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Tiny Puppy Chases Around Huge Rottweiler Across the House.

The Rottweiler breed is well known in the dog world as a very brave and strong breed. And everyone believes that there is nothing they can’t do. Many people believe that they can face any challenge very successfully because of their instincts and physical strength. Also, many people believe that they cannot be raise with other small animals in the house because of their high physical strength and their aggressiveness. But that opinion is not entirely correct.

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One day a video became popular on the Internet. Rottweilers generally do not bond easily with any animal. But when given good training and socialization, Rottweiler dogs will be friendly with any animal.

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And they deals very gently with every animal. According to this video, this huge giant rottweiler named Dozer is one such dog. One day, the family brought a French Bulldog puppy to this dog’s house. They had no idea how the dog would react after bringing the puppy.

But after introducing this little puppy to the giant rottweilers, the puppy started chasing the rottweilers. Rottweiler dogs are not second to anyone. But instead of being aggressive towards this little puppy when he chased the dog, he started running away from the little creature. He actually tried to escape from the puppy. Dozer a elder rottweilers. Therefore, he patiently watched the funny things of little puppy like an adult. And after a few days he started interacting with the puppy very friendly. The puppy also got used to this giant brother and they became very best friends.

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