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Rottweiler Amazingly Found After More Than Seven Months Missing – He Was Too Weak.

Being separate from pet is something no pet owner can bear. Because many pet owners love their pet more than their own lives. So they want to live with their pets till the rest of life. But unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to live like that. Often unexpectedly they have to separate from their pet. This is such a story.


Ruger is a Rottweiler dog who is very loyal to his family. His owners loved him very much. But one day they face a very unexpected incident. One day he was lost in their Mount Vernon Road back yard. His owners did not expect anything like this. He can’t see anything properly and don’t hear properly. About a week before Ruger’s lost, he started behaving very strangely. So the owners thought that he had gotten confused and wandered off. Also, he is a 14-years-old dog.


The owners started looking for him everywhere. But they could not find any information about him. Around the same time, several other dogs in the area went missing randomly, so they thought that someone might have taken their dog as well. Months passed. They llooked for the dog everywhere every day. But they could not find him. They speculated that the dog must have wandered into the woods and perhaps ended its life there.


They also asked the help of the dog rescue teams. Also, they searched for information about him by sharing his photos on social media. They did not give up hope. They hoped that one day their beloved Rottweiler would return. When the winter season started, they started thinking about how their dog would bear the cold. Mrs Jean, one of Ruger’s owners, said it would be better for him to be loss life than to live a difficult life with extreme cold and hunger.

One dag, after about 7 months he went missing, something unexpected happened. They were able to find Ruger wandering around nearby. He was very tired and very weak. His appearance clearly confirmed that he had not received proper nutrition from months. He was very thin. No one really knows where he was or what happened to him. But he had no other problems. He seems largely OK. But his past was don’t care to the owners and they just wanted to become their dog to the healthy and strong dog.

Dog Who Had His Ears Torn off Is Amazingly Ready to Start New Happy Life.

Some dogs have to face various difficulties not only because of people but also because of the dogs. Because some dogs don’t like some dogs. So they always tries to bite each other and they don’t like each other at all. If you are a dog owner, you may have faced this situation many times. So today we are going to tell you a very heartwarming story of a dog who faced such an incident.

Image – Legend’s Journey

Two women who were walking on the road heard a loud noise of several dogs coming from a house. Realizing that something was wrong, the two women went to check it out. Then they saw two pitbull dogs biting another dog. They were tearing him to shreds and it was truly a heart-warming incident. The two women couldn’t figure out what to do. So they called animal control as soon as possible and the three dogs were taken to Greenville County Animal Care.

When they found the dog, he had already lost his left ear. The right ear was also hanging off a thread. He was covered by lots of bite marks. Some were very deep. The condition of the dog was not so good. The vets said he was a small dog so he couldn’t survive the incident. They named him Legend and began the treatment he needed as soon as possible. He was treated for several days and given fluids and put on a feeding tube. After a few days he started to get better.

Image – Legend’s Journey

In the meantime, his veterinary bills began to mounting. But Rescue Dogs Rock NYC offered to pay those bills, so his treatment could continue. Everyone was really surprised about this dog’s life was saved. Everyone said it was a miracle. He has lost both his ears. And he is covered with scars. But after a few weeks he became a very happy and healthy dog. And he always loved hugs. If the two women not saved him, his life might have ended on the spot. Ears are most important part of a dog’s. But he started new life without his ears. Finally he found a forever loving family.

Family Dumped Their Loyal Dog At The Shelter Because They Were Having A Baby.

People are so amazing. They adopt animals for various reasons. But they don’t really love animals. Because they only expect some benefit from those animals. There are many such people in this world. So, because of such people, the hearts of innocent animals are broken a lot. Today we are going to tell you such a sensitive story.

Image : Preethi Pillaipakkam

Rocco is a 3-year-old German Shepherd. Like all dogs, he trusted his owners very much. He never thought that his owners would dump him. He wanted to live with them till the end of his life. But the heart of Rocco’s owners is not as beautiful as he thought. One day his owners brought him to the Dallas Animal Shelter in Texas. It was to leave him there. Even the shelter staff were so excited by their incredible decision.

Image : Preethi Pillaipakkam

They decided to leave this innocent dog at the shelter because they were going to have a baby. By the time he was brought to the shelter, he had lost a lot of weight. And after the owners left him, his heart broke a lot. One day, a visitor who heard Rocco’s story and took a video of him and posted it on internet. It was to find a loving owner for him who would never leave him again.

As a result, Preethi Pillaipakkam, a foster through DFW German Shepherd Rescue saw this video. She decided to completely change Rocco’s life and she adopted him. They quickly became very good friends and Rocco never left her side. He trusted his new mother very much. And she loved him very much. Rocco’s videos quickly became popular on social media and Preethi started a social media account for him. Now he lives very happily with his new kind mother.

Image : Preethi Pillaipakkam

Two-legged Dog was Threw Out of The House by Her Owner Due to He Had Only Two Legs.

People adopt animals for various purposes. Some people adopt animals out of love for them. And some other people adopt dogs for protection. Also, people with golden hearts take in and adopt animals that need love and care. But such people are very few in this world. But there are some people who throwing animals to the streets who need love and care so much.

image 01

Although this story is a few years old, it is a very sensitive and heart-warming story. A very cute puppy was born in 2002. But he had lost two legs at birth and only had two back legs. One front leg is shrunken and totally unusable. Because of this, her mother also refused to feed him at birth. And her owner is someone who does not know what kindness is. Therefore, the owners thought that they could not save the little puppy’s life because his health condition was not good. So they threw her on the street like garbage.

image 02

She had to face very difficult life in the street. Because she only had two legs, living on the road was not easy at all. No one came to help her. But thankfully, a woman with a golden heart named, Jude, saw her and her family decided to adopt her. She named her Belief and she received a lot of love and care from them. Mrs. Jude also brought a skateboard had actually designed for her. She had to practice to how to using her back legs to move forward.

image 03

It took her several months to learn how to walk with it. After about six months of relentless training, she was able to walk very well. Amazingly she could stand up straight and run anywhere she wanted on her hind legs. And she became a very happy and loving dog with everyone.

He Was Not Invited To His Owner’s Wedding But He Followed Her For 9Km To Join Her Wedding.

The love of the dog’s hearts for their owners is very pure. Dogs never forget their owners, even if their owners forget them. They stay with their owner till the rest of their life. It is because of the loyalty in their hearts. They are especially attached to their family. And they always want to be in their owner’s life. This is a very good example of that.

Fugui is a lovely dog who lives in China with his owner, Fu Xi. He and the human mother had a very strong bond of love. He always wanted to be with his mother. So one day Fu Xi got ready for her wedding and Fugui also felt that a big change was lgoing to happen in her life. But it seemed that the family did not consider Fugui’s presence at the ceremony. No one wanted to take him to her ceremony. Everyone forgot him because of the busyness.

image 01

But then something happened that no one expected. He ran more than 9 km with family vehicles to be with his human mother at the special moment in his owner’s life. Because they have been living together for about two years. They are like mother and son. At first she had decided to take him with her. But for an unknown reason, the family rejected the decision. So she had to leave him at home. Because anyone did not understand the bond between her and the dog.

image 02

But surprisingly, after seeing his mother leave the house without him, Fugui followed the wedding cars on the 9 km long journey from the house to the place where the ceremony would be held. Then when they arrived at the groom’s house where the wedding ceremony was taking place, Fugui was looking at the wedding car. As if to say, “Mom, I’m here for you.” At one point, the bride’s mother opened the door of the vehicle for the dog, but he refused to get in the vehicle. Because he wanted to go with his owner.

However, at the end of the ceremony, he and Fu Xi reunited. So now she knows that in addition to her husband, she has an eternally faithful protector.

Old Man Walk the Streets Everyday Selling Candy Sweet With Carrying His Puppy In A Bucket

Some people’s love is amazing. Some people love their pets without limits. So they protect their pets more than their lives. Most people’s best friend is the dog.

And some people are not rich in money. But their hearts are rich with love. This is such a man. Every day he roams the streets and sells candy sweet. He has no family to call his own. But he had a strong friendship that never changed. It was with his dog. He had no place to keep his dog safe when he went to sell candy sweet to earn some money. So this man put his dog in a bucket and took it everywhere he went.

image 01

Especially he used to sell candy sweet in front of a school every day and he used to come with his dog every day. He found this puppy when someone dumped him in a garbage dump. So he took the puppy and gave good care of he needed. From that day on the two became very good friends. This man also had many problems in life. But his big heart did not leave him.

So one day someone released a video of this old man on the internet and it quickly became popular all over the world. The puppy knew very well that the owner loved him very much. So he slept very comfortably in the bucket. He did not disturb his owner at all. He is really a very obedient and loving puppy. And this man is also a very loving owner.

Instead of leaving the puppy somewhere alone, he like to take the puppy with him. They want to live together every day, no matter how hard life is. Many rich people throw dogs on the streets. But even though this man had no money, he did not. He is truly a man with a golden heart.

Rottweiler Puppy Saves His Owner’s Life From Strange Man.

Dogs protect their families whenever they can. They protect not only family but also everyone who loves them. That is why they have been man’s best friend since thousands and thousands of years ago. They are not leave their owner in any problem. That is why they are the most loyal animal in the animal world.

Hercules is such a sweet and loyal Rottweiler dog. Even at 10-months-old, he is a very strong dog weighing 110-pounds. His owner is Catalina Humphrey. There is a great bond between them and they lived like best friends. They often go for walks outside. So on one such day they were walking walking along a trail in The Woodlands, Texas. It was a very normal day for them. They had no idea what was going to happen next.

Image : KSDK NBC 5

As they were walking, a man unexpectedly approached them from behind. He grabbed Humphrey’s shoulder very hardly. Hercules felt that something wrong was going to happen to his owner and reacted very quickly. The puppy jumped at the man and bit him over and over again. After trying to escape from the dog for several minutes, he finally got up and ran away from the place.

His condition was not so good because of the puppy’s bites. Herculis is still a 10-month-old puppy. But there was no shortage of his strength and size.

In the end, Hercules’ protective instinct protected his owner. But Humphrey ran home and alerted local officials about the man. They took samples from Hercules’ mouth and Humphrey’s shoulders. After that, they checked in the area to see if a man with dog bites came in for treatment. According to Humphrey, he was a young man of about 20 years of age. But it is not clear whether he was finally found or not.

Couple Adopts Lots of Stray Dogs Who Needs Special Attention After Losing Their Beloved Dog.

Pet lovers do everything they can for animals. Sometimes they even do things that no one else can do for animals. Because there is such a great and pure love for animals in their hearts. This Lithuanian couple is one such animal-loving couple.

Mantas and Rasa, a Lithuanian couple, moved to Thailand a few years ago. That’s for traveling around Thailand. They fell in love with the island of Koh Kood Thai. But during this trip, they unexpectedly lost their beloved ten-year-old dog named Aibo. After he closed his eyes forever, Mantas and Rasa’s hearts broke completely. Because they loved the dog very much. His health began to down and they couldn’t to spend time with the dog as they were in Thailand.

image – Facebook/Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

All they could do was say they love him on the phone. In the end, his life could not be saved. So it was a very difficult time for them. After losing their dog, they decided to stay in Koh Kood and adopt a local puppy. They also brought their other dog from Lithuania to Thailand. They settled there permanently. Koh Kood has many stray dogs running around the island and many of them are not in good health. Realizing this, the kind couple decided to come forward for these dogs.

image – Facebook/Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

Accordingly, they started treating many stray animals. Now they living with 15 stray dogs. Among those dogs there are two dogs without eyes. And all other dogs are dogs that need special attention. And now it is a big family. They didn’t stop there. They started helping all the stray dogs around the island. For that they created a social media page called Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

image – Facebook/Sabai Dog Koh Kood.

At first they started giving leftover food for the dogs and then it grew to buying large bags of dog food. It later became a large organization og helping stray dogs. But there is no vet with them. Over time, they learned how to deal with dogs’ health problems. They travel about 40 km a day to feed the stray dogs.

Puppy Miraculously Saves After Eating Full Pack of Chocolate Biscuits.

If you are a dog owner, you may know that dogs usually try to chew everything they see. It is very normal. Sometimes they even chew the most valuable things in the house. Chewing has many benefits for dogs. For puppies it’s a way to relieve difficulties that might be caused by incoming teeth. And for older dogs, it helps keep the jaws strong and teeth clean. It comes naturally to them. In addition, chewing relieve feelings of boredom and loneliness.

But some dogs may even lose their lives by eating everything they see. This is about a Rottweiler puppy who faced such an incident. You probably know that chocolate is a food that should not be given to dogs. This is because of the chocolate contain with theobromine. They make dogs can’t to metabolize effectively. So eating too much chocolate can cause big health problems for dogs. And sometimes the dogs may even lose their lives.

image 01

A 15-week-old Rottweiler puppy, Zeena, once faced such an incident. When Zeena’s owner, Joe Higgs, returned home from school, he saw something totally unexpected. Her Rottweiler girl, Zeena, had eaten an entire packet of chocolate biscuits. She also found the chewed, empty packet of chocolate biscuits on the kitchen floor. After few minutes, the dog’s stomach had grown very large and Joe rushed her to the PDSA veterinary center for treatment as soon as possible.

image 02

According to the vets, she had eaten about 3g of chocolate. But it’s too big for her because she’s still a baby. Fortunately, the vets were able to save her life. But remember that chocolate, like most other human foods, is not good for dogs at all.

Man Buys New House and Found Chained Dog in Basement of The House.

People have to face different events on different days. Sometimes people have to face strange experiences when they move to a new house. Some such incidents are so special that they will never be forgotten. So, if you are moving to a new house, you should expect such unexpected things. This man also had to face such an incident.

image : Stray Rescue of St.Louise

A man in St. Louis moved into a new house. After moving into a new home, it is normal to thoroughly inspect every part of the house. Especially the basement should be check. So he and his family opened the basement door and turned on their flashlights. An unexpected incident happened there.

They saw a tail wagging in the basement. It’s a surprise. It is a dog. She was excited to see them and someone had tied her in basement. After seeing the dog, he could not believe his eyes. They released the dog as soon as possible and the dog was very happy to see them. She couldn’t stop jumping up and down and giving hugs.

image : Stray Rescue of St.Louise

Someone must have tied the dog in this place. It is definitely in the hope of ending her life. When searching the information, it was found that someone had been occupying the property. He had left a pile of garbage and other things, as well as the dog. He cannot really be human. Because no one can leave such a beautiful and loving dog like this. There was no food or water for her at that place. Had they not found her, her life would surely have ended.

image : Stray Rescue of St.Louise

She is a pit bull. However, she was nicknamed ‘Jumping Bean’ due to her exuberant personality and joy at the time of rescue. She is a very lovable dog. She shows her love to everyone she meets. A group of volunteers came to the house and they took her away. There she got a very beautiful and safe life.