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Man Finds A Puppy Using A Shoe For House And Gives Her A Whole New Life.

All animals are like kids. Not only kids but also animals need the care and love of their parents when they are young. Because they don’t know anything about this world. Therefore, they definitely need parental guidance. At least they need an owner’s guidance, care, and love. But most people don’t understand that. So they throw animals like puppies on the roads.

But street life is not easy at all for little puppies. They have no protection there. They must find food themselves. Goran Marinkovic is an animal lover. He walks the streets every day looking for stray dogs. He also feeds about 100 stray dogs and cats every day. But one day while he was walking he saw something incredible. It was a very small dumped puppy.

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At first, he was walking along a narrow path when he heard a little sound of a puppy. He was able to find the puppy while finding the sound. The surprising thing is that this little puppy has chosen an dumped old shoe as her house. When the puppy was found, he was very weak and very hungry and thirsty. So Goran gave her food and water as soon as possible. She did not seem to have a mother or any siblings. At least she didn’t seem to have an owner.

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She was very tired. Goran realized that she definitely needed help. So he took the puppy to a vet for check her health. Fortunately, she had no major health problems. After providing basic treatment and foods, she became a strong puppy. They named her Coco. After she regained her strength, Goran began searching for a suitable forever family.

Accordingly, he posted her photos on social media and many people came forward to adopt her. There she met a new family in Germany where she got a whole new life. She became an ultimately happy, brave and mischievous dog.

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