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Hero Rottweiler Amazingly Save the House When Owner Went Out For Work.

Despite many people’s don’t believe, Rottweiler dogs are a very protective and loyal breed. When properly trained, they use their aggression and intelligence to protect their family and loved ones. Their love is so limitless.

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Scott is one such Rottweiler dog. One da Ivana, the dog’s owner, went out to work as usual, leaving her beloved Rottweiler Scott at home. That’s how it all started. As usual, the day passed normally until Ivana came home from work. But when she returned home, when she opened the door, what she saw made her forget to even breathe. She saw a very unbelievable scene. Her living room was smashed, glass everywhere and the kitchen window was broken.

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But that wasn’t what shocked her the most. In front of the broken window was a large pool of red. The walls and floor were also red. She immediately remembered her beloved Scott. is he ok? And with a trembling voice she called his name. Her large rottweiler was bathed in red. Apparently Scott was perfectly fine. He greeted her as if nothing had happened. That’s why Ivana became more confused. Because she felt very well that something big had happened.

She checked further and Scott’s mouth was completely red. At the same time, between his teeth she found a piece of cloth that did not belong to her. So, woman immediately understood what had happened. Scott is fine. That piece of cloth is also not hers. The kitchen window was broken. So she immediately called the security services. Officers checked the scene and confirmed that a man had tried to enter the house by breaking the kitchen window. Luckily Scott was inside the house so he didn’t get a chance to take anything. And thanks to Scott, the marks he left on the man allowed the officers to find him. Ivana was not only proud of her dog’s heroic deed but also thanked him.

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