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A Dog Carries Abandoned Bundle with a Few Days old Baby. Finally He Saved Baby’s Life.

The dog is an amazing animal. There is no other animal in the animal kingdom that can be compare to a dog. Dogs’ instincts are so high that they know exactly what to do when something goes wrong. So sometimes we can’t even believe some of the things they do. This is a story about such a heroic dog.

This heroic dog lived in Bangkok. Because of his heroic deed, he quickly became a popular dog all over the world. It was a normal day for him. This dog named Pugh was keeping company with his owner to his place of work. Meanwhile, when he was passing by a trash can, he heard a strange noise. Pugh quickly turned his attention to that sound. He stopped.

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It’s like the sound of a kitten. He realized that the sound was coming from a small abandoned bundle. Then he grabbed it with his teeth and began to sniff it. Realizing that something was wrong, the dog quickly dragged it home. People were amazed to see a dog carrying a small bundle. But no one checked what it was.

Pugh took it to the threshold of his house and started barking loudly. The owner could not imagine what was happening. So a few minutes later the owner ran to the dog and checked the bag. Then she was completely amazed at what she saw. A few days old little baby was in the bag. The little baby was still alive and breathing for air. She wrapped the baby in a blanket as soon as possible and took him for treatment.

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Then the baby’s condition gradually improved. Many said it’s hard to imagine the future fate of this baby if not the dog. After the dog’s heroic story became popular throughout the area, the mayor of the city granted an exclusive lifeguard to Pugh. In addition, the owner of the dog received a monetary award with amount of 250 euros for deserving rearing.

Hero Rottweiler Saves Owner and More Than 20 Pets.

The Rottweiler is an smart breed with have higher instinct than other dogs. They can understand anything very quickly. And when something goes wrong, they feel it before everyone else. That is because their instincts are high. So their ability of saving the lives of others is very high. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a dog.

Roxy is a very intelligent big talented Rottweiler. He lived with his owner, Johnny Hawkes, in an apartment in Burry Port. Johnny is not the only Rottweiler owner. He has raised over 20 exotic pets in his home. He has been raising these animals for about 15-16 years. But he never thought Roxy would save those animals lives and his life.

One evening Johnny went for a nap while preparing dinner. But he did not know that smoke was coming out of the kitchen while he was sleeping. But in a few more minutes the whole house was about to turn to ashes. But fortunately Roxy felt that something was going to wrong.

Image : Byron Williams

He began to bark loudly as loudly as he could. But Johnny did not wake up. He was in a very deep sleep. So Roxy kept barking until a neighbor knocked on the door to stop this wrong. Luckily a neighbour heard the Roxy’s unusual barking sound. They came to Johnny’s house as soon as possible to find out what was going on.

There they saw smoke coming out of the apartment. Then they quickly knocked on the door and woke Johnny. By then it had been about thirty minutes since it had started. Thanks to Roxy, all the animals were safe. The rescue service were here within a few minutes of the call. The animals were all well, but Johnny took Roxy to the vet to confirm Roxy’s health.

Baby Panther Abandoned By Its Mother Grows Up With A Rottweiler.

Rottweiler dogs are an aggressive breed by nature. They do not easily befriends with anyone. Because they do not trust anyone quickly. Especially since he does not make friends with outside animals easily. But with proper training and socialization, they make friends with anyone very quickly. This is the best example of that.

Luna was a very cute sweet panther cub. She was born in a zoo in Siberia. But unfortunately for some unknown reason Luna’s mother completely rejected her. But no one could figure out why. She did not even give milk for Luna. At least she refused to give the care she needed. As a result, many veterinarians say her chances for surviving were slim.

Image : Luna_the_pantera/instagram

But thankfully, a kind woman who heard Luna’s story came to rescue her. She is a woman with a good understanding and experience of raising large cats. The woman believed that she can save the Luna’s life by taking care of her and feeding her a diet filled with vitamins that she desperately needed. So she adopted the baby Panther. Soon Luna became a member of their family.

A few days later she was introduced to her Rottweiler, Wenza. Then something amazing happened. A very strong and beautiful friendship developed between them. No one believed that such a beautiful bond would develop between them. They used to be together all the time. And they played together. They ate together. Slept together and they spent the whole day together. They explored the surroundings. They became best friends.

Image : Luna_the_pantera/instagram

Not only that, but she gave Luna the exercise she needed. She also given thr special vitamins and foods for Luna. In the end her attempt was successful. Luna became a very healthy and strong panther.

Rescued Shelter Dog Always Comes Running When He Hears His Best Friend’s Voice.

The dog is the most gentle animal in the world. The heart of dogs is always full with love. Sometimes some dogs do not have the ability to see with their eyes. Because they don’t have eye sight. But their hearts are full of love. So they see the whole world through that love. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a wonderful dog.

Image : Ahmed Embaby

Arafa is a very sweet shelter dog. At first, he lived as a stray dog on the streets. Street life was very difficult for him because he could not see anything. But one day, thankfully, Ahmed Embaby, a volunteer at Furever Rescue Foster a shelter for needy dogs in Cairo, Egypt, found Arafa. Embaby realized the difficult life of the poor dog and decided to take him to his shelter.

Then he was given the necessary veterinary treatment and named he as, Arafa. Arafa was one of the hundreds of dogs they rescued, but he was more special than the other dogs. Embaby paid special attention for him. Because he can’t see anything. As a result, Afafa quickly formed a close bond with Embaby. Although Arafa could not see, he never left Embaby’s side. He followed his human friend the whole day.

Image : Ahmed Embaby

When Embaby arrives at the shelter in the morning, he calls Arafa’s name. There he quickly runs to greet him. It’s an amazing bond. In Arafa’s whole world is a dark one. But the voice of his human friend was his guiding light. Embaby was his best friend. The friendship, loyalty and joy that Arafa always shows for him is truly amazing. It surprises even Embaby. It’s a great example of a dog’s unconditional pure love.

Image : Ahmed Embaby

Embaby tried on several occasions to restore his vision but it couldn’t. But thanks to Embaby and the other shelter workers’ dedication his physical and mental health grew incredibly healthy.

Puppy Brings Home His Little Cow Friend After Playing Outside for Hours.

The dog is one of the most beautiful-hearted animals in the world. Dogs have many beautiful traits that humans do not have. There are actually many lessons that humans can learn from dogs. Being polite in particular is a very good thing not only for animals but also for humans.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Answered & Explained

Some dogs politely ask their owners what they want. This is a story about such a polite and cute dog. One day a Labrador dog was playing outside for several hours and owner filmed him returning home. There really was a special reason for filming it. Because the dog did not come home alone. He came home with an unexpected friend. That’s a black calf. Certainly that puppy could be a playmate. The puppy looked at his mother as if asking permission to take the calf into the house. But the owner could not agree to the dog’s request. She rejected the puppy’s proposal.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Answered & Explained

The puppy was heartbroken when his mother did not accept his new partner. But many who watched the video said it was difficult to raise a cow at home. But the puppy thought the mother would welcome the new friend into the house. But that did not really happen. According to the video, the owner of the dog says: “noo, nooo.” “There are no visitors. It will not be happening today …” The calf began to behave very shyly, as if realizing that she would not be allowed to enter the house. It is not known, however, whether she allowed the calf to enter the house at the end of the video. But this is a really beautiful event.

Owner Who Can’t Walk Saves His 110llb Rottweiler From Pool by Using an Amazing Way.

Many pet owners do even the most difficult things to save the lives of their pets. At times, they even try to save their pet’s life without even thinking about it. Especially, the Rottweiler is a very large and strong breed, but there are times when they also need someone to help them. Today we are going to tell you a story like that.

Image : darren_thomas/Instagram

Darren Thomas, 40, is a former security boss. He lived in Cape Town, South Africa. But one day, unfortunately, he had to face spinal problem while he was on duty. So he lost his ability to walk forever. At least he could not do anything without a support. As a result, he had to leave his job. Mr. Darren had a large Rottweiler dog named “Cassius”. He was a giant dog that weighed about 110llb and he just like a family member.

Image : darren_thomas/Instagram

Especially, this dog loved Mr. Darren’s daughter so much. So Cassius used to sits by daughter’s feet every morning while thomas’ wife brushes her hair. It was his daily routine. But one morning the dog was not there. Everyone was very surprised. Everyone thought he must have gone somewhere. But, a few minutes later, while Darren was in the bathroom, heard Cassius’ voice.

Image : darren_thomas/Instagram

But that voice was very unusual.
He went to see what was going on. Then he saw Cassius was fell into the pool. He was trying hard to get out of the pool. He was also shivering from the cold. He could not save the dog alone at all. So he called to his wife, but she did not hear him. Because she was at least 20 minutes away. But he can’t even stand alone. Still, Darren wanted to save the dog.

So he used a wonderful way. At first, he grabbed the dog by both front paws and tried to pull it out. But it was not successful. Because he can’t stand up from the chair. He then grabbed the dog’s front legs and carried him around almost half the swimming pool. Eventually the dog was able to climb the stairs. After all Darren checked the camera. It revealed that the dog had fallen into the pool about 25 minutes earlier Darren arrived

Dog’s Back Legs Stoped Working. Owner Started Pool Therapy and It Made Miraculously Result.

Most pet owners do everything they can for the wellness of their pets. Because they just want to see their pets being happy. So they do even the hardest things for their pets. In fact, having such an owner is a blessing for pets.

Image : CRONK/Youtube Screenshot

As you know, the Husky is always a energetic dog breed. They love to run and play. So their feet must be very strong. But it is truly unfortunate when a Husky loses function in his legs. But that is exactly what happened to this dog. Kane was a very energetic dog since the puppy.

Image : CRONK/Youtube Screenshot

But when he getting older, as with any living creature, he also comes to weaken. He started having a lot of problems in his joints. The result of all this one day his back legs just stopped working completely. Kane could not at least stand up. The veterinarian gave him some medication and it was only a temporary solution. Because he was too old to have complex treatment.

Image : CRONK/Youtube Screenshot

But the owner wanted to recover his dog somehow. So he had to choose an alternative way. Accordingly, he introduced water therapy to Kane. So, every day he took the dog to swim in his house pool. This is a very successful method used for people who can not walk around the world. Due to the weightlessness of the water, Kane was able to move his feet without difficulty.

Image : CRONK/Youtube Screenshot

Surprisingly a few days later Kane showed signs of improvement. Kane’s owner did not give up. He continued to do water therapy for dog. Soon the dog’s pegs began to move again. Miraculously Kane started walking again. Thanks to the owner’s effort, he became a perfectly healthy dog.

Image : CRONK/Youtube Screenshot

Rottweiler Left Life After Being Left in a Hot Car

Raising a pet is as much a responsibility as raising a baby. But some pet owners do not take that responsibility seriously. When raising a pet you should always pay attention about their safety. Because even the small mistake can lost their life. Therefore, you should always pay attention for them. Because they are like little kids. They always need your protection. The story of this Rottweiler is the best example of that.

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None of us can stay in a closed hot for several hours. At least on a day with very hot weather, you can’t even stay outdoors for hours. But one day a heartbreaking incident happened in Padstow, a southwestern suburb of Sydney. It was a very hot day and a Rottweiler dog was sitting in a Toyota Sedan car, parked on Gibson Avenue with the engine running. Temperatures topped 30C in Padstow on that day. On such a hot day the temperature inside a car can be as hot as 70 degrees. No one can bear it. But this dog had to endure that temperature.

image 02

Fortunately, passengers passing by the car saw the incident. Realizing that something was going to wrong, they informed the local authorities as soon as possible. Bankstown traffic and highway patrol officers then arrived at the Gibson Avenue runway as quickly as possible. Few Minutes after the officers arrived, the owner returned to the car. The dog got out of the car as soon as possible. But his condition was not good. So the dog was taken to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible. But it was too late. By then, the poor dog was lost his life. There is one thing that everyone should keep in mind. That is, even if the air conditioners are working, keeping kids, adults or pets in a hot car for hours is not a good idea at all.

Rottweiler Puppy Pretends to Play to Eat Sister’s Meal.

A lot of people think that Rottweiler is an aggressive, disobedience breed. That is why many people avoid adopting Rottweiler dogs. But there is a misconception among people about them. They are not as aggressive and disobedience as humans think. When properly trained and socialized, they become a very obedient and loyal breed. Some Rottweilers work very well even with small kids.

Image : Facebook/NTD Television

Providing a good socialization for Rottweilers is most essential. Because they are an aggressive breed by nature. But with proper training, they can learn about family members, relatives, other family pets, and neighbors. They also have a very good understanding of people’s daily routines as their instincts are very advanced. Moreover, they learn very well about the things they are allowed to do and the things they are not allowed to do. So there are a lot of amazing stories that prove it. Today we are going to tell you one such story. This is a story about a ridiculous act of a Rottweiler dog.

Image : Facebook/NTD Television

There was a wonderful Rottweiler in a house in Auckland, New Zealand. Lola used to turn to her sister’s food bawl after finishing her meal. But Lola also knew that she was not allowed to do that. So Lola used various tactics to get her sister’s meal. One day their owner decided to recoed all this funny things. According to the video, Lola pretended to be playing and tried to eat her sister’s food from the bowl on the other side. Gradually, Lola approached her sister’s bowl, pretending to be playing. It’s really fun. She knows she’s not allowed to eat her sister’s meal. So it’s really fun when her use funny tactics for eat sister’s meal. So Rottweiler is a wonderful breed. There is no doubt about it.

Image : Facebook/NTD Television

Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave House After It Collapsed With Family Members.

There is nothing in this world that can compare to the dog’s love. For many pet owners, their pet is just one part of life. But not so for dogs. For them, their owner and owner’s family is their whole life. That is why dogs do not leave their family in any trouble. They stay with their family until the last moment. This is the best example of that.

Image : CEN

This heartbreaking incident was reported in 2018. Nino is a dog who loved his family very much. His whole life was his family. They lived in the Pituacu neighbourhood of Salvador in Bahia state, Brazil. But unfortunately one day he lost his whole world. One day, Nino’s house completely broke down due to heavy rain. As a result, nothing was left of the house. At least no one survived in Nino’s family. All four of his family loved ones had to left their lives. Thankfully, only Nino’s life was survived. After a while, rescue teams started searching for the homeowners, and neighbors saw the family dog crawling through the debris.

Everyone was amazed at how the dog was survived. The dog ran towards his home, but rescue workers tried to catch him but could not. He stayed hidden in the collapsed house. Perhaps he felt that his owners were in the house. They used a net to catch the dog but it was not successful. He never seemed ready to leave his family and home. A family relative said Nino had lived there with his family for about eight years. There was a very strong bond between the family and the dog and the little kids of the family loved the dog very much. He was not only a domestic dog but he was also like a member of their family. But, it is not clear what happened to the dog in the end.