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Stolen Rottweiler Escaped and Reunited with Family After Several Months.

No dog lover can bear to lose a dog they loved so much. But unfortunately some people have to endure it. This is such a story.

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Robert, a Rottweiler who was two years old at the time, was stolen from his family’s Humpty Doo property in 2011. From the day the dog went missing, the family made every effort to find him. But in the end it was all just a desperate attempt. Finally given up hope of finding their beloved Robert, the family also gave up searching for him. The family then moved to Brisbane, never expecting to see their beloved canine friend again.

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But something happened that the family never dreamed of. The intelligent dog had somehow escaped his suspected captors. Accordingly, Lichfield Council received a call about a neglected Rottweiler dog roaming the country roads with a dark

Lichfield Council ranger Nicole Davenport said a resident called the council after noticing the neglected and underweight dog. They then took the dog and managed to find out the details of its owners through his microchip scan. Lichfield Council ranger Nicole Davenport said he was found broken down by the side of the road and he looked like he had been kept in some sort of concrete bunker. She said the dog was a purebred Rottweiler, so he may have been deliberately targeted for breeding.

But those people did not think about the welfare of the dog, so his condition was not very good. They had not fed him. However, Lichfield Vets treated him, all for free. The dog was eventually returned to its owners and Lichfield Council agreed to cover all costs of couriering Robert back home.

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