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Rottweiler Girl Saves Her Little Human Brother’s Life in Middle Of the Night.

Rottweilers are not a dog breed as many people think. When given good training and socialization, they become very loyal dogs to their families.

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Especially they have a great innate ability to understand anything very quickly. This two-year-old rottweiler named Daisy is not like other dogs. Her little human brother has become his favorite thing. Nothing makes her happier than curling up next to him and cuddling him at night. Rottweiler gitl id like the little boy’s shadow.

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From the day this wonderful Rottweiler girl came home as a puppy, she used to treat everyone in the family with love. She filled the whole house with love. And she instantly fell in love with the little boy. It was such a strong bond that she never left his side for a moment. Daisy used to wait for her brother’s bedtime routine to begin each night as the clock struck 8:30.

Eventually Daisy also jumps into bed and puts her arm around him and slowly drifts off to sleep. This is a wonderful daily routine that she does every night. Daisy’s human sibling had type 1 diabetes. One night, something unexpected happened.

One day around 2am, Daisy sat awake by the bedside of Troilo, the boy’s mother. She was shocked to see it. Because Daisy never leaves her brother at night. But the mother knew that Daisy had a wonderful habit. In the middle of the night, if her son’s sugar level is low or high, she will come and wake her up. Accordingly, the mother realized that something had happened that day as well and went to her son’s room as soon as possible.

The little boy’s sugar level was low and thanks to Daisy, his life was saved. Daisy is well aware not only of her brother’s silent emergencies, but also of the medical equipment on his body, such as the Dexcom glucose tracker he uses at night. Moreover, this Rottweiler girl knows very well how to monitor glucose levels.

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