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Brave Rottweiler Saves Two Tiny Dogs From Deep Water During No Ones At Home.

Rottweilers have a natural instinct to care for other animals and their owners. Because of that instinct, they have been used to take care of cattle herds in the past. Not only in the past but also in the present they are very good at taking care of anything. Therefore, they are widely used as domestic gaurd dogs. Also, Rottweiler dogs provide excellent service to the security units.

Some people think that Rottweilers’ aggressiveness makes them difficult to adopt with other animals. But that idea is not correct. Many rottweiler dogs play the role of superheroes. In a last year, the state of São Paulo in Brazil has experienced heavy rains for several hours. As a result of this heavy rain, all the roads in turned into rivers in Sao Paulo. Every village became a reservoir. So everyone took their pets and necessities to safe places.

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But this Rottweiler and three other small Maltese’s owners were not home at the time. So they had no way to go to a safe place. No one came to save them. Meanwhile, Erica Cordier, a volunteer, passed by this house. There she saw an absolutely unbelievable scene. That’s how these big rottweiler try to lead the three little dogs to a low water area.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. But unfortunately one little Maltese got swept away in the water. But Rottweiler took the other two dogs to safety like an elder brother. He saved the lives of the two little dogs. This incident warmed Erica’s heart greatly. How smart would a rottweiler have to be to take the two little puppies to an area with less water? Eventually the dogs were reunited with their owners. Although they were proud about the Rottweiler’s heroic deed, they could not bear the loss of little maltese.

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