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Sweet Rottweiler Pushes Her Toy Lamb on Swing Ever So Gently.

As we say every day, the Rottweiler breed has aggression as well as very sweet side. Some people reject them thinking they are too aggressive breed. But they are they are also large and goofy and may be too exuberant during play. And they are very loyal to their owner. But for that they must be given good training and socialization. Their intelligence level is very high and training is also very easy.

So what we are going to tell you today is a good example of how sweet and loving a breed Rottweiler is. Sometimes they are a very loving breed. One day, everyone was surprised by this video which became very popular on the internet. Because most dog lovers do not expect something so loving and sweet from a breed like Rottweilers. The video begins with a large, giant Rottweiler standing next to a swing.

Image 01

And there was a stuffed toy lamb on the swing. Surely it could be his toy. In the next moment, to everyone’s surprise, the rottweiler started gently pushing the swing to pull the toy. He very gently pushed the swing with his nose and the toy lamb started swinging on it. It is the dog’s favorite toy. Maybe the dog saw family or someone using this swing so the dog followed it.

Image 02

He pushed the swing very gently. It’s really hard to expect something like this from a breed like Rottweilers. Because they are a very aggressive and tough breed. But many people don’t know that they also have this kind of soft side. She acted like a motherly instinct. She wanted to comfort her toy. Because maybe she has seen the little kids having fun on the swing.

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