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Rottweiler Girl Ate Foods That Didn’t Belong to Her. Owner Threw Her Over a Wall.

Although many people dream about adopting dogs, not everyone can make their dream come true. In particular, many people are keen to adopt superior breeds such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls. But unfortunately those breeds are very expensive. Therefore, adopting these breeds has become a dream for many dog lovers. Meanwhile, some dog owners do not know how to love their dogs. They treat their pets very unkindly and no animal should have such owners.

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But this Rottweiler pup had such a man. Most people know that all puppies are like kids. They are not aware of many things around them. We don’t know what the puppies will do next, especially the little ones. But this dog owner didn’t understand it. One day, a man from Clearwater, Florida took his little rottweiler to the beach. But it’s not to have fun with her. She is still a three-month-old puppy. She is really like a little daughter.

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The man treated the little Rottweiler girl very unkindly and the people who were at the beach saw it all. He continued to behave aggressively with the puppy in a very unkind manner. It is really a very emotional incident. Once this heartless man pulled the puppy by its leash and threw it over a wall. He didn’t stop there. Eventually the puppy could not even walk. Therefore, some people who saw this informed the authorities. Within minutes several officers arrived to the beach and caught the man and by then the little puppy was completely weakened. They asked what was the reason for doing this to sich a innocent puppy.

Everyone was amazed by the answer he gave there. The man said that he did this to her because she was eating food that did not belong to her and he became mad after knowing it. But surprisingly, he was not ready to accept his fault at all. After many people came forward to adopt the puppy. But it is not clear what really happened to her.

Beloved Rottweiler Left Life On Owner’s Hand After Stuck in Wildlife Trap.

Every dog owner has to face various challenges. Because not everyone likes dogs. There are many people who do not like dogs. Some people don’t love any animal, not just dogs. So every pet owner including dog owners has to face various problems because of such people.

Randy McNulty is a beloved dog owner who has faced many such challenges. His pet, Almoe, is a Rottweiler-Lab mix, and the dog and Randy had an amazing friendship. It is a strong friendship that no one can ever break. Randy loved the dog as much as the dog loved him. That love was so great that once he even saved Randy from a big bear. So he loved his dog very much.

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But he says that even if Almoe saved his life, he could not have saved his life. Because unexpectedly the dog had to be separated from its owner. It was because he had to leave his life unexpectedly. One day he was clearing snow from the public access forestry road leading to his acreage, just one kilometre from his cabin. His dog was also playing around him. But a few minutes later, Randy was faced with a dark event that he did not expect at all.

Suddenly he heard Almoe barking unusually loudly. He understood from that voice that something was wrong. So Randy ran as fast as he could in the direction of the sound, and there he saw something completely unexpected. His beloved pet had already been caught in a wildlife trap. There was a very tight wire around his neck and he was trying hard to get out of it. As he tried to escape from it, the wire embedded further into his neck. Randy tried hard to save his beloved pet’s life.

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But the wire cut the dog’s jugular vein, forcing him to close his eyes forever in his owner’s arms. Randy was heartbroken by this incident.

A Officer Hears Unusual Moan sound Inside The Shabby Shed. See, what a heartwarming thing he has found

Animals feel every emotion that humans feel. And dogs love humans. Studies have shown that the scent of their owners excited the dogs more than any other stimul. Studies also show that your dog will not forget you as long as your dog has strong, healthy eyes. Also, dogs never leave their owner. They stay with their beloved owners for the rest of their life. But people are not like that. Many heartless people leave their innocent dogs. So, today we are going to tell you a heart warming story about dozen of Rottweiler dogs.


Oneday, Karen Grenia, Suffolk County officer in California, USA, had been driving across Borgos Broadway when he heard an unusual sound. Mr. Karen decided to find out what this unusual noise was. So he got out of the car and walked in the direction that the voice was coming from. There, Mr. Karen was very surprised that what he saw. 21 dogs were locked in an unheated outdoor shed. Nine of the dogs were kept in travel boxes and the other dogs were tied.

All 21 of these dogs were Rottweilers. Also, Included several puppies. The dogs belonged to 52-year-old dog breeder Jose Borgos. If Mr. Karen had not found these dogs, they would have lost their lives. Because they can not bear the extreme cold and hunger. When asked about this, Mr. Borgos said that he was not the owner of dogs. Mr. Borgos was caught of 21 facts, including the unsafe abandonment of a large number of dogs under extreme cold.

On the day of the incident, the temperature in Suffolk was recorded as 21C°. These people, whose main goal is to make money, do these things without thinking about the well-being of the animals. All they wants only money. They don’t really love animals. Because animal lovers do not do such things. Remember that no animal, including dogs, is a commodity. They are just another creature. They feel the same way we do.

Owners Sold Their House and Their Dog Walks 60 Miles Alone For Find His Old House.

Most people think that dogs’ intelligence is not so strong. But, dogs have a stronger intelligence than we think. They can keep in mind everything very well. Home is the most comforting place for humans as well as dogs. So losing their home is something they can not afford. We are going to tell you a love story about such a dog.

Cleo is a 4-year-old Golden Labrador dog living in Kansas. One day, Cleo’s owners decided to change their home. So, they left their old home in Lawson, Missouri, and moved into a new home about 60 miles away. They also did not forget to take their beloved dog. Their new home was located in the town of Olathe. But after they left the house the dog’s owner, was upset when knowing that the dog had gone missing. He could not imagine what was happened to the dog.


But, few days later the owner was excited to what was hear. Cleo had gone to their old home. Colton Michael, the current owner of the old house, was amazed at what he saw when he came into the living room. Cleo went to the living room and sat down as usual. At first they tried to close to dog, but it was not easy. But she continued to walk around the house. Later, they were able to get close to dog.

They were able to find out the details of him by his microchip in the collar. Accordingly, the couple was surprised to when knowing that this dog was none other than the dog of the old owner of this house. They contacted the dog’s owner. Cleo’s journey is truly amazing. She walks and found her old home. But she must have been excited to see strangers in her house. So think, how strong is her memory. It would be not a easy journey for any human. She is the only one who knows whether she used shortcuts or crossed rivers in this journey.

Stray Dog Can’t Stop Smiling Aftеr Rеscuеrs Remove Her Mattеd Fur.

Every day everyone told not to abandon animals, but some people do not even think about it. Therefore, the population of stray animals is increasing day by day in every country. It’s really a big challenge. Even animal rescue organizations cannot save every one of those animals. But they do their best to save the every street animals.

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There is no excuse for abandoning animals. Because every animal has the right to live freely. People have no right to throw them to the streets. Holland is an unlucky puppy who spent a such a life. Her life was not easy at all. One day she was droppеd off at an opеn-accеss shеltеr. Her condition was not good at all. She was very weak due to lack of food and she was covered with matted fur. There was not sure about her life. But she was not so unfortunate. Thankfully, the Trio Animal Foundation found the dog and came to rescue her.

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They took her to she shelter and started treating her as soon as possible. And began working on hеr rеcovеry right away. As a first step, they were rеmoving thе mattеd fur. But it was not easy. But with the help of veterinarians, they removed Holland’s matted fur after much effort. She didn’t havе any major hеalth issuеs apart from hеr skin condition. After removing the matted fur, she felt a comfort. So she looked at the staff very happily as if to thank them. The innocent smile on her face did not stop. At first she had difficulty walking. But a few weeks after the veterinary treatment, she became a healthy dog. After that she soon found an eternal home and she began to live happily. Finally, she was safe. And she is a adorable puppy.

Rottweiler Mom Gives Birthday To 16 Pups. What An Amazing Dog

Having so many kids is truly a blessing. It’s a dream come true for some people. Not only humans but also animals have that dream. As you know, Rottweiler is a dog breed that is skilled and strong in every way. The average Rottweiler mother gives birth to 6 to 12 pups at a time. But today we are going to tell you a different story.

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Have you ever heard about a Rottweiler mother who gave birth to 16 pups at one time? A Rottweiler mother in the UK, she has given birth to 16 puppies and is one of the largest litter in the UK ever. Roxy the Rottweiler dog is owned by Mark Marshall, a security officer. He, his wife Laura and their little son loved to her so much. She was like a family member for them. When they found out she was pregnant, they took her to the vet for a scan. After a scan, the veterinarian said she had a maximum of six pups in her womb.

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The scans can be pretty accurate, so they believed the result. But really they are not always right. The story of this Rottweiler mother is a perfect example of that. One morning Roxy started giving birth to pups. They found out one of the pup in the kitchen. Then they heard a noise downstairs and theu went to check it out. There they found Roxy hiding behind the sofa. So, they put her in her bed.

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She gave birth to 13 pups at about 12 noon. The owners of Roxy, who were expecting six or seven pups, could not really believe this. It was a surprise to them. Because, in the end, she gave birth to 16 pups. When the Rottweiler pups grew up, Marshall started found loving homes for them and kept one for Himself and the Family.

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A Greek Restaurant Opens Its Doors Every Night To Stray Dogs

We cannot even imagine the kindness of some people. People with kind and beautiful hearts make this world beautiful. They are like a blessing to the helpless lives of this world. We are going to tell you about the kindness of people with such beautiful hearts.

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A restaurant taught the whole world what humanity is, in Lesbos, Mytilene, Greece. Greece is another country with a lot of stray dogs. Each day, these dogs are wandering the city for search of food, shelter, and warmth. No one sees the effort they put into living. But this coffee shop saw their helplessness. So the owner of this coffee shop opens it every night for stray dogs after all his customers are gone. In fact, those dogs sleep very comfortably on the seats in the restaurant. It is popular all over the world as a hot spot for stray dogs.

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This restaurant opens for stray dogs after all customers have left. It is a safe, warm place for them to spend the night. Dogs who wandering the city all day long are come to this restaurant for a good night’s sleep. How much better this is than the road sleep. Greek charities say there are more than a million of stray dogs in the Greek islands. So how good to have a small group of those dogs or something like this. It is an act of pure humanity. The specialty of the people of Greece is that many dogs in Greece without a permanent home receive a collar and are cared for by the community.