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Woman Found Dumped Freezing Pup. Everyone Thought She Can’t Survive.

Kind people are definitely needed for beautify this world. Because only kind people help even an innocent animal. There are thousands of animals whose lives have been saved because of such people. This is another such heartwarming story.

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One day a woman was on her way to work on a very cold day. She was on her way to work when she saw a small puppy lying on the ground. She realized that she needed help. So she leaned down to touch her. But the tiny puppy was ice cold. She was in cold water. Her heart was broken. She thought the dog had already left life. So she spoke loudly for the puppy and there the dog suddenly moved. But the dog was very weak, so she took the little dog to the nearest veterinary center.

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The vet who examined the dog said that her core temperature was very low. Her organs were begings to shut down and her mental state was not good. The woman named her, Varya. Further tests revealed that Varya’s brain was not good and her pelvis was broken. Therefore, she was transferred to a treatment center with modern equipment for further treatment. After many treatments she finally woke up.

She was continuously given many complex treatments and received a lot of love, affection and attention from the staff there. After a few weeks her condition improved and she regained her lost strength. And so she was finally free to go home with the woman who found her. There she got a safe and warm home. The woman gave her all the nutritious food she needed. In the end Varya turned into a beautiful and strong healthy dog. Moreover, she got a loving owner, a comfortable home and a new life.

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