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Hero Rottweiler Saves Little Girl Who Fell Into Lake.

Rottweilers are actually a very protective breed. They are as aggressive as they are protective. In the United States, they are known as powerful, protective and loyal. Moreover, their instincts for protection are excellent.

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One evening, Jared Houghton was walking his trusty rottweiler dog, Basil, on the Kingston foreshore. Meanwhile, the dog heard a splash in the adjacent water of Griffin Lake and “insisted on checking it out. The dog’s demeanor was completely flustered. Jarrad approached the water to see what had happened. The next thing he saw, Jarrad’s bones got chills. He didn’t expect it at all.” When he got close to the edge of the water, he saw a small hand sticking out of the water.

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Jarrad quickly reached down and found an 8-year-old girl. Jarrad took the girl out as quickly as possible without thinking twice. After that returned her to her parents who were inside at a nearby restaurant. The parents said no one else saw her go inside. The parents were completely shocked by the incident. If the dog hadn’t seen the girl, her life would surely have ended. The Rottweiler also received an award from the NSW Rottweiler Club for this heroic deed.

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