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Rottweiler Mom Gave Birth to 18 Puppies.

Rottweiler dogs usually have 6 to 12 puppies. It is completely normal for a first time Rottweiler mother to have two puppies and very rarely to have more than 10 puppies.

But today we will tell you about a Rottweiler mother who gave birth to 18 puppies at one time.

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The four-year-old Rottweiler girl named Terrie is owned by Mrs. Morris, 34, a livery yard manager. They live in Britain. She loved Terrie very much and the dog was like a baby to her.

One day she found out that her little Terrie girl was going to be a mother. Not only about Terrie, but also Morris got ready to delivery. Terrie was very large before giving birth, but she had no idea how many babies she had. She estimated that she would probably give birth to about 6 pups.

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One day Terrie went into labour at about 12.50pm. Although Morris could not think of what to do, she acted as an emergency midwife. She watched impatiently as Terry gave birth to the cubs one by one.

After the mother Rottweiler gave birth to about 6 puppies, she thought it was over. But it didn’t really end. She gave birth to more pups. It was amazing. They kept coming. Morris never dreamed she would get so many. Terry eventually gave birth to 18 pups. Sadly, two of the pups were not lucky enough to survive.

It was definitely a British record. It was the record for the biggest Rottweiler litter in Britain. The other 10 female pups and six male pups were very healthy. She planned to sell a pup for around $500 after few weeks. However dog expertss said that they believe it’s a record, by some stretch.

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