina and his dog were hanging out near the railway track in the previous day and he was drinking too much. The station in Montmorelos, in the province of Neo Leon in northeastern Mexico, was hot with the incident.bBecause Victor had already passed away.

Officials tried to get him off the rail, but it wasn’t easy. Because his dog didn’t give permission to anyone. At least he didn’t let anyone get close to Victor. He tried to bite everyone who tried to get close to them. But after many attempts, the officers managed to remove the dog from the spot.

But after this incident, it is not clear whether the dog was handed over to a shelter or if adopted by someone. However, as the photos went viral on social media, everyone praised the dog’s honesty and love.

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Thirsty And Ignored Rottweiler Drinking Water From Dirty Gutter on Roof.

Raising a pet is not as easy as think. If you are a mother or father, you know how big a responsibility it is to take care of a small kid. So raisinh and caring for a pet is such a responsibility. But some pet owners don’t think much of that responsibility. Many people completely ignoring their pets.

Also, some owners do not provide at least food and water to their pets. This is a story about several dogs, including a Rottweiler dog, who faced such a fate. Pet owner Jennifer Lynn Scott, 36, lived on Avenue in Monroe. She raised several other dogs, including a rottweiler. But her neighbors do not know clear details about her. Because she did not have close relations with the neighbors.

But one day the neighbors saw something unbelievable on Jennifer’s property. Jennifer’s Rottweiler and another dog were drinking dirty water from a gutter on the roof of the house. It was a very hot day, about 92 degrees. So it is not easy to live without water on such a day. These two dogs kept barking whir drinking water from the roof gutter. Neighbors realized that something was wrong.

Therefore, they informed the authorities about this as soon as possible and a few hours later several officers arrived at the spot. They entered Jennifer’s house. There the officials saw something unbelievable. The house was completely dirty and there was garbage everywhere. And in that dirty house there was not only a rottweiler but several other dogs and a cat. None of them had food or water in the house. And at least they were not given the basic treatments they needed.

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Officers knew from neighbors that Jennifer’s dogs had been tied up for hours without food or water. Neighbors also said that on most days they would bark all night. However, it is unclear what had happened in the end to the dogs and Jennifer. But humane officers were removed five dogs from that house.

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Rottweiler Girl Pretends to Play and Tries to Eat Sister’s Meal From Her Bowl.

Rottweilers are known as a very aggressive and stubborn dog breed. Many people do not want to adopt them because of the different opinions people have about them. But Rottweilers are not as aggressive and disobedient breed as people think. Like all dogs they have a very funny and fun side.

Some of their fun activities make us forget even our problems. And sometimes they behave like little kids. As dog lovers know very well, Rottweilers are one of the most intelligent breeds in the dog world. They have a great intelligence that makes them understand the anything very quickly. And their instincts are highly developed. Therefore, when they are well trained, they can follow commands very well.

So today we are going to tell you a story about a funny act of such a smart and funny rottweiler. This rottweiler named Lola lived in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a very funny and gentle dog. She always had a wonderful habit when she eating. That is, she is used to eating from the bowl of her sister, Milly, on the other side. But she never got permission from parents. Because that bowl belongs to Millie.

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So Lola knew that very well. But she didn’t give up. She wanted to eat from Millie’s bowl anyway. So she decided to use different tactics for that. One day, while Lola was eating from her bowl, she pretended to be playing and slowly tried to reach Millie’s bowl. The owner couldn’t stop laughing when he saw this. The owner did not forget to record it. Maybe Lola thought that the owner did not understand what she was going to do. It is really a very funny behavior. Even small kids sometimes behave like this way. Lola wanted to eat from her sister’s bowl somehow.