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One Handed Man Tries To Save His Rottweiler Pupps From Unknown Men.

Most dog owners do everything they can for their dogs. Some owners come forward to save the lives of their dogs without even thinking about their own lives. Because their whole life is their pets. This is a story about such a brave owner.

Rottweilers are a very popular and excellent breed, so they are in high demand in the dog market. Their appearance, bravery, aggressiveness and instincts are the main reason for it. Also, Rottweiler dogs are very expensive. So many people can’t buy them. Therefore, they try to get dogs through different ways.

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Such a wonderful family of Rottweilers lived in a house in Cambridge St. Levin. Their 62-year-old owner took very good care of this family. He doesn’t have one arm. But he took care them and fed them as best he could. One night two men and a woman came to his house to buy puppies. But the owner told them that he did not want to sell the puppies.

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But after a few minutes, a man jumped over the fence and tried to take the puppies away. Even don’t have an aram, the owner tried to protect his puppies as best he could. But it was not easy for him with only one hand. They pushed him to the ground and quickly ran from the spot with two puppies. The owner did not expect anything like this at all and could not figure out what to do. Like him, the mother of the puppies loved the puppies very much.

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Therefore, even the mother’s appetite decreased from the day the puppies were lost. One day they took the puppies to a vet. There, the veterinarian became suspicious about these puppies. There he checked the microchips of the puppies and after realizing that something was wrong, the vets informed the authorities about this. Then they handed over the two puppies to the owner and after seeing the puppies both the owner and the mama dog were very happy.

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