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Rottweiler Left Life as a Hero By Taking Bullt at His Owner.

Dogs are considered wonderful natural partners who offer both friendship and loyalty to their owners. Especially they have come forward to risk even their lives for their owners and family since the past. They usually embrace anything that is meant to harm their loved ones without thinking twice. Breeds like the Rottweiler are at the forefront there.

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This Rottweiler dog from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh is a perfect example of that. This dog took a bullet that came to his owner and said goodbye to his life forever. He actually miraculously saved the owner’s life.

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According to a report by TOI, Vishal Srivastava is the owner of the dog. One day he was doing some construction for a cowshed outside his house. But unexpectedly, his neighbor Anil objected the construction work. The reason was that it would hindrance for the children coming to his school nearby. The initial verbal spat turned ugly. As a result, this incident happened.

But Max, Vishal’s rottweiler dog, immediately jumped in front of his owner. Maybe he realized that something bad was going to happen to his owner. Dog took the bullt and fell down. Vishal then took the dog to the vet as soon as possible, but the vets said he had already left life. It really is like a movie. But this is a perfect example to say that dogs who love their owners more than their own lives exist not only in movies but also in real life.

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