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Rottweiler Saves Abandoned New Born Baby

Rottweilers are not particularly popular among dog lovers because they are often considered aggressive. And they are not a dog breed particularly known for being friendly. But sadly it’s not the fault of dog, they’ve been bred to be powerful and protective. However, not all rottweilers can be expected to be aggressive. This dog’s story will completely change this stereotype.

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In 2018, local Uruguayan media El Pais reported an incredible story. According to the report, a young girl with some mental disorder gave birth to a baby in Canelones, Uruguay. She was not in a good state of mind and did not tell anyone about the birth. And she did not keep the baby with her. She left the baby in a shed without telling anyone. A few hours old baby left alone in the shed, will never ends well. But because of one heroic Rottweiler, the baby’s fate changed completely.

This Rottweiler lived in the surrounding area. Luckily the dog could smell the little baby and follow it. Finally the dog spent the whole night by the baby’s side and the next day he tried to inform his owner about this. Perhaps he felt that the baby needed help. Realizing that the dog was trying to say something, the owner followed the dog. Finally he found the baby in the shed. The shed the baby was abandoned in was the workshop of the owner of the dog.

Moreover, it was later confirmed that the dog’s owner was the baby’s grandfather and the mother’s father-in-law. And none of them knew that his son’s wife was pregnant. However, the dog’s owner took the baby for treatment as soon as possible, so the life was saved. Doctors said that the dog’s warmth throughout the night helped the baby survive.

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