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This Rottweiler Completely Broke Neighbor’s Brand New Pool.

There is not good opinions about Rottweiler dogs in the society. Because many people think that they are a very aggressive and disobedient breed that cannot be adopt at home. They are an aggressive breed by nature. But they also have a very gentle, loving and funny side. Dogs that have been given good training and socialization never become aggressive for no reason. And they also deal very well with the neighbors.

Today we are going to tell you a funny story about a rottweiler who caused an unforgettable loss to his neighbor. Chevy is a very mischievous rottweiler. From the day he was brought into his new house as a puppy, he has been very fond of baths. So whenever he needed to take a bath, he used to do something wonderful. That is, he used to jump into the bathtub when he wanted to bathe. So a few months after later, Chevy received an incredible invitation from the neighbor.

Chevy’s neighbor had bought a new bathtub for his dog. So Chevy and his ownerwere invited to come and have fun there. So Chevy and the owner accepted the invitation and went to the neighbor’s house. But there something happened they did not expect at all. As soon as Chevy entered the neighbor’s house and saw the pool, the whole world was forgotten. He ran very fast and jumped into the pool. The owner could not control him at all. The rottweilers started playing in the pool like crazy.

It was all over in a few minutes. Chevy was a very large and heavy rottweiler, so the pool couldn’t handle him. Eventually the pool broke completely. The neighbor’s yard completely turned into a river. It really is a wonderful pool. It was one with a vinyl bottom and metal sides. It was actually a great pool, but Chevy completely ripped it off. The bottom of the pool was instantly torn and its sides collapsed. But the neighbor said nothing to them. He kept smiling.

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But Chevy’s owner bought two hard plastic shell pools for the neighboring dog and Chevy the next day. But it didn’t end there. Because Chevy was always tearing up the pools, the owner had to buy pools for him every summer.

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Old Dad Couldn’t Control Feelings When Toy Rottweiler Puppy ‘Comes To Life.

Every animal lover loves every animal unconditionally. But many animal lovers have dreams. Especially some dog owners dream about some dog breeds. They love all dogs but dream of adopting breeds like rottweilers, pitbulls, and golden retrievers. This is a story about such a man.

After losing their beloved pet, some people adopt another pet. But some people never think about another pet. Because they can never forget their lost pet. Mr. Robbin is one such lovable pet owner. Actually he is the owner of a Rottweiler. He had a very loving Rottweiler dog and he had a wonderful bond with the dog. They are like best friends.

But after unexpectedly lossing of the dog’s life, Robin’s heart was broken. So he decided to adopt a Rottweiler dog again, but it was not easy. Many years passed with that hope. But he couldn’t to adopt a Rottweiler, so he forgot the idea. Because Robin is very old now. But one day something unexpected happened to him.

Robbin’s daughter Tracy, Robbin and family members gathered for an early Christmas celebration party. There, the family decided to give their dad a very valuable surprise that he would never forget. Accordingly, one of Robbin’s daughters, Tracy, first gifted her father a toy Rottweiler dog. mHe was very happy with this wonderful gift. He gladly accepted it. And he couldn’t stop laughing.

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But that was not the real surprise. After giving the toy, Tracy asked her from dad: “Dad, do you think toys can come to life?” Robbin really couldn’t understand this question. Robbin sat on his chair. Because he is very old now. There,
Tracy, who was standing invisibly behind her dad, approached him and handed him a real Rottweiler pup.

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He couldn’t believe it. Because this was the dream he had for years after losing his beloved pet. He couldn’t to bear happiness, he became very emotional. From then on, the puppy became his little son. And his dream also came true.

Rottweiler Left Life After Playing With a Favorite Chew Toy.

Being a pet owner is not easy at all. It is a very big responsibility because adopting a pet is like taking care of a small kid. Even the smallest thing can end the lives of pets. Sometimes it can happen even with a very small thing that we did not expect at all. So this story is a great example for every pet owner.

Dogs love chew toys. Therefore, many dog owners buy chew toys for their dogs. So pet stores also have plenty of chew toys. But you need to be very careful while buying them for your dog. The owner of this rottweiler, Maximus, also loved him very much. So they gave him everything he wanted. They also bought a lot of toys for him.

One evening he was playing with his favorite chew toy, Kong Toy. There, the owner’s son saw the toy to be suctioning to his tongue. But at first the owners did not take it seriously. They thought he was playing with it. But around 1 a.m. Max jumped into the owner’s bed and woke her up. Even then the toy was still on his tongue. The owner tried to get it out but it was not easy. Accordingly, the owner realized that the ball of the toy was stuck in his tongue. This popular toy’s no hole on top. There’s a hole on the bottom and it just got sucked on his tongue,”

So they took Max for treatment as soon as possible. The vet had to cut out Max’s tongue because they couldn’t get the toy out. But his condition was not so good and the family had to make a difficult decision. “I’m not going to let our dog live without a tongue” said the dog’s mother. Her heart was so broken. Therefore, the veterinarians also agreed with the owners’ request. Accordingly, they decided to put the dog down. So if you are a pet owner, always take care of your dog’s safety

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Rottweiler Saves Two Tiny Dogs From Deep Water When No Ones At Home.

As we say every day, Rottweilers are one of the most smartest breeds in the dog world. Although they are aggressive by nature, they adjust to normal life when given proper socialization and training. A qualified trainer should be contact for that. Then Rottweiler dogs become very loving and gentle dogs like other dogs. Sometimes even more loyal than other dogs.

But some people think that because they are such a large and aggressive breed, they are difficult to adopt with other pets. But this story will change your mind completely. A few years ago, people and animals had to face some unexpected natural problems due to the heavy rain that received to Sao Paulo, Brazil. All roads turned into rivers. So many residents went to safe places with their pets.

But during all this, an unusual news was reported from a municipality in the northern part of the state of Sao Paulo. The owners of a certain house had left their pets, a Rottweiler and three small Maltese dogs at home. The owners were not at home when the water entered the house due to heavy rain. Therefore, there was no one to take these animals to a safe place. And no one saw them.

But the big Rottweiler was aware of his responsibility. He started trying to lead the three small Maltese dogs to a low water area. But one dog was swept away in the water and the other two dogs were safely carried to safety by the large rottweilers. So the lives of the two small dogs were saved due to this smart action of the Rottweilers. Volunteer Erica Cordier saw this incredible incident and she couldn’t believe it.

He was really like an elder brother to the two little dogs. Erica filmed all this and after releasing the photos and videos on the internet, it quickly became popular everywhere. Millions of people had praised the Rottweiler for this intelligent and smart act.

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Rottweiler Lived in the Woods For 9 Months Alone. Finally A Miracle Happened to Her.

The lives of every animal in this world are priceless. But Rottweilers are the smartest dog breed in the dog world. Due to their popularity and highly developed instincts, they are in high demand in the dog world. And they are a very aggressive breed by nature. Therefore many people think that it is difficult to raise them without proper training and socialization.

But it is hard to believe that a rottweiler who has lived in the forest for months of human habitation is very friendly with humans. But this is a story about such a dog. One day, two friends, Callie and Lee, were walking through a forest in Western Australia. There they saw a Rottweiler dog wandering alone in the forest. It is really surprising to see such a dog wandering in a forest. And the dog seemed to have lived in the forest for a long time.

Callie and Lee realized that her life was not safe in the forest and it seemed that she needed love and protection. So for that they first informed the forest security officials about this dog. There they got to know that the dog has been living in this forest for about nine months. And they tried several times to catch her but couldn’t. So they finally gave up. But these two friends did not leave her.

They tried to approach her. And tried to win her trust. Some kind workers threw foods at her who working on the nearby road, but they never tried to approach her. However, after trying for a long time, the two friends were able to befriend her. Finally they rescued her from the forest and decided to give her a new lease of life.

Callie and Lee named her Rosie and started a social media page for her. Through that, they managed to find a loving family for her. So because of these two kind friends, she lived with a loving family for four years and finally closed her eyes forever. Callie and Lee gave her a new lease of life.

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Couple Found Their Missing Engagement Ring From Inside The Family Rottweiler’s Tummy.

Rottweiler dogs are often just like little kids. Most of the time they eat everything they see. They don’t understand whether it is good to eat or not. And sometimes, no matter how long we live with the dog, we cannot understand some of their behavior patterns. So we don’t know what they will do in the next moment. So today we are going to tell you a story about a couple who faced an unexpected incident because of their dog.

Engagement ring is a very precious thing in all of our lives. We all take care of our wedding ring like our life. But one day Amanda Davy and her partner in Melbourne had to face an unexpected incident. It’s because their wedding ring is missing. It is a very precious diamond engagement ring. So she and her partner were very excited to lose of this ring.

They both turned the house upside down in search of the ring. They searched it for about two weeks but found no evidence of it. And Amanda said she remembers that she put it on like table. But now it is nowhere. Various things began to come to their minds. Maybe someone took the ring. Otherwise, the ring might have been thrown away with the garbage.

Meanwhile, one day Amanda noticed something unexpected. That’s how their rottweiler, Millie, semelling another ring. After seeing it, she guessed what happened to the ring. So to confirm her guess, they placed an another ring on the table and checked the dog’s reaction. As they expected, the dog was attracted to the ring. Therefore, they thought that the wedding ring must have been swallowed by the dog.

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Accordingly, they took the dog to the vet as soon as possible, where a scan revealed that the ring was inside the dog’s tummy. Accordingly, Amanda’s guess was confirmed. And the secret of the missing ring was solved. After about four hours of hard work, the vets removed the ring and the dog’s health was fine. In the end, this turned out to be a funny incident that they will never forget.

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Family Rottweiler Had Only Six Week to Live. Owner Made Amazing Bucket List For Her.

There are two types of pet owners in this world. One type is the owners who raise animals for various profits. The other type is who really love animals. So owners who truly love their pets will do everything they can for their pet’s happiness. Sometimes they even do things for their owner that no one else can do.

Simon Spencer is one such beloved rottweiler owner. Like every loving pet owner, he loved his dog immensely. Not only he but also his partner Teresa Clancy loved this Rottweiler very much. Coco, the dog is like their kid. They lived like one family. They gave the dog everything it needed and it was very difficult for them to live apart from each other. Coco also loved Simon and Teresa very much. And she was a very obedient and gentle dog to them.

But unexpectedly, all this turned upside down. One day, Simon realized that Coco’s health was not so good and took the dog for veterinarian. After that, the vets examined the dog very well and performed several scans on him. As a result, they diagnosed Coco with an incurable health problem. So they said it was time to say goodbye to Coco. Those words were absolutely unbearable not only for Simon but also for Teresa.

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But vets said Coco’s health had completely collapsed and she had about six weeks to live. They also said that it is not possible to save her life with medical treatment. So the owners had to accept the truth. They had to face reality somehow. But Simon decided that something big had to do for their beloved Rottweiler. Accordingly, Simon decided to make these 6 weeks memorable for him and keep him completely happy.

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For that, Simon and Teresa created a bucket list for Coco. This bucket list included 30 fun things to do with Coco. Accordingly, there is a day at the beach, a helicopter ride, a meal in a restaurant, and a sushi meal, Share an ice cream with daddy at the beach, Sit in the front cab of a train, Have photos with an Olympic torch, Many things were included like Meet a celebrity dog, Play football on a beach, a drive-through Big Mac, Go swimming in a pool with daddy and etc.

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So Simon managed to complete this bucket list in Coco’s last 6 weeks. Thanks to these loving owners, the dog spent the last 6 weeks of his life happier than ever. She is indeed a very lucky dog.

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Giant Rottweiler Climbed On Sink Just Like a Cat. What a Funny Dog.

As you probably know, Rottweilers are the heaviest breed in the dog world. Their large size and appearance have made them one of the world’s most popular breeds. An average well-grown male Rottweiler weighs between 95-135 pounds. Also, a fully grown female rottweiler weighs between 80-110 pounds. Accordingly, their weight is equal to the weight of a well-grown normal human.

Because of their excess weight, they have both positive and negative benefits. Because of this heavy weight, they need a proper exercise every day and if they don’t get exercise, their health condition will collapse. But even though they are a heavy and giant breed, sometimes they behave like lap dogs.Their size doesn’t matter to them. They do whatever they wants to do. This is a ridiculous act by such a giant rottweiler.

Normally, cats like to climb to high places. But not only cats, even giant dogs like to climb high places. This large rottweiler weighing around 100 pounds is one such dog. One day the dog’s owner heard a noise from the bathroom and went to check it. There she saw something she never expected. Her giant dog was climbed on the ceramic sink in the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

For several minutes she stared at the dog with so excited. But then she couldn’t stop laughing. He is really like a giant. But he was standing on the sink like a little lap dog or cat. He was very happy on the sink and it was a very funny moment. Therefore, she did not forget to record this wonderful behavior of her dog. After releasing that video on the internet, it became very popular everywhere. Perhaps he would choose a higher place next time, some said. And the owner speculated that maybe he climbed on top of the sink because he wanted to drink water or take a shower.

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Rottweiler Miraculously Survives After Eating 30 Rubber Gloves.

It is a habit of little kids to eat everything they see. Dogs are often like little kids. Eating everything they see is a habit that comes naturally for dogs. But they don’t understand whether those things are good or not. Sometimes they even eat the most valuable things in the house. But because of this habit of theirs, they can even lose their lives by eating some things.

Rambo is a such large rottweiler living in Yorkshire. He was loved by his family like a family member and they were like one family. One day, 7-year-old Rambo’s owner, Darren Coyne, noticed a change in his beloved dog’s health. Rambo’s activity was greatly reduced. His behavior patterns also changed a lot. So the owner realized something was wrong and took the dog to Vets4Pets in Wakefield for treatment as soon as possible.

The Rottweiler was taken to Vets4Pets Leeds for several tests. At first, the vets did not say anything about the dog’s health. Because it was difficult even for them to find out what really happened to the dog. Eventually Keith Leonard, owner of Leeds Birstall Vets4Pets 24/7, and the veterinary team examined the dog. There they discovered that there was something foreign in Rambo’s stomach. And they said that it should be removed as soon as possible.

Accordingly, after several hours of hard work, they extracted something completely unexpected from the dog’s stomach. That’s about 30 rubber gloves. Not only the vets, but even the owner couldn’t believe it. Veterinarians further said that although dog’s external condition was good, his internal condition was not so good. Mr. Darren always uses rubber gloves for his work and they were in his car.

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Rambo also often goes on many trips with him. Somehow the dog must have seen these rubber gloves in the meantime. After that they must have been eaten anyway. After returning to the house, he was able to find a glove box and several other gloves hidden under the Rottweiler’s bed. So, if he had continued to eat these, his life would surely have ended.

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Little Rottweiler Girl Thrown From Bed Of Moving Truck and Adopted by Man Who Saw It.

People use dogs for various purposes. Some people adopt dogs as pets. And some people adopt dogs for various financial benefits. Such people do not really love dogs. They only expect benefits from dogs. So because of such people thousands of innocent dogs have to face various difficulties every single year. This is such an incredible incident.

A few years ago, near the 6000 block of Bender Road in Delhi Township, Ohio, something unbelievable happened. A man named Justin Egner was traveling in his vehicle when a full-size white Chevrolet pickup was traveling in front of him. Within minutes, the vehicle began to travel at speeds around 10 to 15 miles per hour, which gradually slowed down. So Egner also slowed down his vehicle. He could not believe his eyes what he saw there.

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A man sitting in the bed stood up and picks a dog up and over his head threw the dog out of the moving vehicle. After that, the truck driver sped away. Both the driver of the truck and the other person were in their mid-20′s. The innocent puppy hit the ground, rolled and then slid across the ground. Egner stopped his car and went to the dog. She is still a little puppy of about seven-months-old. And she is a very beautiful Rottweiler girl. He approached the puppy and tried his best to warm her to him.

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But it was not easy. Because at first, the puppy didn’t let him get close to her. But he did not give up. He sat on the road with the puppy. Then gradually became friends with her. Finally, he picked up the Rottweiler girl in his car and took her home. Egner then contacted the SPCA. After that call several officers came to his house to check on her and luckily she was fine. It is truly a miracle.

So in the end, instead of sending the little puppy with them, Egner asked them if he could keep her. The dog doesn’t even have a microchip, so it’s impossible to trace her owner. And no owner came forward for her. So SPCA officials allowed him to adopt the puppy. Egner named her Roxie. He says that she is very kind, loyal and a great dog. And she listened very well to everything and she was very intelligent.

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