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Rottweiler Proud of Himself After Causing Hundreds of Pounds For the Owner.

Being a rottweiler owner is not easy. The Rottweiler breed is a very strong and intelligence breed. So they definitely need regular exercise to melt that energy. When the regular exercise they get isn’t enough, they find different ways to expend that energy. Often when they don’t get enough exercise they start to break and tear things in the house. Because when they didn’t get enough exercise they behave aggressively.

Because Rottweilers are a very active breed both mentally and physically. Today we are going to tell you about something unforgettable done by such a rottweiler for the family. Thor is a very large and strong two-year-old rottweiler. The dog’s owner, Tracy, loved him so much and gave him everything he wanted. He was an 8-month-old puppy when they adopted him. After bringing the home, Tracy bought him a £100 perfect memory foam mattress. So he was able to sleep very comfortably every day.

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But one day when Tracy came home from work, she saw something she never expected. The house was completely a sea of foam and Thor had completely ripped off his memory foam mattress. It’s pieces are scattered all over the house. It just like a foam sea. Tracy couldn’t think of anything and sat down on the floor. She had no idea how to clean them. As she sat on the floor thinking about it, Thor was very proud of what he had done.

She couldn’t figure out where to start cleaning them. After a while she started cleaning them. But when she was cleaning them, Rottweiler thought she was playing with him. So he started playing on the foam again. So cleaning them was not easy for her. So she had to wait until the dog to sleep to clean the house. It took her about six hours to clean the entire house.

That wasn’t the only loss Thor done on them. He tore at Tracy’s soft dog-shaped doorknob. And dug holes in the garden and turned it completely upside down. Another day he tore the cushions of the sofa at home. One day when they went for a walk, he
even brought home a traffic cone. In fact, these mischievoust rottweilers caused them many problems. But they did not dump this dog. Tracy saw the funny side in all his antics. Therefore, her love for him increased day by day.

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