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Woman Travels Everywhere and Lives With Her Rottweiler In A Campervan.

A true dog owner is someone who does not give up on their dog no matter what challenges comes to life. Some people dump their pets for various reasons. If not, they are dumps on shelters. But there are some dog owners who take care of their pets to the best of their ability no matter what challenges come. This is a such rottweiler owner.

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Shureena Angie, a 53-year-old woman from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is a beloved Rottweiler owner. She initially rented an apartment and lived there with her dog. At that time, her financial situation was quite good. But then unexpectedly her financial situation collapsed and she found it difficult to live in a rented apartment. So she decided to live in another small house. But she could not find a house suitable for her financial situation. So she finally decided to live in a campervan.

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For that she used her vehicle and she searched the internet about campervan life in other western countries. Then she started to build her campervan by herself based on the information she got on the internet. She removed all the seats of her vehicle and built a bedroom, water storage and kitchen. It was actually a more wonderful experience than she thought. And it was a wonderful decision because she is a woman who loves to travel. Now she can take her pet Rottweiler everywhere she goes without any problem.

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Because her Rottweiler was her only family member. No matter how many challenges came to her, her financial situation has completely collapsed, but she still loves her dog first. She often shares about their campervan life on social media and has a huge fan base. And she earned some money by teaching music.

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Her Rottweiler was a very well-trained obedience dog, so it was no challenge for her to look after him in the campervan. Now he can run more freely in the parks than before. And he can stay very safe in the campervan when it rains. Angie is a great role model for owners who dumps their dogs on the streets and in shelters due to various challenges and problems.

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