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Rottweiler Teaching ‘Little Brother’ to Swim Like A Big Brother.

Most people don’t have a good idea about Rottweiler dogs. Some people believe that they are not friendly to other animals. But many people don’t believe that Rottweiler dogs also have a gentle and loving side.

George is a two-year-old Rottweiler who lives in Bellevue, New England. With his owner Tonya Fainter and his younger canine brother Charlie, a golden retriever. From the day Charlie came home as a puppy, the Rottweiler taken a keen interest in him. From the moment Charlie arrived home, George followed him everywhere.

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The two have a “big brother and little brother” relationship, said owner Tonya. He sits where he sits, plays with what he plays with and goes where he goes. They have many beautiful moments every day. One was, one day George surprisingly approached Charlie to teach him how to swim. Fainter was lucky enough to capture the amazing moment on camera. Rottweiler’s efforts were successful. That’s awesome.

He started teaching Charlie to swim like a big brother. George really helped Charlie develop the confidence he needed to swim on his own. At first, Charlie was somewhat afraid of water, but George developed Charlie’s confidence. He sat next to his little brother and helped him. Charlie also seemed to trust his big brother. After the video, Charlie started jumping into the pool on his own and absolutely loved swimming, Mr Fainter said.

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