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Rottweiler Managed to Open Locked Door for Paramedics When Owner Collapsed. Dog Saves His Life.

People don’t have a good opinion about Rottweiler dogs. They are aggressive but very protective. Therefore, a Rottweiler can be recommended to any family looking for a dog for protection. You will understand that it is true by the end of this story.

This is the story of Rottweiler Megan who came to the rescue when owner Gary Gregory fell unconscious.

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One day Gary felt unwell when he was home alone. As a result, Gary managed to call 999 as soon as possible, but he collapsed within minutes. His partner Sean Nicholls, 49, was working as a coach driver and was also not at home. Only Megan and his other dogs – black labrador Heidi and Hugo the pug – were at home. They licked his face and desperately tried to wake up him.

Meanwhile, the medics arrived at Gary’s house. But the door was locked from inside. They were desperately trying to open the door. It was not easy for them to find a way to open the door.

Meanwhile, they saw Megan jumping up and down near the door. But they did not understand that the dog was trying to help them. After a few minutes, Rottweiler Megan managed to jump onto the door handle and pull it down. Then the door opened. But the medics did not come in at once. Because they were afraid that the dog would bite.

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But nothing really happened. The dog let them in. They rushed him to treatment as soon as possible and thanks to the dog, Gary’s life was saved. “There’s no doubt about it, Meghan saved my life,” Gary finally said. Perhaps the Rottweiler sensed that his owner needed help. Therefore, she must have tried to open the door for those who came home.

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