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Rottweiler Says No to Vegetables and Yes to Cheese.

The Rottweiler is one of the top ten most popular dog breeds. They are affectionately known as Rotties. Rottweiler dogs develop a playful personality when properly trained. Also builds trust, and loyalty towards their owner. Rottweilers in particular are charming dogs and have a great sense of humor to entertain. This is a good example of that.

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This dog has been living with the family for several years and he is now very intelligent. According to the owner, the Rottweiler puppy is the most intelligent more than her other dogs. He always wanted to be in touch with family. He can imitate people. He moving his head down when he wants to say yes. And he knows well how to reject something. For that he moving his head from left to right.

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One day the owner brought a plate of vegetables to the Rottweiler. The plate had broccoli and carrots, bits of cheese and a few small pieces of bread. According to the video, she asks her pet if he wants to eat cheese and he nods “yes.” She then asked him if he would like some broccoli. But the Rottweiler shook his head in denial. When the owner again tried to give him a piece of cheese, he again bowed and accepted it.

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When the owner offered a piece of carrot, the dog refused that too. He really knows the difference between cheese and vegetables and reacts like a human. It’s funny, but wonderful. It is a great example of how intelligent a Rottweiler is.

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