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Rottweiler Carries Kitten From It’s Mother and Started Gently Groom the Kitten.

Although Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature, they also have a much gentler and friendlier side than we think. They really have a very sweet heart. But many dog lovers don’t want to adopt Rottweiler breed. Because they think the breed is very aggressive and unlovable. But although they are an aggressive breed by nature, they become incredibly loyal when given good training and socialization.

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And they deals with every animal in a very friendly manner. This is a wonderful example of that. This video is very popular on the internet. This is because of the very gentle and loving behavior of this large Rottweiler. It got millions of views and thousands of comments. There was another cat in the house who lived in these big giant rottweiler named Maggie. One day the cat gave birth and and from the day on the Rottweiler showed a special attraction to the little kittens.

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So according to this video, the Rottweiler took the little kitten very gently from his mouth and came on the sofa. That is the kitten’s mother was also watching. The mom cat also gave permission to the rottweilers for that. He then lovingly began to lick the kitten gently. It is hard to expect such gentle behavior from aggressive and tough breed such as rottweiler. Therefore, many dog lovers who watched this video were surprised about him.

Because of the behavioral characteristics of this breed, many people avoid adopting them. But if you dream of adopting a Rottweiler, there is no problem. Because when given proper training through a proper trainer, they becomes a very loyal and friendly breed for small animals as well as the whole family.

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