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Rottweiler Mom Gives Birth To 18 Puppies.

There is no other dog breed in the world that can compare the excellence of the Rottweiler breed. They are so strong and intelligent. And they are known as a giant breed in the dog world. They are like bears. So, for these reasons, female rotties have the ability to produce more puppies than other breeds. Normali they give birth to 6-10 babies at a time. But we are going to tell you about a rottweiler mom who gave birth to more than a dozen pups at one time.

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Mark, 32, had a Rottweiler girl. He was a corporal in the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment at Wheaton Barracks in Lancashire. Mark and his wife, as well as the whole family, loved this Rottweiler girl so much. She was like a member of their family. One day they found something very happy. That means that their rottweiler girl, Roxy, is pregnant. From that day on, all the family members protected her as best they could. And she was given all the nutrition she needed. So everyone in the family waited impatiently for her to give birth.

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Her belly grew bigger day by day and it started growing like a watermelon. They had no experience with puppies. So they took Roxy in for a scan where the vets said she had about six puppies. So the whole family waited until she gave birth to about six cubs. Because scans are usually always accurate. One morning she started giving birth.

At around 5.45am, Mark and his wife heard an unusual noise from downstairs. There they discovered that she had started giving birth. She started giving birth to one by one. After about six pups were born, they thought it was over. But to their surprise she gave birth to 13 pups by 12 noon. They couldn’t believe it. Within a few hours, she gave birth to five more pups. Accordingly, she gave birth to a total of 18 litters, which was a complete surprise to the family.

Because they never expected anything like this. And they could not bear that happiness. The family was even more delighted to learn that this was the largest litters of Rottweilers in the UK. However, the family finally decided to sell the pups after they grew well.

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