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Woman Put Her Rescued Rottweiler’s Ashes In a Beautiful Urn After He Left Life.

Human’s love is different. Although animals love us with all their hearts, some people do not really love animals. It is very normal. Humans can make an animal’s life completely dark as well as beautiful. This is a good example of that.

One day RSPCA officers received information about a rottweiler dog who wandering the suburbs of northern Adelaide. After receiving the information, a group of volunteers went to the place. All of them were heartbroken after seeing the dog. Because when they found the dog, the skin around his eyes was completely left. It was extremely red. His eye condition was really not good at all and it was block his eyesight.

Then the rescue team took the Rottweiler to treatment as soon as possible. A team of vets examined the dog thoroughly and RSPCA officer Christy Adams said that he had lived without treatments for at least two years. They put a lot of effort into recover the dog’s eyes and as a result, his eye condition improved within a few weeks.

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Thanks to their hard work, he gradually became a healthy dog. The shelter staff then named this Rottweiler as “Bear” and after 7 months he became a completely healthy dog. After hearing Bear’s story, a woman named Lindsey came forward to adopt him. Because she was felling love with this dog. So she had to drive 60 km for two days to adopt him.

Lindsay then visited Bear’s vet and got the necessary advice. After she adopted him, he got a very loving and comfortable life. In that home, he got not only a big blanket, delicious food but also very good protection and love. After a few days, his little bed was not enough for him and he started using his owner’s bed. So Lindsay bought him a brand new bed. Bear was a very loving and obedient dog.

It was hard to imagine how such a loving and obedient Rottweiler could be dumped on the road. They became very good friends. But unexpectedly, all this quickly began to turn upside down. One day Bear’s health collapsed unexpectedly. She took the dog to the vet as soon as possible and the vets who examined him said that his health had collapsed 100%. Vets said that even treatment could not save his life.

After the vets told it was time to say goodbye him, not only Lindsey but the whole family couldn’t bear it. In the end, as the vets said, dog said goodbye very soon. Although the family could not bear it, he left many unforgettable memories for the family. So Lindsey decided to put his ashes in a beautiful urn.

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