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Dumped Rottweiler Wanders Everywhere With Large Hole of Head.

Raising a dog is not a very simple and easy task. It is a really big responsibility. It is the responsibility of dog owners to provide them with the things they needs. Also, when their health condition collapses, they must be give the necessary treatment. They needs owner’s attention and care. Although it is the responsibility of every dog owner, many people do not think about it.

Some dog owners do not treat their dogs when their health collapse. Instead, they throw their pets on the street. But they don’t even think about the difficulties they have to face on the streets with health problems. This is a story about an innocent dog who faced such an unfortunate fate.

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One Diwali day, a rescue team came to know about an dumped old rottweiler. Accordingly, they went to the place to find the dog. But after seeing the dog, they were completely excited. They could not believe their eyes. Because when they found her she was very old and had already lost a large part of her head. She was actually at the last stage of her life. Can’t imagine how she lived with this.

Everyone rejected her and no one came forward to help her. Her eyes were also blocked due to the loss of a large part of her head. She was so thirsty that after being rescued she drank about three liters of water. The rescuers took the dog for treatment as soon as possible. There the hole was cleaned thoroughly and bandaged. Subsequent tests revealed that her kidneys and liver are not functioning properly.

But they made great efforts to save the dog’s life. No one gave up. But it is not clear what happened to the dog in the end. Maybe she would survive. Otherwise she would have had to leave life because she was very old.

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